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Skin Doctors Stretch Away Cream

Help to fade those ugly red, purple and white scars that appear when the skin has been damaged through stretching with Stretch Away™. Packed with potent ingredients including Vitamins A, E and K, Cocoa Butter, natural fruit acids and moisturising Glycerine and Palmitate, Stretch Away™ can help visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent new ones from forming.

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£19.95 200g Tube - Available to purchase online

Skin Doctors Stretch Away Cream Reviews

Product Tested By Nikki Penman – Daisy Aged 3 Years and Baby Eden 5 Weeks

Nikki Awarded The Skin Doctors Stretch Away Cream 3.2/5

Couldnt wait to try it once baby was born. Nice tube and easy to get out all the contents. Yes cream is really easy to apply.  I did find this cream left a greasy feeling on my skin even after a while after using it, and took a while to sink in.  I did not notice this cream having any special smell, seemed to be aroma free. While using this cream never caused any skin irritation. I actually used this cream every morning and every night after showering.  No it didnt make any difference to the stretch marks really. Although I have been quite lucky and didnt get really bad stretch marks so maybe it would work better on someone who had more prominent ones. Its a good quality product as a moisturizer but doesnt really do what it says on the tin!  This is a nice cream but did not seem to be so effective for me, then again I did not really have bad stretch marks to start with.  Would be nice if they added a nice scent to this cream.  It is nice as a moisturiser but didnt really work on eliminating my stretch marks.  This is a nice cream but I would say it feels more like an oil. Its a bit greasy and has no fragrance. I like moisturisers and creams to have a nice smell which this doesnt have so was a bit disappointed . It didnt make any difference to my stretch marks.  I did notice on the website it stated this product works in as little as 8 weeks, and I have only reviewed this for 4 weeks, so maybe results might improve in time.   Nikki Penman – Daisey Aged 3 Years and Baby Eden 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Barbara Mallins – Baby Douglas 8 Weeks

Barbara Awarded The Skin Doctors Stretch Away Cream 4/5

Was interesting looking cream and looking forward to testing this product.  Packaging looks expensive and comes with well detailed instructions.  The tube of cream is just right and very easy to ensure you get out the right amount you need. This was easy to apply and although took a while to sink in did eventually.  Found it easier to put on just after a shower or a bath as would absorb better.   The cream did not seem to have any smell and certainly did not irritate my skin which is good news as have sensitive skin.  I would use this cream twice a day and I have a lot of stretch marks, from previous 2 pregnancies.  I did find this made a slight difference and the stretch marks did not look as prominent as before. This cream left my skin feeling lovely and soft and moisturized.  I will continue to use this cream as feel it is helping my permanent stretch marks fade slightly.  Well worth giving this item a try as you never know what the results will be until you have given a product a trial.  Worked for me and kept my skin soft and smooth.  I do find this a little bit on the expensive side and would not be able to purchase this on a regular basis, but a little does goe a long way.   Good quality, easy to use, worked for me.  Barbara Mallins – Baby Douglas 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Stephanie Morrison – Baby Olivia 4 Weeks

Stephanie Awarded The Skin Doctors Stretch Away Cream 4.2/5

Was really excited and just wanted to try this cream out to see if it worked.  High quality packaging and very inforamtive information supplied in the box.  the tube is a nice design and very easy to use.  I found this cream easy to apply.  Would take a while to sink in and did feel a bit oily, but once absorbed skin felt nice.  Did not really have a nice aroma, and that would be something I would like as nice to rub cream in and have a nice aroma too.  I would use this in the morning and the evening and never caused any irritation.  This is my first pregnancy and had a few prominent stretch marks.  I have been using this cream for over 3 months now and they are certainly calming down, and not as prominent as they once were.  I will keep using this cream as would like to continue with treatment to see just how much more they can fade.  This is a very expensive cream, but when you find something that helps price is not an issue.  I had never heard of Skin Doctors before so was pleased to have the opportunity to test this item.  Has been effective, but it is very expensive.  If the price was reduced slightly then would purchase on a more regular basis. Leave skin feeling well moisturized too.  I also think as the packaging is so stylish would make a nice present Mum-to-Be.  A nice moisturiser and has helped reduce the intensity of my stretch marks.  Stephanie Morrison – Baby Olivia 4 Weeks

Good quality, easy to use and kept skin feeling soft and smooth. 


Nikki Awarded The Skin Doctors Stretch Away Cream 3.2/5

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