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The SensaTone is an ultra simple, yet powerful digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS). Compact, stylish and designed for use by women of all ages to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

PFS helps to strengthen the pelvic floor. Like all other muscles in your body, the more you stimulate them, the stronger they become. Women with strong pelvic floor muscles enjoy greater control over their bladder, increased vaginal tone and greater sensation during intercourse. One in three women suffer from some form of incontinence during their lives. It can occur at any time, most commonly after childbirth.

PFS is a method of passing mild electrical pulses via an internal vaginal probe to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

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SensaTone Reviews

Product Tested by: Gemma Chesney - Liam and Lewis 11 and 8 plus 5 months pregnant

Product Tested by Gemma Chesney – Liam and Lewis 11 and 8 plus 5 months pregnant

Gemma Awarded the Sensatone 4.4/5

I thought the concept and design of the product was a great idea, (I was hoping finally I could get back on the trampoline with my children). The packaging was smart, eye catching yet very discreet. I read through the instructions twice just to make sure I knew exactly how to use it before my first try but the instructions were very easy to follow. I believe it was programme c I used once a day for 45 minutes I generally used this when I went to bed as I always read when I go to bed before I sleep. I did not find it comfortable being mobile. And I noticed an ache straight away in the muscles, I assume it had started working straight away, strengthening the muscle. To be perfectly honest I only was able to use the product for a couple of weeks because not long after I received we found out we were pregnant so had to discontinue use, but in the couple of weeks I did use it I fount I did not go to the toilet as often as I used to at work or at home. I think it’s a great product, very well made and manufactured, I can’t wait to start using it again especially after my third baby. It came in its own little bag and you would have had no idea what it was if you happened to see the bag. It works and I would happily pay for it, as I’m constantly going to the toilet and it gets frustrating when I’m at work or out with the children in the park etc and we have to leave. Now that I have tried the product and know it can work I would recommend. I feel I could not give it a proper try because, as I said earlier, when I fount out I was pregnant I stopped testing it but from the short time I did use it I fount it had started working and I was impressed with it, I will definitely be using it again once I have had my baby. Thank you for letting me test it! Gemma Chesney – Liam and Lewis 11 and 8 plus 5 months pregnant

Product Tested By Kathy Joyce

Kathy Awarded the Sensatone 4.7/5

Have been looking to try one of these after 4 children I needed some help.  Looked neatly packaged and well made.  I was having problems so wanted to try out and see if helped.  Instructions are detailed but easy to follow.  I must admit I was very wary to start and was not sure if it would work.  Also worried it would be uncomfortable to use.  I started using this once a week, then progressed to using a few times a week and increasing the settings.  I certainly did notice a difference and my pelvic muscles have certainly got stronger.  It is discreet and easy to use but I would not use this anywhere else but in the comfort of my own home.  I found the best way was to set up and sit down at home for half hour while the Sensatone was working its magic.  Too uncomfortable to use while walking about for me personally.  I have been using this for a while now and marked improvement.  I do not have to take pads with me to my exercise classes and it has helped my confidence so much.  I will certainly keep using this as I have found it invaluable for me.  Just would suggest making instructions a little bit easier to follow.  However, this is a neat item, discreet to use and has most certainly worked for me.  Not fully restored the full strength of my pelvic muscles yet (but after 4 children knew would take some time).  I have already told some friends and it has helped me so much.  A bit expensive but long term a very good investment.  Kathy Joyce

Product Tested By Nikki Morton

Nikki Awarded the Sensatone 4.6/5

I was keen to try this as realising my muscles were not as strong as they used to be.  Arrived well packaged.  The product looks small and neat, comes with everything you need and very informative and detailed instructions (also with pictorial images to show you how best to use).  You are advised on the best way to set up and settings to start with.  When I first used this did a bit strange and I had tingling sensation.  However, stuck with the programme and would use every other day.  Started off just using for about 20 minutes at first as I did not feel comfortable.  However as the weeks passed got used the the sensation and felt more at ease.  They do say you can be mobile using this item, but I would not walk around wearing this as felt it would fall out.  I am sure it would not but just did not feel confident enough.  Just used to get a cuppa ready and a good magazine and sit down for my half hour session when I had time to myself.  I did notice a gradual improvement and have now been using this for 2 months.  Definitely made a difference and I must say I am surprised.  Of course I will continue to use and now I have the Sensatone all I will need to do is renew the batteries when they need replacing.  An effective pelvic floor toner and one I would recommend.  The price may put you off but it is worth the investment.  It works over time and we all know what a difference that makes to our daily active lives.  Nikki Morton

I fount it had started working and I was impressed with it.


Gemma Awarded the Sensatone 4.1/5

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