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Sienna X Gradual Tan Lotion

For a subtle sunless glow try this rich and luxurious gradual tanner. Formulated with 4% DHA this super-indulgent daily moisturiser will gradually build up a beautiful, realistic tan and will prolong your existing Sienna sunless tan for longer.

This multi-talented product also contains anti-cellulite properties to help leave the skin looking and feeling smoother, and firmer. With an exotic coconut/vanilla fragrance you’ll be able to imagine yourself in an exotic paradise every time you apply this clever product.

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£14.95 for 200ml - Available from Urban Retreat Harrods and selected salons nationwide.

Sienna X Gradual Tan Lotion Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Younan

Product Tested By Rebecca Younan

Rebecca Awarded the Sienna X Gradual Tan 5/5

The product came in a funky bottle and it looked more expensive than what it is. The instructions are clear and easy to use, had a good effect after one application and no mess. I noticed a difference within a couple of hours of application with no mess or streaks. I was also very pleased with its moisturizing properties. It soaks in and dries extremely quickly, no mess and felt confident to put clothes on straight away. It is the best product of its type that I have used and its good value. Sienna x gradual tan is easy to use and provides a great coverage and look with no mess. Rebecca Younan

Product Tested By Pamela Kerr – Amelia 3 Years

Pamela Awarded the Sienna X Gradual Tan 4.7/5

The website says that Sienna X Gradual tan is an award winning product and is highly recommended, this was a promising thought. The instructions were very clear and using the tanning lotion was very effective. It was easy to apply but difficult to tell if it was applied evenly. Would have liked the lotion to be coloured so you could see where it had been applied and if you had missed any bits. My skin did feel very soft and the lotion soaked in very well. Great value! A little definitely goes a long way. I would recommend this over most other similar products although I would not personally choose to buy it for myself because I prefer not to use fake tan products, but it worked great and it’s definitely worth trying if you like tanning products!  Pamela Kerr – Amelia 3 Years

Product Tested By Cathy Runham-Beard – Eleanor 3 years

Cathy Awarded the Sienna X Gradual Tan 4.6/5

Nice packaging seems easy to use and apply. The instructions are easy and straight forward to follow, number of applications depends very much on personal tan requirements, I did get a light golden tan after just one application. I needed to make sure the cream was evenly distributed, otherwise easy to apply. Did leave skin feeling soft, but not like a normal body moisturizer does. Soaked into the skin quite quickly, didn’t need to wait too long for it to dry. I like the pump action bottle very much, makes the cream easier to apply without worrying about making a mess, bottle was easy to use.  Reasonable price, results noticed after first application, does not leave skin feeling sticky, very good value for money. Overall, a simple and easy to use product that leaves the skin feeling smooth and smelling sweet with a nice subtle tan. Cathy Runham-Beard – Eleanor 3 years

 Sienna x gradual tan is easy to use and provides a great coverage and look with no mess


Rebecca Awarded the Sienna X Gradual Tan 5/5

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