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Sensivelle Face CreamUltra- soothing, comforting, gentleDry, very dry, sensitive skin Sensivelle Face Cream is an extremely comforting formula which is specially designed to help dry, very dry, delicate and oversensitive skin. Its amazingly rich in active ingredients formula, calms irritations, redness, itching and tightness of the skin. The combination of fatty components protects and effectively restores the lipid epidermal barrier, while the active ingredients such as: Allantoin, Avocado butter, Orange Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Urea nourish and alleviate oversensitive skin, fighting the mechanisms responsible for its irritation. Additionally, the formula protects the DNA of skin cells against free radicals, thus effectively preventing skin from ageing and increases its natural resistance.From the first application, the cream restores the natural protective functions of the skin, visibly improves its moisture content and helps with flaking. restores comfort, skin regains its softness and firmness
prevents flaking, deeply moisturising, restores natural lipid epidermal barrier, restores natural protective skin functions, protects against free radicals, soothes and promotes even skin tone, soothes irritation, has anti-inflammatory qualities.

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£45.00 Available to purchase online and also available and Beauty Salons we work with across UK, also Ideal Home Department Store in Carlisle


Product Tested by: Diana Smith

Tested By
Diana Smith

Diana Awarded The Collgen
Sensivelle Face cream 4.8/5

Packaging looks classy and I really was looking forward to opening it. The
packaging looks like it is a cream that would be used in an expensive salon so you
immediately think that it is going to be nice. A very positive start if you
already think that you are going to like it. Instructions were simple and easy
to use. Great! I loved the fact it is not greasy and it goes on very easily. I have
very dry skin and it helped me from day one. I initially didn’t think that it
was going to be rich enough for my skin but it really was. Anything that
ultimately works is good value for money as long as it lasts long enough. It is
a one stop face cream (i.e. you don’t need a day and a night one) you only need
a little bit. I think that it needs a good promotion in high street stores at a
slightly reduced rate so people think that they are getting a special deal and
as soon as you have people hooked then increase the cost because if people find
a face cream that they like it is difficult to entice them away from something.
I would definitely buy this product again.
I would recommend it to family and friends, especially those with
sensitive skin. Over all it was a great product, easy to use, non-greasy,
only need one bottle. If you saw the packaging on the shelf you would
definitely pick it up and give it a look as it looks classy and expensive. It
goes on easily and made a difference to my skin almost from day one. The only
tiny bit of negative feedback would be the fact that if I had a very warm bath
or shower I had to leave it 10 mins before putting on cream because if my skin
was hot then it would sting my face a little. I have had this with other creams
so it is not new to me and I think that it is my skin rather than a fault with
the cream unless anyone else says the same thing of course. I loved it and will be buying some more
especially if I see it on special offer. Diana Smith

Tested By
Amy McMichael

Awarded The Collgen Sensivelle Face
cream 3.4/5

presented, and I am eager to try it. Very well presented. The outer box is nice and keeps the bottle
inside well protected for transit. I
like the glass bottle and I really like the pump dispenser. Product looks and feels expensive. Very clear
instructions, easy to follow and straight to the point. Product looks great but
I was a bit disappointed with the contents.
The cream itself is a lovely texture, really smooth and silky and smells
lovely. It goes on well and absorbs
quickly. My skin didn’t really feel any
different after using, and it dried my skin out in certain places. I was very
excited to try this one as it costs way more than I would normally pay for any
face cream and sounded great.
Unfortunately I don’t think it has improved my skin any. I have found better results with face creams
that cost a tenth of the price. For me
personally it wasn’t right for my skin.
I would maybe recommend to try it first though as it might work better
on different skin types. After using the product my skin didn’t feel any softer
and felt a little drier in places. Bit
of a let down. Not worth the £45 price
tag. Top marks for packaging though,
very nice. Amy McMichael

Tested By
Michelle Arlington

Awarded The Collgen Sensivelle Face
cream 5/5

I was very impressed with the way this cream was
presented and looked forward to trying it out.
Loved the packaging and consistency of the cream was ideal. Instructions very easy to follow. This went on easily, absorbed into the skin
really quickly and certainly made my skin feel lovely. I have tried many creams as you need to find
the one that suits your skin type best and this has been fantastic. My skin feels softer, looks healthier and it
has been great. I just love this cream. I had never heard of this before and now I
have found it and it works will most certainly be purchasing more. Ideal for my skin type which is combination
skin, my sister has used it and she has oily skin and liked the results
too. You only need to use a little and
lasts a long time. Now I have found one
I like, works with my skin no hesitation in purchasing more. I have highly recommended already. To me worth every penny as works and my skin
has not felt this good for some time. I
just loved this cream and would never have known about the brand unless sent
one to review so thank you it worked wonders for me. Michelle Arlington

Over all it was a great product, easy to use, non-greasy, only need one bottle. If you saw the packaging on the shelf you would definitely pick it up and give it a look as it looks classy and expensive. It goes on easily and made a difference to my skin almost from day one. I loved it and will be buying some more.


Diana Awarded The Collgen Sensivelle Face cream 4.8/5

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