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Shade Me Baby Sun Shade

The Shade Me Baby Sun Shade is a brand new pram sun shade that fits almost every size, style and direction of pram with an existing hood.  It also fits removable car seats and bassinets and carry cots.The ingenious curved shape and elasticated straps mean that the Shade Me Baby Sun Shade is extremely adapatable, and doesn’t require the handles of the pram.  This allows it to be fitted to rear facing prams, aswell as forward facing ones.  To our knowledge the Baby Sun Shade is the only shade currently on the market that can do this.The fabric is tested to AS/NZS4399, the Australian and World standard for UV fabrics.  It achieves a 50+, which is the highest rating possible.The flexible wire allows the shade to be rolled up into the integral pocket on the top for easy storage.The Baby Sun Shade is 100% BPA free and meets all UK and EU safety standards.

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£20.00 Available to purchase online

Shade Me Baby Sun Shade Reviews

Product Tested by: Carly Mason-Fowler – Sidney 10 ½ Months

Product Tested ByCarly Mason-Fowler – Sidney 10 ½ Months

Carly Awarded The Shade Me Baby Sun Shade 4.6/5

This looks ok; the product can fold up quite small so easy
to store under any buggy. I thought the packaging was good. I haven’t thrown it
away as I can easily store my shade when not in use. The images on the
packaging were quite basic. The instructions were clear but on an A4 sheet
(looked amateur like it has been done on a home printer). No words just images.
The quality of the fabric was nice; I have had no problems with it at all. The
price is very reasonable as some parasols are in the similar price range
although they don’t always shade baby’s legs. This one is easier to use as I
didn’t have to keep moving it depending on the direction I was walking. I would
consider buying this although I think parents may prefer different colours as
it can become very dark for the baby when sitting in the buggy. I would
recommend it to others; I think parents with young babies would use this as it
would shade more of the baby’s body. I especially like that it shades the sides
of the child too. I really liked this product. It was simple to fit onto our
Quinny and Xia buggies. It kept most of my baby shaded from the sun (sometimes
his legs were not in the shade if walking towards the sunshine in our Xia). It
is easy to flip back when moving the hood of the buggy and is very light weight.
It is a great attachment for holidaying in the sun. Carly Mason-Fowler – Sidney 10 ½ Months

Product Tested By Vicki
Leaver – Lily 6 Weeks

Vicki Awarded The Shade Me Baby Sun Shade 3/5

It is a lightweight, easily transported sunshade that is
adaptable to many buggy’s/prams. I was impressed at the wide range of prams/car
seats etc. that this fits. I found this to be compact and easy to carry around.
The packaging was discreet and not covered in logos. The instructions were very
basic and I found these difficult to read /to follow as there was literally
just a group of basic pictures. I needed a step by step guide for assembly and
unfortunately this was not provided. If the product had been able to be used in
the correct manner, I may have given this a higher mark as it did block out the
sun. However, as the instructions were so poor and I had to guess how to fix it
onto my pram; I was not impressed with the quality. It flapped around
constantly meaning the sun was beaming into my daughter. It is a relatively
cheap price but as the product doesn’t really work, it would be a false economy
buying it. I took this out with for walks with the pram, and found it very
difficult to use. I followed the instructional pictures but the sunshade
literally flapped around in the wind. I looked at the photographs on the front
of the packaging and followed the photos as guidance; and the sunshade still
flapped around. This meant that the shade did not do its job properly and beams
of sun were hitting my daughter square in the face. This is such a shame as I
initially thought this sunshade looked a fantastic idea – it is lightweight,
easy to manoeuvre, easy to pop in the bottom of the buggy and the colour
blended in perfectly with my pram. However, I struggled with the design of it,
and struggled with the minimal instructions. Vicki Leaver – Lily 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Emma
Udberg – Effan 1 Year

Emma Awarded The ShadeMe Baby Sun Shade 4.8/5

This product looked really useful when I first saw the
picture on the front of it being used on a pushchair. The packaging is good and
it fits neatly inside and there is a good illustration on the front showing you
how the sunshade should look. The instructions were simple but easy to
understand. This product is well made and really easy to slide on and fix to
the pushchair. This offers excellent value for money and it also gives great
sun protection for my baby boy. I would definitely consider buying it; and I
have had 4 mums at the nursery where I take my son asking me where I got it as
they want one for their pushchairs. This product is great, easy to fit onto all
pushchairs, mine is a Britax Affinity and the sun shade clips on to the chassis
perfectly and keeps my little boy very shaded from the sun. When he is asleep
it keeps him cool and blocks out the light too. It is a great product and I am
very glad I got to test it. I would recommend this to all parents for the
summer especially those with new-borns. Emma Udberg – Effan 1 Year


It is easy to flip back when moving the hood of the buggy and is very light weight. It is a great attachment for holidaying in the sun.


Carly Awarded The Shade Me Baby Sun Shade 4.6/5

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