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Silicone Lion Suction Plate & Utensils

Our lion suction plate is a customer favourite due to the amazing suction and cute design.  It is an ideal shape and size for weaning your little one onto solids. The shape and style of the plates allows for your little one to see and touch the food, while the matching fork and spoon utensils encourage them to self feed.

Our plate is designed to be easy to take on go so is ideal for picnics, holidays and pub lunches.

Feel safe in the knowledge that out silicone products are made from 100% food-safe silicone, without any fillers. Our products are BPA free, Phthalate-free, and Lead-free.  Silicone is environmentally friendly and unlike plastic is a recyclable material.

Our suction bowls and plates suction best on a clean dry surface. Make sure you clean the surface below before suctioning. See below for full details of our suction tips.

Product Details. Dimensions – Plate measures 18cm in length x 4cm in depth. Dimensions – fork and spoon are 14cm in length. Material – 100% food grade silicone. Available in 7 colours

Care Information Heat resistant to 220 degrees. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Wash on top shelf of dishwasher. Utensils with wooden handles may deteriorate or be damaged if put in the microwave or dishwasher. Please wash all items before use

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Silicone Lion Suction Plate & Utensils Reviews

Product Tested By Russell Berry – Sophia 19 Months

Russell Awarded The Lion Silicone Suction Plate + Utensils 5/5

Light weight utensils and well packaged. Nice sized plate and the suction is good.  The plate was a good size for my daughter. My daughter found it very easy to use this plate at meal times.  The matching utensils were easy for her to hold and use.  They also did help to encourage her to self-feed. The suction on the base of the plate was very good and once placed on highchair it did not move at all. We would use this set twice daily.  Mostly used on highchair and table. The plate is a big plate but does not take any room up when in the bag when we are out for the day.  My daughter did like the lion design on the plate.  Very important to me everything we use is recyclable and eco-friendly so  I know it is safe for her to use. I liked the good suction on the plate and dishwasher safe.  This is very good value for money. Quality good as heavy duty and flexible. We would buy this as it is easy to clean and our little girl loves using it. I would recommend for the same reasons. Good quality, worked well and my daughter enjoyed using this set at meal times.  Russell Berry – Sophia 19 Months

Product Tested By Louise Davies – Ralphie 19 Months

Louise Awarded The Lion Silicone Suction Plate + Utensils 4/5

Beautifully packaged and well presented. The product appeared to be good quality at first glance. The plate and utensils looked really well designed and looked very smart. Ideal size for the age of my son. Perfect for smaller portion sizes. Ralphie was able to use the plate no bother. He could pull the plate off his highchair though with a bit of perseverance. My son found the utensils easy to hole, he enjoyed using the spoon. I would not say it encouraged him to self-feed, it was more me encouraging him to use them. He prefers to use his hands. However this is very much a personal preference for my son and no reflection on the product itself. Generally the suction on the plate was fine, but he was able to pull it off after a few tries! We use this plate and utensils set every day now. We use it at home on his highchair. I would consider taking this set on holiday. I wouldn’t take it on a day out as i feel this is unnecessary and you can do without the plate for one day. My son did like the lion design on the plate. Being made of recyclable material is important as I like to know that what Im using for my children is safe! Its good to know that the lion plate and utensils are safe to use. I also like that they are environmentally friendly too. I liked the design and colour are very on trend. The suction is really useful to stop food being thrown to the floor or tipped over. I think it is a good price. Id like to pay £10-15 so its about right. Quality is excellent, no issues at all with the quality. I would buy for future if this one became damaged. For now id be happy to stick with just this one. I would recommend as it a lovely, child friendly and environmentally friendly product. It would have been 5 if my son hadn’t been able to pull the plate off his highchair. Other than that it is an excellent product. The plate came well packaged and presented. It was nice to have utensils that matched the plate, this made it seem like a really lovely little set. It would be an ideal gift for someone with a child. The overall look of the set is really nice, it is trendy and has a nice neutral feel to it unlike some other products on the market. My son seems to enjoy using his plate and utensils every day and I haven’t encountered any real issues with it yet. I would recommend this product to other parents. Louise Davies – Ralphie 19 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Padmore – Belle 18 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Lion Silicone Suction Plate + Utensils 5/5

Good quality, and nicely packaged. I like the design, however I am not entirely sure it looks like a lion. The plate is good and the suction really works. However the suction base is a little large for our tray on the highchair but is great for taking out. My daughter had no issues using the spoon and feeding herself with the plate. She struggled to take it off the tray which was a bonus. These utensils are a good size for a toddler and my daughter was able to use them easily. My daughter already has a strong desire to self-feed and has been like this from day one of weaning. But it did seem to help her feeding with utensils rather than her hands. The suction is very effective. My only criticism is that it was a little too big for our highchair, but I know many others have much larger trays so this wouldn’t be an issue. We used this set on a daily basis. We used at home mostly. But we also took the plate out with us and round to family as it was ideal for that purpose and to prevent food being thrown everywhere. This plate is light, easy to clean and no ridges so easy to fit in bag and take out with you.  When we first got it my daughter did enjoy pointing out the eyes and nose on the plate. Since having my daughter I have been conscious about the products that I have purchased and looked for environmentally friendly items and items that will provide longevity. I think this plate ticks those boxes. In fact I would like to have heard about this company earlier on. I think this would also make great gifts for families. I was impressed with the quality and suction on the plate. I would say this is good value. It is a plate that useable, easy to clean and easy to transport. And requires little upkeep unlike the bamboo products. My daughter also likes to play with her plate and utensils and it has taken some battering and still looks as good as new. It is something that will get plenty of use and last for ages. I would also consider buying as a gift. I would recommend. When weaning and beyond babies will throw and tip food up. Having a plate that cannot be lifted is a godsend. Good quality, easy to clean and use, long lasting and durable.  I feel that this plate is of good quality and hugely beneficial for babies and toddlers. My only criticism would be that I am not sure it looks like a lion but the design is still cute. I would buy another plate, as well as consider this as a gift for other new parents. Charlotte Padmore – Belle 18 Months

We would buy this as it is easy to clean and our little girl loves using it. I would recommend for the same reasons. Good quality, worked well and my daughter enjoyed using this set at meal times.


Russell Awarded The Lion Silicone Suction Plate + Utensils 5/5

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