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Skibz Feederz Bib

As baby bib experts we know about looking good and being practical. You can’t stop a mucky pup being messy at mealtimes but you can cover up with our groovy Feederz bibs and be the envy of all your friends!Suitable from birth, Feederz are made from the highest quality cotton with a PVC backing. Feederz come in a range of twin packs so you’ve got back up when the yoghurt takes a spill! Each pack contains two fab designs with an eye-catching contrasting trim.Take a look at these great feeding bibs in our shop! Feederz are the baby brother of our award-winning Skibz dribble bib, designed by a British mumwho knows a thing or two about combining funky designer looks with practicality.

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£5.00 pack of 2 Available to purchase online

Skibz Feederz Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Morrison – Evie 10 Months

Product Tested By Emma Morrison – Evie 10 Months

Emma Awarded The Skibz Feederz 4/5

They look very bright and funky; they look like they have good coverage. I really don’t like the tie fastening on these; it makes it extremely tricky to get on to a wriggly baby! The quality of these bibs is very good. The size of the bib does give good coverage. I liked the shape of the bib and kept Evie’s clothes free from mess. The Feederz does not have any extra features. These come in packs of 2 which is ample for my needs. The fabric is great and Waterproof. Very easily washed in the machine. I think for a pack of 2 at £5.00 then good value for money. I will continue to use. I would recommend this product to others but maybe just until they hit the age that they can be little monkeys and wriggle about to make it harder for you to get on. Only thing I mark it down on is the way it is fastened, would be much better with a popper fasten.  This bib was great for keeping Evie clean during her dinner times as the coverage is good. Although I am not keen on the tying fastening she could not pull it off like she can with Velcro ones, however I feel it would be far better if it was a popper fastening,  the patterns on them are very cute!  These are great to havein your changing bag as they hardly take any space up at all. Emma Morrison – Evie 10 Months


Product Tested By Kelly Campbell -Lexie 6 Months

Kelly Awarded The Skibz Feederz 3/5

Very cute patterns for little girls, reminded me of ‘old’ style bibs. I felt the old style tie fastening wasn’t ideal as it can be quite tricky and time consuming, especially if baby is hungry.  Plastic backing, cotton front. Very well made.  However the front was not very absorbent, I am breast feeding so don’t use bibs for that but I would imagine the formula would just roll off the fabric like the water did when Lexie was eating. I didn’t think the size was adequate for the purpose it was intended for. A feeder bib should cover most of the areas that will be affected. This was more a dress bib in size. The bib seemed to be designed for dress not for feeding as it was quite small, especially as most babies are 6 months when they start to wean.  However for a bottle feeding it would be ideal size I would imagine.  This bib does not have any extra features. A nice cotton bib, nice pattern. The pack contents 2 was Ok but you always need a lot more bibs. The fabric qualitywas lovely and I especially like the patterned bib. They were darkish colours too so could hide most things. It was simple to wash, however my husband put one in the condenser dryer with all Lexie’s other bibs and it came out as a ball of plastic.  It had melted!!  Maybe for today’s climate and busy mums needing bibs find a different backing. I do not feel these are good value for money as feel more feeder bibs on the market and better value. I will continue to use the one I have left now. I would recommend as a smart dress bib, I loved the colours, and quality of this product but not the practicality of it.  I was disappointed as Skibz do fantastic bandana bibs and I felt they could have brought us mums a product similar to that but for the next stage. Kelly Campbell – Lexie 6 Months


Product Tested By Jeanette Goody –Amelia 10 Months

Jeanette Awarded The Skibz Feederz Bib 4.5/5

Reallyliked the look of these bibs when they arrived. The tie fastenings are easy to use however with a fidgety baby they can be a little difficult to tie on or take off. The quality of the Feederz is very good. They certainly gave good coverage and soaked up the food and juice well. They are a good size but could be a little bigger to give better coverage. I like the design on these bibs. Nice quality and a good price at £5 for a pack of 2. These also wash really well and come out looking just as good. You always need lots of bibs as a new mum but I feel these represent good value. These bibs are good quality, deliver good coverage and the material is very absorbent. I will continue to use these and would like to see them on offer in larger packs maybe pack of 5. I would purchase more and recommend as a few friends have stated they liked the look of these. A nice looking, well-made bib. Jeanette Goody – Amelia 10 Months





 These are great to have in your changing bag as they hardly take any space up at all. 


 Emma Awarded The Skibz Feederz 4/5

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