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Skin Doctors Instant Facelift

A matrix of ingredients that once dried holds the skin taut, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst taking years off tired, sagging skin. Perfect for an instant pick me up or as an everyday cosmeceutical treatment.Gives the appearance of a facelift without surgery.Instantly improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness that will last for the whole day.Immediately tighten and smooth the skin within 5 minutes of application.Brilliant make-up primer that refreshes and creates a smooth matt base for make-up application.

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£30.60 30ml Available Ocado, Feelunique, Lookfantastic, Very, Isme,, Amazon or click online

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Richardson

Product Tested By Nicola Richardson

Nicola Awarded The Skin Doctors Instant
Facelift 4/5

looks appealing and expensive and like something that might be used or sold in
a spa. I really like the simplicity of the packaging. It looks appealing, neat
and expensive. Instructions very clear, not wordy or ambiguous. Simply written
on the box and on the leaflet enclosed. I have sensitive, dry skin so am always
apprehensive about using new unfamiliar face creams but found that this did not
irritate my skin and it did not leave it feeling dry or tight. The cream was
easy to apply and I found that it worked best being applied to a clean face
before sitting in the bath otherwise it is difficult not to move face. I did
find that over the four weeks the cream did not really make any difference to
the lines on my face but did still work well as a face cream. My mother who is
older did notice a small improvement on her lines and wrinkles for a very short
period of time but this did not last as long as advertised and was not enough
to encourage her to change face creams. The product is easy to apply and did
not leave my face feeling tight. It has a pleasant smell to it and is easy to
wash off hands after application. The cream is very smooth and silky and feels
nice to use. Being a mother I have many a line and wrinkle on my face and
although I do not feel that there is less since I started using this cream it
did make my face feel fresh and moisturised without feeling coated in a thick
layer of cream. After 4 weeks of daily use the bottle still remains almost full
suggesting that it will last a fair amount of time. You only need a small
amount on your hands for full coverage of the face so I think that this product
does offer value for money. I feel like it would be better branded as a
moisturising day face cream instead of an instant face lift which may mean it
is a littler overpriced. I would consider buying this product in the future but
feel that it would be better advertised as a face cream and not an instant
facelift. I also asked my mother who is 54 to trial the face cream to see what
her opinion was on how it worked on her older skin. My mum felt it made her
skin feel smooth and that a little cream went a long way. She noticed some improvement
on her lines and wrinkles but not enough to encourage her to buy it or use it
regularly. On balance I would rate this product as good overall. It is packaged
attractively and offers a smooth, non -shiny finish and will last well. I do
not feel that is acted as an instant facelift but is still a nice product to
use regularly. I have enjoyed trialling this product and will continue to
use it. It is packaged attractively and offers a smooth, non-shiny finish. A
bottle will last a long time which means it offers value for money. The
instructions are simple to follow although it doesn’t make a lot of difference
if you move your face or not as to the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It can
be used regularly and was also enjoyed by my mother with older skin so it is a
versatile product. I do not feel that it offered me or my mother an instant
facelift but it can be used as a face cream leaving skin feeling moisturised
and soft. Nicola Richardson

Product Tested By Emma McVitty

Emma Awarded The Skin Doctors Instant
Facelift 3.6/5

bottle, instructions easy to use. Good size bottle, very clean looking and easy
to use. Instructions were very easy to
follow. I have Combination skin, dry
around my nose, but oily around forehead. Skin did appear softer after using
this product, but do not think it made any difference to lines. Quality good,
smells nice, and did make you feel like it was doing something as makes your
skin slightly tighter. I do worry about
the wrinkles around my eyes. Quite an expensive product for what it offers. I would consider purchasing this as it did
make my skin softer and keep it in good condition. I would recommend. This product is easy to use and worked well
for me. It made my skin feel soft and has kept it in good condition. Emma McVitty

Product Tested By Gemma Wilkins

Gemma Awarded The Skin Doctors Instant
Facelift 4.4/5

packaging, nice smell. Packaging is attractive, looks like a high end product.
Would stand out on the shelf. Instructions
clear but concise. My skin type is Combination:
Oily and dry. Sensitive and often react to ingredients in some products. Skin
seemed illuminated and more even in tone.
Quality good and very easy to apply. I have fine lines around my eyes. I
would question how long it would last for the price; Hard to tell how much is
left with weight of packaging. I feel the product is too expensive. I would
recommend if money was no object. The
product felt like a treat! Definitely noticed a difference in my skin and would
highly recommend this product to friends. Gemma



On balance I would rate this product as good overall. It is packaged attractively and offers a smooth, non -shiny finish and will last well. 


Nicola Awarded The Skin Doctors Instant Facelift 4/5

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