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Sevylor Puddle Jumpers

Perfect for your summer holiday or a visit to your local swimming pool; Puddle Jumpers guarantee fun and safety in the water for kids. The ultra-comfortable fit with a no-chaff, soft fabric cover allows for natural movement and greater freedom, meaning children can swim and explore with maximum confidence.  Quick and stress-free for parents, your child can be strapped in safely in seconds thanks to the single adjustable buckle at the rear, no more struggling with an unhappy child at the water’s edge. Comfortable and self-balancing, the Puddle Jumper keeps your child’s head above water and allows freedom of movement to swim and play in the water whilst offering the level of safety and security normally only gained from wearing a life jacket. Your child will also find it easier to swim when wearing one compared to traditional armbands and rubber rings. With four fun animal designs to choose from, your child will love wearing a Puddle Jumper. Whichever bright colour they choose, you can rest assured that the Sevylor Puddle Jumper will keep your little swimmer safe in the water this summer.

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Key features:Super-stable: a confidence booster for little swimmers -Fully adjustable fitting: providing peace of mind for parents -Dries quickly-Durable-Easy to clean -Buoyant swimming device EN1318-1 -Fits children between 14 and 23 kg; approximately 2 – 6 years old

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Sevylor Puddle Jumpers Reviews

Product Tested by: Flossie Beers – Taylor Aged 3 years

Product Tested By Flossie Beers – Taylor Aged 3 years

Flossie Awarded The Puddle Jumper 5/5  

Good, it appeared to be quite simple to use & it was obvious how it was supposed to be put on etc. The quality was good & the colour & pattern was really nice. Was concerned it seemed a little bulky however. Instructions good & very clear but Multilanguage booklet was in quite small print & it was a little tricky to find the English section!  Back strap was easy to adjust & it was clear that it would fit children of many ages.  My son seemed comfortable & happy when wearing the puddle jumper. Absolutely excellent! I’ve always been a little uncomfortable taking Taylor swimming by myself but this gave him & myself so much more confidence in the water. Provided just the right amount of buoyancy & Taylor was confident enough to move/swim away from me and explore the pool by himself despite us having not gone swimming on a regular basis. I was astounded how quickly the product helped my son become confident in the water.   was quite quick to dry but the bulk of the item meant that it did not dry as quickly as normal armbands etc. excellent quality, product looks to be good quality & despite many uses still looks new! It is more expensive than other items on the Market but I would be happy to pay the RRP.  It’s a little bulky, had to use a very large bag to take this to the pool which was a little difficult on the bus!  I would purchase this product. Definitely recommend, I have a lot of family who live on the coast & would definitely recommend it to them! The only thing is the bulk of the product but I don’t think this could be avoided, and the positive aspects of this product far outweigh this! Brilliant.  Gave my son & myself so much more confidence in the water, absolutely fantastic product.  Flossie Beers – Taylor Aged 3 years 

Product Tested By Claire Dawson – Isabelle Aged 3 Years

Claire Awarded The Puddle Jumper 5/5

The product was slightly bulkier than I anticipated as I expected it to be inflatable, where as it was actually foam. I was worried that the item would be difficult to put on, but as it turned out, it went on fine with no rubbing or pulling. My daughter loved the design and colour and couldn’t wait to wear it.  The instructions are very thorough – it would be difficult to get wrong! The information about all the different types of life saving device was a little overwhelming.  The item fits perfectly; it is adjustable around the back.  No complaints from my daughter about wearing it. She has been very happy to keep it on for the duration of all of our swimming trips. The material is very soft and doesn’t appear to rub or chaff.  My daughter normally uses armbands, but the puddle jumper significantly improved her ability to stay afloat and balance in the water. It took her a small amount of time to get used to but once she found her balance, there was no stopping her. She was filled with confidence when using it and enjoyed swimming alongside Mum and Dad, rather than being held up by us.  The foam is light and dries faster than a normal swimsuit.  The materials, design and manufacture all seem of high quality. We have been using the puddle jumper with no problems.  I think the RRP is reasonable; it is a high quality product and works.  The design is perfect, but would be interested in more variations, perhaps with the device built into a swimsuit.  I would purchase this item and recommend without hesitation.  My daughter loves her puddle jumper and can’t wait to wear it again to swim like ‘a big girl’!  Claire Dawson – Isabelle Aged 3 years

Product Tested By Victoria Willis – Antonia 21/2 Years

Victoria Awarded The Puddle Jumper 3.7/5

Good quality. A little bulky.  Instructions very clear and easy to follow.  Unfortunately these did not fit very well as they were too big for Antonia.  They seemed to be a bit bulky and get in the way.  Antonia actually refused to wear these but would not necessarily be the same for others.   These would dry extremely quickly.  Excellent quality, although I imagine the transfers will start to fade quite quickly.  The product looked great and I had high expectations for it. Unfortunately my daughter wouldn’t wear it as it seemed to restrict her movement and be too big for her.  The item is made to a high standard and I am sure for others it would be a good swimming aid, just for us my daughter would not wear this item.   Victoria Willis – Antonia 21/2 years

Gave my son & myself so much more confidence in the water, absolutely fantastic product. 


Flossie Awarded The Puddle Jumper 5/5  

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