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Skiddies Rumble Rucksack

Our beautifully designed Cycle Sid Rumble Rucksacks with embroidered logo and waterproof lining are perfect for those bike trips,makes a cool little nursery bag for their spare change of pants, wipes, juice bottles or to keep their comfort blanket/ted safe! Due to the love and demand for the boys bags we decided to add one for the girls in gorgeous lilac with cream straps.
Available in Grey, Blue, Lilac and Navy


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£19.99 Each available to purchase online

Skiddies Rumble Rucksack Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Anguish – Thomas Aged 2Years

Product Tested By Sarah Anguish – Thomas Aged 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Skiddies Rumble Rucksack 4.1/5

Looks well-made and a good size for a child to carry. It is good to find a backpack that is size appropriate. We would use this to put Thomas’s Trains, juice, giraffe, muslin blanket in. Thomas liked wearing the bag although after a while he wanted it off, but I feel this is probably due to his age rather than the bag. The straps were easy to adjust to get a secure fit.  For younger children it would nice to see a chest strap added. Thomas managed to fit a few toys, just and blanket in there so he was happy. Thomas was unable to undo the toggles by himself and required adult help to open the backpack. Well made, seams were even and sown well. It is a little expensive for a child’s backpack although it is better quality than cheaper versions so you get what you pay for. I would have liked a drawstring added to the main pocket so aid from lost toys etc. I would recommend this product but would explain the pros and cons. Child sized backpack ready for adventures and playtime. Sarah Anguish – Thomas Aged 2 years


Product Tested By Karen Sittle – Suzi 3 Years

Karen AwardedThe Skiddies Rumble Rucksack 4.5/5

Loved thelilac colour appealed to Suzi. Perfect size for a smaller child. This is very well made and the company name and embroidery on the front is excellent. This has adjustable back strap, main big pocket with toggle loop to secure closed and smaller pocket at the front with toggle loop to keep very small things in. Suzie loved wearing this bag as she could take her own things about with her. Sometimes though if she put heavy items in she would not enjoy wearing it for too long. The straps are easy to adjust and the bag stays secure. The rucksack is not large, but this is for a little child. Ideal for them to fit favourite teddy and a few bits and bobs, some sweets and maybe a little book or game. Suzi had he rteddy, some crayons and small colouring book and in the front pocket she would put her own personal purse. She enjoyed carrying her own things around in this and gave her a bit of independence. The stitching on this is excellent and the bag is lined.  Not big enough for swimming stuff etc., but ideal for your toddler to take around their own personal favourites when out for the day or travelling. This also came on holiday with us but did get a bit grubby. I actually put it in the washing machine (cool wash) and came out OK. A lovely high quality bag for toddlers and would make a lovely gift. I do think the price is high for this item as you can get similar for lot less price, but it is extremely well made so makes a  lovely gift. Suzi loved her rucksack and uses it every day now. Karen Sittle –Suzi 3 Years


Product Tested By Charlie Button – Jimmy 3 years

Charlie AwardedThe Skiddies Rumble Rucksack 4.6/5

Looked good quality. A well thought out design, very well made, good quality material. Ideal size for my son. All looked hand made and to high quality. Jimmy would carry his toys, well toy cars and action toys around with him. Just meant he had his own personal rucksack and put in his favourite things he would need when travelling and also when we went for a few weekend trips. This rucksack does not hold a large amount of items as designed for a toddler. However, it is appealing to children and nice to have something that is correct size for a small toddler. Easy to use as has adjustable straps to ensure secure. Comfortable to wear as a small child would not have heavy items and straps do not need to be padded. Jimmy enjoys his rucksack and is used regularly. Quality excellent. Price bit over priced but you are paying for the quality. I would purchase this and would recommend as would be a good gift for a young child. We enjoyed using this and Jimmy now has his own personal rucksack. Charlie Button – Jimmy 3 Years





 Child sized backpack ready for adventures and playtime


Sarah Awarded The Skiddies Rumble Rucksack 4.1/5 

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