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Simply Colors baby & childrens clothing with personal prints

Let them express who they are.. Print your own message on cool clothes they’ll love to wear! – Baby and kids clothes in trendy colours – Made of 100% super soft cotton.

Available in sizes newborn to 6 Years – Free shipping on orders over £45.00

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Simply Colors baby & childrens clothing with personal prints Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Bridge - Elizabeth Aged 3 Years 9 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Bridge – Elizabeth Aged 3 Years 9 Months

Melanie Awarded The Simply Colors Clothing 4/5

To review this product I was advised of special code and went online to order our Simply colors long sleeved T-shirt.  I found the website easy to use/access and the instructions were very clear and concise.  It was not obvious straight away where to click in order to design your t-shirt, perhaps this could be more obviously highlighted/sign-posted.  Once I was in the website quick and easy to use and all pages easily accesible.  I found it easy to design the clothing although if I were to be really picky I would say that they could improve the way the font appears on the t-shirt.  I wanted a sentence printed on the back of the t-shirt and it took me a few minutes to figure out  what font size to choose that would fit the amount of words I wanted.  Was trial and error process.  I managed to complete the task after a few tries and was very pleased with the result.  You have a selection of fonts to choose from and I found one I liked immediately.  You can also choose images to place on your t-shirt and I would like to have seen more images available.  If I had a choice I would have chosen a snail for Elizabeth and a sunshine for my other daughter.  Variety of great colours to choose from and of course my choice was pink.  The clothing range is adequate, but would be nice to see a long sleeved dress and a baby-gro.  The quality is superb.  Feels lovely to the touch and my little girl finds it very comfortable to wear.  Elizabeth loved her t-shirt, but presently little large as the sizes are generous.  We are keeping it until she is big enough to fit it perfectly which will not be long.  This can be placed in your usual wash, but I did take care when ironing it so as not to let the iron touch the text/illustrations.  They suggest washing inside out and it is not tumble-dryer friendly.  Personally I find the price of this item on the expensive side, even though it is personalised.  I will be buying another t-shirt from Simply Colors for my other daugher and they will wear them for more special occasions such as visiting family rather than playgroup.  I ordered size 3-4 for Lizzie as she is this size in all other clothing.  However these are generous sizes so I should have purchased size 2-3.  I would recommend the product and the excellent service, but would advise people that the garments are generously sized.  The quality is excellent and they look and feel fantastic.  Would make a really good gift as I think it would be loved by the recipient.  Melanie Bridge – Elizabeth Aged 3 Years 9 Months

Product Tested By Rolinda Smit – Adam Aged 3 Years

Rolinda Awarded The Simply Colors Clothing 4/5

The Simply Colors website is very good and easy to use.  However I personally feel it would have been a bit more helpful to have more information on the home page.  The website was quite easy to navigate.  I found I had to search around for how to design the print, but got the hang of it soon enough.  Really liked the fact you could immediately view the item you designed and could see how it looked prior to ordering.  There was not a huge amount of fonts, but enought to get a nice design on your item and same for images. Nice bright colour options available.  The clothing covers the basic range of comfortable casual clothes for kids.  Especially liked the fact that you could cutsomise bodysuits.  Quality of the clothing was very good.  Soft and well woven fabric and very good stitching.  Certainly made you feel it would last a long time.  The long sleeved t-shirt we ordered for Adam looked a good fit and he was very impressed.  I did think washing would be a bit fiddly, but this item can go in the tumble dryer which is very handy.  This is a bit expensive for everyday use but the fabric is good quality and long lasting.  These clothes would make a really special gift, and would definitely attract attention on special occasions.  It is a bit too expensive for us to use as general daywear.  These are great for gifts and would definitely use the website again in the future.  I would have no reservasionts recommending this.  The communication from the website was very prompt, delivery very quick as well.  It was lovely to get your own design on the t-shirt and Adam loves it.  Quality is very good and makes a great gift.  Rolinda Smit – Adam Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Yvonne Poole – Piper Aged 4 Years

Yvonne Awarded The Simply Colors Clothing 4.6/5

Website is user-friendly, lovely layout and brightly coloured.  Easy to work your way back which can be quite difficult on some sites.  Really enjoyed designing our t-shirt was very easy and great fun.  They also have a wide choice of fonts which is great and images are limited at the moment, would like to see more online.  Colours available are good, but would like to see a wider choice.  The clothing range is classical, and would love to see more girly items available.  When our t-shirt arrived was impressed with quality as excellent.  Was a very good fit for Piper and looked very comfortable to wear.  Material is 100% cotton so nice to wear and never caused any irritation.  I have also washed this 3 times and has not faded and lettering is still intact.  Superb value for money.  I would buy these clothes as general day wear for nursery or playgroup as it seems hardwearing.  Some items would be ideal for special occasions, but this time we had the long sleeve t-shirt.  Will certainly use Simply Colors website again.  The product is excellent quality, very good delivery service, very good value for money and quite unique.  I must admit the whole experience was much, much better than I expected or had previously experienced when buying children’s clothing online or personalised.   Yvonne Poole – Piper Aged 4 Years

The quality is excellent and they look and feel fantastic.  Would make a really good gift as I think it would be loved by the recipient.


Melanie Awarded The Simply Colors Clothing 4/5

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