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Serenity Pregnancy Safe Formula

Welcome SERENITY, Alón Labs’ newest pregnancy safe skincare serum, designed by a plastic surgeon for his pregnant daughter.
With its all-natural ingredients of well known, pregnancy safe molecules, you’ll feel confident applying the SERENITY water-based serum each morning and evening as your face absorbs its state-of-the-art formula.  Consistent with other Alón Labs product lines, SERENITY harnesses the power and potency of nature to heal and rejuvenate your skin.

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Serenity Pregnancy Safe Formula Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Jenna Aniston

Jenna Awarded The Serenity Pregnancy Safe Formula 4.2/5

Looked stylish box, loved the design and was eager to try. Since being pregnant my skin has gone crazy
and I am suffering from Acne and red blotches so was hoping this would
help. This comes complete with 2 bottles
that you mix together. I followed the instructions
which were easy enough to follow and gave you all the information you
need. I did find the consistency of this
very thin, but once applied my skin did feel better. During the trial period it did help with the
redness and certainly reduced the Acne. This
is the first time I have used a product like this and was fairly pleased with
the results. Was also nice to be
reassured this was safe to use during pregnancy and natural products. The results were reasonable and did help a
bit but did not completely clear all my skin issues. I will continue to use to see if results are better
after longer use. It is expensive but if
it works worth the investment. I have
still not decided if this is the product for me as only time will tell. I would recommend as you do worry about skin
outbreaks during pregnancy and this did help a bit. A nice facial treatment, did help a bit and
if continues to improve my skin condition them I would purchase again. Jenna Aniston

Product Tested By Sandra France

Sandra Awarded The Serenity Pregnancy Safe Formula 4/5

Looked high quality,
liked the design of the box and very informative information and was keen to
try out. You have 2 bottles which you
mix together. One bottle contains activating
liquid and the other a powder. The
instructions are very clear and outlines how to mix and use. Worth noting this is water based. You are advised to apply twice daily to
obtain good results. This is fairly easy
to apply, bit thin in consistency but does feel nice on the skin. It did make my skin feel nice and was good to
know all natural ingredients as you do worry when you are pregnant what you are
using. I must admit though it did not
really make a huge difference to my skin and I have used other natural skin
products that have been more effective.
During pregnancy your skin changes all the time and sometimes products
may not be suitable for your skin type.
This was OK but for me not the best facial skin care system I have
used. I would not purchase again but
would recommend as you need to try things out first to find if they suit your
skin type. This was not one for me but
might be just the right facial treatment for others. The quality is good, well presented, natural
and good informative information but did not work for me. Sandra

Product Tested By Lorna Farrell

Lorna Awarded The Serenity Pregnancy
Safe Formula 2.5/5

The blurb looked
impressive and I was looking forward to trying it. I expected something
luxurious, a bit like a daily spa treatment at home! The product looked good
when it arrived, attractively packaged and it looked like it was quite a large
amount, although it turned out to be half as much as it looked like from the
size of the box. At first I was a bit confused since you have to mix this serum
yourself and it arrives as one bottle of liquid and another of powder. The
instructions were very clear though and having read them I knew exactly what
was expected. On first use you have to mix a bottle of liquid with a bottle of
powder. I did this, shook well and gave it a go. I was expecting a luxurious
serum but instead I had something with the consistency of water, with little
gritty bits of undissolved powder. I was not impressed. By the second use all
of the powder had dissolved which did make it more pleasant but the thin
consistency made it harder to use and it didn’t feel at all indulgent. After a
few days I began to notice an orange/brown stain on my hands, face and pillow.
This vanished when I stopped using the product. I saw no improvement to my skin
and didn’t enjoy using the product. Not worth £10 to me, let alone £47. One
point for interesting packaging, but really all that does is dress up a poor
product and con people into buying. At first I wasn’t sure if the "mix it
yourself" thing was just for show or really needed. I had a feeling I was
being taken in but I was very willing to give it a go and hoped that the fresh
ingredients would prove more effective as promised. I was then disappointed by
the watery nature of the product, which had no scent or texture (after the
initial gritty powder had dissolved). It didn’t feel enjoyable or luxurious to
use. But perhaps the results would be worth it? Unfortunately I saw no change
to my skin, except an orange/brown stain which may have been some sort of build-up
of product. It certainly went when I stopped using the serum. Lorna Farrell

I would recommend as you do worry about skin outbreaks during pregnancy and this did help a bit. 


Jenna Awarded The Serenity Pregnancy Safe Formula 4.2/5

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