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Similasan Itchy Eye Drops

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Similasan Itchy Eye is a sterile eye drop which gently moisturises and so quickly relieves, soothes, cools, calms and lubricates, itchy and irritated eyes caused by allergies. Thanks to its unique composition which has a balanced pH, Similasan Itchy Eye quickly soothes and gently calms itchy, red, swollen eyes caused by pollen (hay fever), pets, dust mites, mould spores, cosmetics, perfumes, ozone or other external causes. Similasan Itchy Eye can be used regularly to soothe and reduce symptoms caused by allergies, for as long as needed.

Ingredients: Aqueous borate buffer solution isotonised with sodium nitrate. Highly diluted components: Euphrasia officinalis and Schoenocaulon officinale. Preservative: Silver sulphate.
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Similasan Itchy Eye Drops Reviews

Product Tested By Kayley Budd

Kayley Awarded The Similasan Itchy Eye Drops 4.5/5

I liked that it was natural and this was clear from the packaging. Attractive packaging, clear explanation of what the product would do. Looks high end/expensive. Good colour scheme, reminded me of beauty products. Cross symbol with leaf was an obvious indicator it was a natural healing product. Text clearly and simply explained product. Clearly explained in simple language. Large clear font so easy to read. Clear diagrams for how to open the bottle. I was able to follow the instructions with ease for opening and use. I struggle with getting eye drops into my eye (always blink) but got the hang of these after a few goes. They dropped easily with one hand. Super easy to open. I don’t really suffer with itchy eyes unless I’m tired or have worn a lot of eye make-up. I used the product at these times and did find they soothed my eyes very quickly. They were lovely and cooling and instantly took away irritation from having worn make up and then removed it. I’m only effected my cosmetics which can cause me mild irritation to my eyes. These worked very quickly, a couple of blinks after application and my eyes felt very soothed. I used them in the evening before I went to bed, after I had removed my make-up.I found the solution to be effective, the packaging was attractive and instructions clear so I give top marks for quality.I would have expected a product like this to be between £5 and £10 so think it’s at the higher end of what I’d expect but it does seem a quality product.I really liked how quickly it worked and how soothing it was. I was pleased with the result but as my eyes don’t get irritated enough for me to warrant buying the product. However I would recommend it to people with allergies or who suffer more often with itchy eyes. I would not hesitate to recommend as I felt the effect of this product to be very soothing and cooling so I would recommend it to those who suffer with itchy eyes, allergies, hay fever etc. Quality product, I really liked that it was natural and this was clear from the packaging. It seemed a luxury/pamper style product. It was simple to use and gave pleasing results, it took away irritation from my eyes in seconds. Overall a positive experience with this product. Not something I would ordinarily purchase but I enjoyed using as part of my bedtime skincare routine as it soothed my eyes after make-up removal. Kayley Budd

Product Tested By Francesca Hall – Dylan 7 years

Francesca Awarded The Similasan Itchy Eye Drops 4.3/5

Seemed like a substantial product, looks smart.The tape on the box was not easy to remove and ended up breaking the box, I usually like to keep the product in its box but it had to be thrown away. Product information easy to read and clear. Instructions full of necessary information apart from how to get the drop out of the bottle successfully. Cap easy to remove, glass bottle meant that I was unable to squeeze a drop out and either had to wait some time for one to come with gravity or shake it resulting in the drop missing the eye and being wasted. After using these eye drops immediately felt better. We used these to combat Hayfever, Dust mites and grass pollen allergy. These worked immediately and after putting in drops felt better and less itchy. We used these every day in the evening. Quality of a high standard, it is very effective. Although bottle small it will last a long time, good price compared to other products at a similar price that don’t work. I liked that it actually works, a lot of products claim to do this but don’t. The solution is soothing and doesn’t give an adverse reaction. I would purchase because this helped to relieve itchy eyes almost immediately, it’s worth having for all year long, it will be a staple in my medicine cupboard for many years to come. I would recommend as I think all family members with hayfever and allergies will find this useful and effective.Not full marks due to difficulty in getting eye drops out due to glass bottle but otherwise an amazing product. I feel that although it was difficult for my child to sit long enough for a drop to come out it was worth using, it relieves his itchy eyes and helps him to feel less tired and irritable, it’s been really helpful and I’m very glad we were chosen to test this product. Francesca Hall – Dylan 7 years

Product Tested By Yvonne Pearson

Yvonne Awarded The Similasan Itchy Eye Drops 4.6/5

Looked good quality, nice informative box and easy to use bottle. I had not heard of this brand before but impressed all natural and was keen to see if worked. Instructions clear and easy to follow. These were easy to administer and gave relief immediately. I work at a computer all day long and my eyes get tired and itchy.Whenever they felt bad I would just pop some of these drops in and the relief was immediate. Sometimes use them after watching TV late at night.These were very effective and I must admit I was impressed. I would use these couple of times each day while working. The quality is really good and they really did soothe my eyes.I liked how easy they were to use and how quickly they gave me relief. I feel the price is comparable to other similar products on the market. You only need a little each time so these do last, and when this bottle runs out I will be buying more. I have already recommended too many of my colleagues. A really good quality eye drop that relieved my itchy eyes straight away.Great product that worked really well. Yvonne Pearson


Kayley Awarded The Similasan Itchy Eye Drops 4.5/5

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