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Similasan Dry Eye Drops

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Dry eyes are caused by a reduced tear production, the use of contact lenses, as a result of the dry eyes syndrome, or by aging. Dehydration will make your eyes painful, sometimes burning and you might occasionally have a blurry vision. It’s a tedious feeling and will cause a lot of discomfort during your daily activities. Similasan Dry Eye eye drops help you to quickly reduce the problem.Similasan Dry Eye is a sterile eye drop which gently moisturises and so quickly relieves, soothes, cools, calms and lubricates dry eyes. Thanks to the unique composition of Similasan Dry Eye, which has a balanced pH, Similasan Dry Eye quickly moisturises and gently calms affected eyes when they feel dry, sensitive, tired or red due to dry heat, air conditioning, wind, smoke, air travel, contact lens wear or other external causes.Similasan Dry Eye can be used regularly to lubricate affected eyes and to reduce the feeling of dryness, grittiness, irritation, burning sensation or eye sensitivity due to external factors.Similasan Dry Eye can also be used to lubricate and moisturise your eyes if you suffer from reduced tear production due to ageing or Dry Eye Syndrome (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca).Similasan Dry Eye is suitable for contact lens wearers.


Aqueous borate buffer solution isotonised with sodium nitrate. Euphrasia officinalis, Calendula officinalis. Preservative: Silver sulfate.
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Similasan Dry Eye Drops Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Lumsley

Claire Awarded The Similasan Dry Eye Drops 4.4/5

When this arrived looked a good product easy and simple to understand. Packaging is OK but not to eye catching. Instructions simple and straightforward to follow. Very easy to use no problems at all. Definitely helped me in the office with everyday use combined with the dry heating air con system. Travelling by plane also dries out my eyes so this is a great travel product for me. After putting eye drops in it would react fairly quickly, plus instant relief at peak times every day. Box/packaging could be improved to a more solid box. Good value for money as does exactly what it promises. I would buy this because I know it works for instant relief. I would recommend as confident about talking about this product. Overall a very good product just feel the packaging could be improved. Claire Lumsley

Product Tested By Andrew Baldwin

Andrew Awarded The Similasan Dry Eye Drops 5/5

I was interested to see how this product would work. The packaging was suitable for the product.The instructions were clear and very easy to follow. These eye drops were very easy to use. I was very surprised at how well they worked for me. My eyes always feel dry it irritable at work due to my job but using these eye drops gave me relief. They worked for me straightaway. I used these drops a few times a day. Ithink the quality is excellent and offers excellent value for money. Using these drops gave me instant relief and cooled my eyes down straight away. I will definitely continue to use these drops now that I have tested them.I have already recommended them to others at work. I have not really used eye drops before as I just put up with my dry eyes but now after using these I will definitely continue to use them. Andrew Baldwin

Product Tested By Jacqueline Southam

Jacqueline Awarded The Similasan Dry Eye Drops 4/5

Looked well packaged and secure when arrived. The instructions were very simple and very basic. any other drops I have had, I have been able to squeeze the bottle to get the single drop out, whereas these ones I was squeezing nearer the opening of the bottle and sometimes getting more drops that necessary. These did help as they relieved my eyes in front of the computer at work. My work use storage heaters and I normally end up with itchy eyes at this time of the year and when using the drops, this reduced. After putting these eye drops in my eyes were feeling like they should. I used these twice a day, morning and late afternoon. If it hadn’t been for the bottle giving out more drops than needed I would have rated quality as excellent. I have tried other drops, which worked just as well, didn’t give too many drops and were a fraction of the price. I liked the simple look and clear and easy instructions. I would not purchase these, as I have other drops, which work just as well, at a fraction of the price. Price was a bit too high for what it is in my opinion. I have own brand drops and they do the same, and were only a few pounds. Also the bottle shape results in more drops that necessary and a wet face! Jacqueline Southam


Claire Awarded The Similasan Dry Eye Drops 4.4/5

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