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Sing & Sign DVD & Vocabulary Book

DVD -Featuring twenty-five Sing and Sign babies filmed at the park, on a farm and in a class setting, this fun DVD demonstrates the signs we recommend, and many more you and your baby will find helpful. By watching together with your baby and singing along, you will become familiar with eighty-plus useful gestures all suitable for little hands. (Instruction booklet included) – Vocabulary Book -Printed in full colour with descriptions and arrows to show how signs are used. Includes some song lyrics and guidance on why certain signs are especially helpful. Chapters are themed and signs listed alphabetically for easy reference. Our primary method of teaching is through our songs and DVDs, but many parents find this resource offers additional support.

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Sing & Sign DVD & Vocabulary Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Katrina Ross – Kaitlin Aged 1 Year 8 Months

Product Tested By Katrina Ross – Kaitlin Aged 1 Year 8 Months

Katrina Awarded The Sing & Sign DVD & Vocab Book 5/5

Different lets see if it works. Website had lots of books, DVDs and even some clothes to make it more fun and interesting.   It was so easy to understand and my 4year old wanted to learn watching it as well.  It kept her interest and not much can do that so I think she definitely enjoyed it.  The signs were very easy to incorporate my children picked them up quickly.  Kaitlin had lots of fun watching and did recognise a few signs.  The way it teaches you is very simple and uncomplicated, not only does it describe the way to sign it shows you.  At first I was self conscious as a few people commented on what I was doing but after a while I just thought this benefits my children and me so if other people think I’m strange for teaching my children sign language when they aren’t deaf then that’s them being small minded, in years to come when my children encounter a deaf friend at school they will be able to communicate better than others. Both my children enjoyed it but I think my 4 yr old enjoyed it more than my toddler.  The vocabulary book was very helpful. This is a very effective way of learning and teaching sign language.  To a certain extent my understanding of my toddler is a bit better .  She does still get frustrated and throw a tantrum if she can’t get across what she wants to say, just not as much as before.  If I wanted to I could get all the family signing.  Excellent quality product have recommended it to a few friends.  Great value for money.  Would definitely buy it and have recommended it to friends.   I feel like it’s given me a stronger bond with my children because I can better understand them.  Katrina Ross – Kaitlin Aged 1 Year 8 Months

Product Tested By Dawn Brookes – Rebecca Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Dawn Awarded The Sing & Sign DVD & Vocab Book 4/5

Very impressed when this arrived.  Website was good, easy to use and lots of information available.  The DVD was very enjoyable to watch and interactive. Rebecca was not very interested in watching the DVD, but she does not really watch the TV.   Very easy to remember a few of the signs and use them. Rebecca enjoys using the signs and as she has got that bit older she has copied some of them.  I personally liked the sing & sign approach but it did not hold Rebecca’s attention.  I enjoyed using the signs but found it hard to remember some and remember to use them. The best time I found to use them was at meal times when Rebecca was still and focused.  Must admit Rebecca has now started to copy me and use the signs. The vocabulary book was very good and we tried to do a new one every day.  This certainly offered you a great way to teach your baby to sign.  Understand Rebecca at present, I’m sure as she gets older the communication through sign will help.  This is a very good quality product and good value for money.  Will certainly be recommending to others and will purchase more items in the range.  Very enjoyable way of learning a new skill.  Dawn Brookes – Rebecca Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Wendy Lubbe – Neil Aged 1 year 4 Months

Wendy Awarded The Sing & Sign DVD & Vocab Book 5/5

Was a bit skeptical as to how well this was going to work but have been completely surprised how well Neil has taken to it.  Had a look at the website and very good.  Enjoyed watching the DVD and it was good to learn the signs while having fun singing along. Neil loves watching the DVD even on his own.  We found the initial signs very easy to incorporate in our daily routine.  Neil started signing within 2 days.  Great approach to teaching and it is a fun way to learn the signs.  I enjoy using the signs; even my 3 year old knows how to use the signs when talking to her brother. Neil picked up the first signs very easily but has not been as keen with the rest.  Really liked the vocabulary book and found it very useful.   The whole set certainly offered us all an easy way to learn and have fun at the same time.  Neil doesn’t get as frustrated anymore as he can tell me what he wants.  My 3 year old just loves teaching Neil the signs.  The quality of this product is very good and great value for money.  This is Excellent!!!  Have already recommended to friends and family, and would purchase this product as such a good idea.  We have enjoyed every minute of using sing and sign! Wendy Lubbe – Neil Aged 1 Year 4 Months

I feel like it’s given me a stronger bond with my children because I can better understand them. 


Katrina Awarded The Sing & Sign DVD & Vocab Book

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