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Shea Mooti Mama’s Belly rub Stretch Mark Oil

Great for stretch mark prevention and treatment. This non-greasy skin conditioning oil is loaded with Omega 3, 6, and 9 enriched oils and has been specially formulated for use during and beyond pregnancy. Regular use of this belly rub oil can help prevent stretch marks, maintain supple skin and improve elasticity.

£14.99 Available Fortnum & Mason, Amazon, Holland & Barret

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Shea Mooti Mama’s Belly rub Stretch Mark Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Kaminski

Katie Awarded The Mama’s Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil 5/5

It was nicely packaged in tissue paper however the bottle is very basic and the label also. If I saw it on a shelf in a store it would not stand out to me. The oil however smelt very good. It’s quite a basic style plastic bottle. The label is basic with small writing. It isn’t very eye catching. The instructions were very clear and advised the best time to use the product. I love how easy this product is to apply. It doesn’t drip, like you get with many oils. You are able to apply it to your hands and rub into your problem areas without it dripping which is something I like in a stretch mark treatment. You are able to massage it into the skin and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue like you get with some oils. I was really impressed with the quality of the oil and the fragrance. I have been using it for my stretch marks. I have stretch marks from a previous pregnancy which I also tried to prevent. I don’t think you can ever fully prevent stretch marks if you are prone to them however I am very satisfied with the oil and it leaving my skin feeling moisturised without feeling greasy or heavy. I would happily buy the product now I have used it as it is much better than the three other options I have used in the past. I followed the instructions and used it after bathing. It has helped the condition of my skin, I won’t know the full effects until after I have the baby as this is when my stretch marks come up but I am pleased with the product and continue to use it. I used this 1 to 2 times a day as instructed. Quality is excellent. I believe it does offer great value as a little oil goes a long way. I really liked how easy it was to apply. I was put off oils prior to this as they were messy and dripped and often got onto my clothes. This does not drip and is not messy. You can add it to the palm of your hand and rub into your problem areas without causing mess. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and smells wonderful. I would buy this and I would recommend. I’ve really enjoyed using the product. It’s easy to apply, has a wonderful aroma and has left my skin feeling nourished. I would suggest improving the label and bottle to make it stand out more to the customer as the packaging does not do the product justice. It is a wonderful product and I will be recommending it to my friends. Katie Kaminski

Product Tested By Kate Binsteed

Kate Awarded The Mama’s Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil 4.2/5

Packaging was inviting however product was very small. The bottle is simple and easy to read and understand it’s basic without being understated. Again like the actual bottle the instructions were basic and easy to follow.I did find that it came out of the bottle more than I needed at a time but it was very easy to apply to the skin. This product soaked and dried into the skin evenly and made the area feel silky smooth.Cannot give full advise as I only had two mini stretch marks but yes I did see a slight improvement however they wasn’t harsh in the first place and only tiny. I used this more as a conditioner and I found it was very effective and left my skin feeling pretty radiant.I would use this every morning after a shower. I can’t tell whether or not it is effective on the actual stretch marks however as a moisturiser/conditioner I found it most effective. Being a single mum the price of this for the quantity was too much for me. It’s like it gave my skin an energy boost every morning and made it feel fresh. I would buy if I could afford to as I would want to use on a daily basis and the quantity isn’t very big. I would recommend as a conditioning treatment. As I said I cannot comment on how it works with stretch marks and therefore can in give a 4 as it works well in other ways. Kate Binsteed

Product Tested By Anna Ronchetti

Anna Awarded The Mama’s Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil 4/5

The product was nicely packaged in a bag with tissue paper and free samples. It would be suitable for a gift for someone. The quality of the bag, paper and samples suggested the product was of good quality and time had been taken to make the product look appealing. The bottle is small but neatly presented. Clear ingredients are listed. The bottle is functional as opposed to aesthetically pleasing to look at. Instructions are clear and short. Recommendations for best use are provided and helpful for consumers to get the most out of the product.This was easy to apply, although the bottle becomes oily when used. The dispensing element of the bottle allows for a good amount of oil to be released when squeezed. Applied and rubbed into skin, the product left my skin feeling hydrated. The smell is fragrant and calming as was a real key feature for me.I have been using the oil to help the prevention of stretch marks and to keep my skin hydrated during pregnancy. I do not have any stretch marks (yet) but I have been using this oil in conjunction with another well-known brand as I have some sensitive areas which seem best relieved by the other product. Therefore, I would be unable to comment on the effectiveness of the product. This oil was effective at hydrating my skin and was very pleasing as massage oil for key areas such as the stomach and things. However, I still found my skin in certain areas to require another product in order to reduce itching.I used the oil twice a day, after a shower in the morning and before bed at night.The product is of good quality and the essential oils are fantastic. The oil absorbed nicely into skin and felt mild and sensitive. However, as previously mentioned, I did still need to use oil on key areas on my stomach that provide the most irritation.I am happy to pay for products contains essential oils and would expect to pay more for this. However, the other oil which is more effective on my skin is less costly.I loved thesmell of the product reminded me of visiting the spa and was very relaxing.I would not buy this only due to the fact I still needed to use named brand oil at the same time. If I didn’t have such sensitive skin I would certainly buy it.I would recommend as I do have many friends who enjoy essential oils and natural products. This is a lovely product which I would enjoy as a massage rub. However, it perhaps isn’t sensitive enough for me. Nice presentation and delivery and free samples are excellent ideal for consumers to explore other products. The oil soaks well into the skin; the product smells fragrant and was relaxing. Great for massaging key areas in pregnancy and instructions simple and effective. Anna Ronchetti



It is quickly absorbed into the skin and smells wonderful. I would buy this and I would recommend. I’ve really enjoyed using the product. It’s easy to apply, has a wonderful aroma and has left my skin feeling nourished.  It is a wonderful product and I will be recommending it to my friends.


Katie Awarded The Mama’s Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil 5/5

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