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SIGG GLO Monster Bottles

The new Monster GLO series allows children to interact with their bottle and support their creativity. Children can use their soft felt tip pen to create their own monster world. The bottle becomes an interactive toy kids love to play with. The print along with the kids bottle cap glow in the dark. Ideal for packing into your childs lunch box this 0.4 liter  SIGG Monster GLO aluminum water bottle has a highly resistant lining making it almost unbreakable. Features: All Ingredients BPA Free. Food Safe. Recommended Temperature. Quality Controlled.100 Percent Recyclable. Eco Friendly. No Freezer. No Microwave..

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SIGG GLO Monster Bottles Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Wragg – Jake 4 years

Product Tested By Sarah Wragg – Jake 4 years

Sarah Awarded The SIGG Glo Monsters Bottles 4.9/5

It has a very appealing look to kids as it is colourful and covered in monsters. Lightweight and well-made bottle. Packaging ideal for the product. No real instruction necessary as it is just a bottle! Excellent quality product. I will use it as his drinks bottle when he starts school. Glow in the dark amazing for keeping water by his bed at night. Filled up and tipped upside down numerous times…also given to my 1 year old for the ‘shake, drop and kick around’ test. It passed! No Leaks! This is very easy to fill with drinks etc. Recommend buying bottle clean tablets but I just wash up as normal. A lot of money for a bottle though it is fab! I will be buying more and will keep eye out to purchase when on special offer. Would recommend as a leak-proof bottle and very high quality. Attractive, easy to use, lightweight and it glows in the dark!!!! Sarah Wragg – Jake 4 Years


Product Tested By Helen Miller – Toby 4 Years 6 Months

Helen Awarded The SIGG Glo MonstersBottles 4.4/5

It looked very good a sturdy and very well made. Normal packaging, kept the bottle protected. No instructions needed really it is a drinks bottle. Very impressed with the quality of this bottle and it is well made .Didn’t believe it was 100% leak-proof to start with as most leak-proof things leak but so far so good and it has not leaked.This bottle is easy to fill and Toby likes to do it himself. This is also very easy to clean. I feel it is quite expensive and probably wouldn’t buy it without being able to test it or having it recommended to me. Defiantly would purchase this bottle now I have tested it and have been recommending it to everyone since receiving it. A very good product. Confidant to let Toby have this bottle in his bag as its doesn’t leak. Helen Miller –Toby 4 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Stephen Kingsley – Harrison 4 years

Stephen Awarded The SIGG Glo Monsters Bottles 4.7/5

Well designedand very high quality. The design is innovative, easy to hold and looks very durable. Packaging ideal for item. Excellent quality. Harrison loved the Glow in the dark aspect. Very easy to fill up with drinks as required. I was sceptical when reading this is 100% leak-proof. We haveput this one to the test and it works. This item has not leaked at all and been taken everywhere. Easy to clean and good quality. This is a high price for a bottle but you are paying for the excellent quality. We have used this on holiday, and Harrison now using to take with him to school. Superb bottle for children and will last for years.Will be purchasing more for our older daughter and have highly recommended. A super bottle and ideal for traveling and perfect to take to school with packed lunch. Stephen Kingsley – Harrison 4 years

Would recommend as a leak-proof bottle and very high quality. Attractive, easy to use, lightweight and it glows in the dark!!!!    


Sarah Awarded The SIGG Glo Monsters Bottles 4.9/5   

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