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Skibz Catcherz Bib

This scoop bib style has been popular for years, but Skibz Catcherz are the fresh look patterned pelican bib. Catcherz are a high quality, firm yet flexible patterned bib, made to last throughout the weaning years.This is the award-winning fully patterned pelican bib for your babies and toddlers made by Skibz, the geniuses behind the dribble bib phenomenon. This durable, soft plastic bib (that’s BPA free too!) is super easy to wipe clean.The cunning side fastening prevents the hair pulling that occurs with similar hind-fastened feeding bibs, whilst keeping your little one’s clothes clean from baby food stains.This is the eye-catching, food catching bib that isn’t hair catching, and we’re confident that this scoop bib is the best food bib for a baby or toddler during the weaning phase.The boring yet important stuff:Comfortable, adjustable side-fastening to prevent hair pulling.Expertly designed scoop pocket to catch spills.Made from a soft, rubberised BPA free plastic which provides excellent protection against stains on clothing.Simple and easy to wipe clean. Not suitable for the dishwasher!Suitable from 3 months – 3 years.Available in 3 funky designs!

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Skibz Catcherz Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Oulton – Eddie 11 Months

Tested By
Melanie Oulton – Eddie 11 Months

Awarded The Catcherz Bib 4.6/5

Very good, does
exactly what it should do. The side fastening makes it easy to put on and take
off. Fastenings are great really easy
removal. Good quality, strong material. Catches 99% of dropped food. There
is a small gap at the top which means some staining at the neck of clothing can
occur. Good quality and easy to wipe and can be washed in water although
pattern does come off. Material means is catches food better than other similar
bibs used. More designs would be nice. I would suggest adding another fastening
so it can be tightened more. Nothing I disliked about this bib. Certainly good value for money. I use this every day and would
recommend. Really happy with this
and would definitely buy another one if there were more designs. Melanie Oulton
– Eddie 11 Months

Tested By
Leona Smith – Leva 8 Months

Leona Awarded
The Catcherz Bib 4.3/5

lovely and bright and easy to clean.
Really good fastenings easy to put on.
The quality of this bib is very good. This bib is a little short, but my
daughter has a long body. Due to the shape it tends to swing and move about a
bit. The material used is very good and very easy to clean. The things I liked most about this bib were how
easy it was to clean and no waiting for it to dry. I would like to see other
designs available. I did find the design
of this bib quite bulky. It was too
bulky to fit with my child’s stoke trip trap chair, so it could not fit either
under or on top of the table when my child was pulled into the table to
eat. It just got in the way and annoyed
her unfortunately, but would be better if not sitting at a table and may work
better with other types of high chairs. I think you could get very similar for
cheaper. It is just not suitable for my high chair and uses but may well suit other’s
needs. Nice product but just not suitable for our needs. Leona Smith –
Leva 8 Months

Tested By
Chloe Chick – Amelie 11 Months

Awarded The Catcherz Bib 3.8/5

Very hard but lovely pattern. The fastening was easy to do up but
this meant that my daughter managed to pull it off a few times.The
quality is great and feels as though it is well made. The bib was a perfect size
for my daughter and gave good coverage. The shape of the bib was fine for the
purpose. I found the material very hard, however was very easy to clean. I really liked the pattern on the bib
and how easy it was to wipe clean. The designs availableare nice but
there could be more variety. The bib did the job required; however having the
design a bit more flexible would have been more suitable. I disliked the
hardness of the bib, as discussed above if the bib was more flexible it would
have suited us better. My daughter often lifts her bib up and it was very
awkward and uncomfortable for her making her be more inclinedto pull it
off. I think this bib may be suitable for an older child that needs to
wear a bib. Overall this bib did the job required and has a lovely pattern. The
down side for me was the material being so hard making it difficult to tuck
between my baby and the highchair tray (she is quite small). Also when taking
the bib out it is awkward to store as it is not flexible to be able to fold. Chloe
Chick – Amelie 11 Months


I use this every day and would recommend. Really happy with this.


Melanie Awarded The Catcherz Bib 4.6/5

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