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Silicone Self-Feeding Utensil Set

Self-feeding and independently feeding are an important part of the weaning journey for parents and little ones. Whether you are doing traditional weaning or BLW our self-feeding utensils are a must-have item. They will help your little one to explore their own food and encourage grip development and self-feeding.

The utensils have been designed with choke guard safety feature to ensure your little ones stay safe during mealtimes. The silicone takes away any concern of plastic or metal for your precious little ones and is also soothing for your wee ones gums.

Feel safe in the knowledge that out silicone products are made from 100% food-safe silicone, without any fillers. Our products are BPA free, Phthalate-free, and Lead-free.  Silicone is environmentally friendly and unlike plastic is a recyclable material.

Suitable 6 Months Plus

Product Details

Dimensions – 8cm in length, spoon/fork end of utensils is 2.5cm. Material – 100% food grade silicone. Available in 5 colours

Care Information

Heat resistant to 220 degrees. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Place on top shelf of dishwasher. Please wash all items before use

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Silicone Self-Feeding Utensil Set Reviews

Product Tested By Emma Cole – Roman 18 months

Emma Awarded The Silicone Self-Feeding Utensil Set 4.3/5

Love the colour, cute design, looked much for expensive than the price point, can imagine it in a designer baby store. Love the colours available and the design looked easy to use. I wasn’t sure about the bag they came in made them look cheap. They were a perfect size to hold, my son is fairly confident with holding cutlery as he’s past the weaning age but it was a good fit and comfortable in his hand. My son found it was not so easy to scoop things onto the spoon, the disk prevents the food from being scooped on, I wasn’t sure on the purpose for it. My son is comfortable self-feeding but did struggle slightly to succeed in scooping food onto the spoon. This did help with self-feeding.  My son is already comfortable with self-feeding and he continued to use this set. We have used this quite a few times.  Very easy to clean. Used these at home only. This set is small and easy to take with you on your travels. I am against buying plastic items where possible so to hear that its recyclable is great. Recyclable and eco element is most important to me. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on BPA etc. Really like the range of colours, very contemporary and cool. This set is a good price. I have bought a Doddl cutlery set for £20 which we love but I do think that it is quite expensive. This is a much better price point. Feels great quality, like the material. Packaging didn’t have the same quality feel as the item itself.  I would not buy as I did find that the disk stops the child from scooping up the food. I wasn’t sure the reason for the disk. I now learn that this is a choke guard, which I don’t think is necessary, I wouldn’t see them as a choking hazard, especially as they are used with supervision anyway. I would recommend as the price point is good but I would only recommend for first weaning. 6-12 months, I think my son is a bit too used to cutlery now to find them useful. Overall a good product but I do think the Disk prevents the use of the spoon and if it was moved higher up the handle it might be better. Emma Cole – Roman 18 months

Product Tested By Ansar Patel – Daughter 10 Months

Ansar Awarded The Silicone Self-Feeding Utensil Set 4.2/5

It arrived well packaged, in a box that was packed neatly as well as presented in a pretty wrap of tissue paper. Once the outer packaging was removed it came in a see through organza pouch. They looked very cute and like a perfect size for my little one. The design was well thought through from the size and a good material to use for a baby’s first cutlery because it wasn’t too hard or sharp preventing baby from accidentally hurting herself as well as being tough enough to withstand all the throwing and banging around without breaking. There were 3 colours with us picking the pink for your little girl. Also the choice of material was good because it did not slide out of her hand like I imagine other material utensils would such as plastic. It was also a good size as it wasn’t too long. The short length gave my baby better control when bring the food to her mouth. Also with the top of the spoon handle being a ‘round ball’ it allowed a better grip for the baby which was very unique and well though through. This made it perfect for babies first time use as it sits well around my babies palm allowing better grip and hold and being more comfortable. Also the bigger round circle part on the spoon that sticks out allowed her to grab the spoon again more easily if it was dropped or put down as it would allow the spoon to sit at an angle making the top of spoon stick out upwards. This also acted as a safety mechanism as baby did not stick the spoon too far back which would cause choking and therefore allowed more independence.  It was a perfect size and it was short rather than long allowing my baby to have better control over bringing the spoon to her mouth. As this was my baby’s first few tries using any kind of utensil she was still getting the hang of it. She did still need help and guidance with picking up food. However putting it into her mouth was very easy for her. I believe with the length of the spoon being short and the material that was used for it did make it a lot easier than I imaging other baby utensils I have seen on the market because it allowed better grip and control of the spoon as mentioned previously. At 10 months baby is still getting the hang of it and it still does get very messy because she sometimes wants to just play with the spoon or her food or even just chew on the spoon as she is teething and the spoon is nice and soft on her gums to bite on. (Another great use for utensils), overall I think she would need a little more practice to pick up the food with the spoon herself. What I had to do was help her pick up the food onto the spoon whilst she was holding on to it and then allowed her to put the food in her mouth herself which was amazing as I didn’t think she could even do that. She does attempt to try and pick up the food herself with the spoon but would most of the time be unsuccessful without any assistance from me. But I think a little more practice would definitely help her get the hang of it as she did manage to do it herself sometimes. But it was great to see her even attempt to  do it herself. I used the utensil at least once a day. Used the utensils mostly during her lunch and dinner whilst she sat on her baby seat in our living room. This is ideal to take on your travels because it is small and doesn’t take up much space. It come in a handy little pouch to keep the spoon and folk together. Also the pouch is vibrant in colour which made it easier to find inside a full bag. It is very important to me to make sure anything to do with feeding my baby is safe and not harmful in anyway. I like the practical shape of the handle and the fact the silicone is safe for baby to chew on which she loved to do. As a safe, educational utensil set to encourage self-feeding I would say the price is perfect value. I think the quality of these utensils are very good as mentioned previously I believe the choice of material was great. I would buy this. I was slightly sceptical that it would work on a 10 month old baby however I was pleasantly surprised. The ease of use and the enjoyment from chewing the silicone material brought happiness that I would not expect. I would recommend for the reasons above as well as the fact that the product is completely unique. It is not safe but so useful with encouraging self-feeding. We did not expect our baby to take it so well but with some encouragement it seemed she took to it like fish to water. The only downside was that our little one would not know how to use the fork as she is only 10 months old, however this I believe is not a design flaw but more so the fact she is too young to even attempt. Perhaps a range for children who are between 12-18 months with the same concept allowing them to use the fork with a larger length. Saying that some prefer to eat certain foods with a fork where we opt to use a spoon. As mentioned previously pleasantly surprised as we did not expect baby to take it so well. There was mess and bits of encouragement and guidance required (as expected for first timers) but seeing baby using utensils correctly or attempting to at least has made these parents very happy. We would recommend this set to all who wish to encourage their children to feed themselves and know and trust that the utensils used have not only been well thought through but made with care. If we know of with a young child soon to start solid food this will be there on the list of gifts to give. Ansar Patel – Daughter 10 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Shirley – Theodore 19 Months

Melissa Awarded The Silicone Self-Feeding Utensil Set 3.5/5

They were bigger than I expected but looked easy enough to for a baby to use. Quite plain in colour maybe some patterned ones would be nice but that’s personal preference. My son has quite  small hands and he struggled to hold them as the seemed a bit big for him. Unfortunately he did struggle to hole these and would not use them when offered. My so is not interested in self feeding at the moment even with a standard spoon. We would offer these for my son to use daily with his evening meal and placed them on his highchair. These are small enough to put in a bag to take out with you on your travels.  Would be nice if they came with a small bag to store them to take out as they seemed to attract fluff. Honestly I personally go for feeding utensils that are easier for my baby to use and clean. I do like the style and I think once my son has bigger hands we will get on better with them. They are a bit on the pricier side but should last for the whole weaning age. The quality is really good. Probably would not buy this but it may be better for my son as he starts to use more feeding utensils. I would still recommend them despite them being a bit big given my son is very small for his age a bigger baby may feel more comfortable using them. I loved the design /concept but they were just a bit big and heavy for my son. Also a travel bag would be handy for meals out and traveling. Nice looking spoons, better for the environment than plastic spoons. A bit heavy in my opinion for a small baby but ok for an average size toddler. My only concern is the bigger babies /toddlers may prefer more grown up cutlery. Melissa Shirley – Theodore 19 Months


I wasn’t sure the reason for the disk. I now learn that this is a choke guard, which I don’t think is necessary, I wouldn’t see them as a choking hazard, especially as they are used with supervision anyway. I would recommend as the price point is good but I would only recommend for first weaning.


Emma Awarded The Silicone Self-Feeding Utensil Set 4.3/5

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