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All Silly Billyz products are lead free, PVC free and Formaldehyde safe. Ultra Absorbant – Fleece Front / Nylon Back – Rip Proof – Machine Wash / Tumble Dry.
The combination of fleece front and nylon backing makes these excellent for all types of eating, drinking and a general all purpose bib. Made from high quality anti pill fleece with a strong nylon (never rip) backing and dome snap fastening. Baby Safety is guaranteed with our non-rip nylon breathable backing!!
Fabric Content: Front Fleece: 100% polyester
Water Resistant Nylon Backing: 100% nylon

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Silly Billyz Bibs Reviews

Product Tested by: Bec Chivers - Baby Victoria 7 months

Product Tested By Bec Chivers – Baby Victoria 7 months

Bec Awarded The Silly Billyz Bib 4.4/5

My initial impression of the product was that a fleecy material for the front of the bib would not be practical as it would easily stain and therefore not be a suitable item. I was wrong. The fastening on the bib I received was press-studs. I found them to be very easy to use, and the fact that it allowed the neck size to be changed was advantageous. The quality of the bib was impressive. The front side of the bib was a soft fleece, and the backing was plastic. I received the small size, but feel that a larger size would have been more practical when weaning a 7 month old baby. Food goes everywhere! I did not have a problem with the shape of the bib and it did give good coverage, however as already stated, I feel the larger size bib would have been more suitable.  There were not any added features to this bib; however the plastic back is a good feature.  I believe you would need at least 2 bibs per pack. I am sure most mums/dads/people buying gifts, would look for more than 1 bib per pack. I loved the fabric of this bib. I wasn’t so sure when I first received it as I thought it would be difficult to clean, but I was wrong. The bib was very easy to wash. I would wipe the bib over first and then put it in the wash with all of the baby’s other items. As I am weaning, there can be a lovely array of stains, but nothing has stained this bib so far. I believe the bib does over value for money, but I would be worried about the bib only being sold in a pack of 1. The bib I received was a fawn colour. I noticed online they offer a wide variety of colour choice in these bibs, which is good.  I will most certainly continue to use this product. I have used it regularly since I received it and will continue to do so.  I would recommend this product to others and the reason being that I like the fabric and the plastic backing, and how well it washes. When I first received this product, I didn’t think I would be impressed by it due to the fabric, whereas, when I used the product, it was the fabric that impressed me the Most. Bec Chivers – Baby Victoria 7 months


Product Tested By Christine Smith – Elizabeth Aged 2 Years 1 Month

Christine Awarded The Silly Billyz Bib 4.3/5

Nice bright colour, nice material and easy to do up.  Very good quality. Just the right size (though my daughter is small) it covers the front of the child completely. No extra features on this bib. When purchasing bibs always good to have the option to purchase more than one in a set. The plastic parts are practical and the ‘fluffy’ part looks and feels nice but isn’t so practical on the outside where all the food will be dropped. Cleaned up fine, though orange is a good colour to hide stains!! It compares in value to similar bibs on the market. The fluffy part is not really necessary, more for appearance than practicality. We use the bib as soon as it is back out the wash again. Nice well made easily cleanable bib. Nice brightly coloured useful bib.  Christine Smith – Elizabeth Aged 2 Years 1 Month


Product Tested By Claire Whyte – Aila 21 Months

Claire Awarded the Silly Billyz Bib 5/5

On arrival I liked the bright colour of the bib but it didn’t look very absorbent. The bibs fastenings consist of a very strong Velcro grip which doesn’t open even with a very wriggly toddler. It’s made from lovely material and you can feel the quality of it. The bib is of a great shape and fits my daughter very well. It also covers her right down to her waist to prevent any spills! There was only one bib that I received but I will certainly be purchasing more. The main body of the bib was of a sort of fleecy material and was lovely and soft and the long sleeves were of a waterproof material which was great for spills from her cup. The instructions said you could tumble-dry which I was loathe to do but I tried it and it came up so well. Usually tumble drying a bib is a no-no usually because they have plastic back which tears and renders it useless. I was so impressed with all aspects of the bib! Finally, a product that does what it’s supposed to do! Claire Whyte – Aila 21 Months

When I first received this product, I didn’t think I would be impressed by it due to the fabric, whereas, when I used the product, it was the fabric that impressed me the Most.


Bec Awarded The Silly Billyz Bib 4.4/5 

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