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Simply Colors baby & childrens clothing with personal prints

Let them express who they are.. Print your own message on cool clothes they’ll love to wear! – Baby and kids clothes in trendy colours – Made of 100% super soft cotton.

Available in sizes newborn to 6 Years – Free shipping on orders over £45.00

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Prices Start from £9.90 - Depending on item and size - Purchase online at

Simply Colors baby & childrens clothing with personal prints Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise Grier - Baby Heidi 3 Months

Product Tested By Louise Grier – Baby Heidi 3 Months

Louise Awarded The Simply Colors Clothing 4.5/5

Was really excited to have the opportunity to explore this website and order something online.  Simply Colors website is extremely easy to navigate.  You just click onto the home page go to the top and click on products.  The drop down menu enables you to click onto the item of clothing you wish to purchase.  Well we had the opportunity of ordering 2 items.  So first I went through the process of ordering a cute pink body with a butterfly motif on the front for Heidi. Had great fun changing font and colours until I found the font and colour mix I liked and then clicked on order and all done.  I also had great fun ordering a little dress for Heidi.  Loved the fact that you could actually see your design before you order.  So we mixed and matched and ordered a super deep navy dress with bright pink wording on the front.  It looked great online and I have to say when both these items arrived quality was superb.  Really loved the fact that this was 100% cotton as nice and comfortable for Heidi to wear and she looked absolutely gorgeous.  Lots of friends were very impressed.  The only thing I was not so happy with was the fact that you are advised to wash these with care and you cannot tumble dry these items.  As it is winter and I am always busy all of Heidi’s and our clothes are tumble dried.  Overall the website is very easy to navigate and had great fun choosing style, colour and just being creative.  The delivery service was superb and quality of item fantastic.  Slightly high in price, but would make a superb gift and ideal christening gift as you can personalise it and make it special.  Louise Grier – Baby Heidi 3 Months  

A superb gift idea for new mum and a perfect Christening gift as you can personalise.



Louise Awarded The Simply Colors Clothing 4.5/5

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