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Skinny Tan – 7 day tanner

Introducing the world’s first natural tanner that visibly contours your body and reduces the appearance of cellulite! Skinny Tan is a salon-quality self-tanner that bronzes your skin, then develops into a gorgeously deep golden brown tan that lasts for up to 7 days! Unlike other tanners, Skinny Tan uses only the highest quality naturally derived actives to create a natural tan that will never dry or irritate your skin. And then there’s the smell … no awful fishy smell that you get with other tanners … just a tropically fresh coconut island aroma. But best of all, this easy-to-apply, long lasting tanner also helps firm your skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite, so not only do you look naturally tanned -you look skinnier too!


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£21.99 for 150ml tube Available Amazon,, selected salons and pharmacies and online

Skinny Tan – 7 day tanner Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Amanda Hayes

Awarded The Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner for women 4.6/5

The product
itself looked like a standard fake tan tube with a dated design. I really
didn’t like the design on the packaging, I thought it looked dated, almost
70’s.Or that it was an incompletely branded sample. The tube however did work
well and it was easy to apply from. The instructions were straightforward and
easy to understand. I have used fake tan
previously. I thought Skinny tan was far easier to apply, I thought the mitt
was great as it really helped you get a smooth application. I thought the
bronze guider was a great feature, especially if you are a little brown already
or are building up your fake tan. You can see where you have applied the fake
tan and where you have missed. I thought the colour was very natural. It wasn’t
particularly dark, but in my opinion that’s a good thing as for paler people
like me, you can build up your tan in layers making it more natural. The smell
was very good compared to other brands. It smelled like coconuts which reminded
me of holidays. I think its good quality. I like the separate primer which
gives you a smooth base for application. It is a little more expensive than
some, but yes I think its good value. I
would purchase this product again and definitely recommend. A great product, very easy to apply and gives
a good colour. The smell was much nicer than others I have tried. The only down
side for me was the packaging which I thought was very dated. The website talks
about it removing cellulite which I didn’t notice but it did make my skin feel
smooth, although that may have been from the application of the primer which is
like a body scrub. The mitt is a great idea as it really helps with the
application. Amanda Hayes

Product Tested
By Stacey Miller

Awarded The Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner for women 5/5

Looked like
a standard fake tan product, just wish I had the body of the model on the
front. Was keen to use and see just how
good this was. The tube is ideal size
and very easy to use. Loved the fact you
had a primer which you used in the shower prior to applying the tanner as
seemed to act like body scrub and the tanner itself would soak into skin
easily. Also the idea of the mitt to
apply the tanner is a great idea. You
get a mitt for you hand and a small one for your face. Instructions really easy to follow. I have used fake tan before and never really
liked the smell and sometimes did get streaky effect. With this one it was easy to apply, no
streaks, not discoloured hands (due to mitt) and certainly gave me a nice
tan. The smell was OK not brilliant but
so much better than the other ones I have used in the past. I was already tanned when I started to use this
but this kept my tan looking great for weeks on end and looked like a normal
tan. No orange colouring and everyone
commented on how well I looked. I also
used this on my legs more than the rest of my body as they always take ages to
tan and this gave my legs a lovely bronze tan look and was fabulous. You can use this tanner to suit your own
needs and keep a nice light bronze look or build up and give yourself a darker
bronze look. The bronze guider was a
superb feature and really helped. This
is great quality and one of the best fake tanners I have used. It is expensive but when you consider it
lasts a long while as you do not have to put much on to cover your skin and get
a good natural tan. Plus you get the
body scrub and the mitts so definitely value for money. I will be purchasing
this again as will keep a nice light bronze look throughout the colder
months. I have had loads of people ask
me about the Skinny Tan and have highly recommended. This is a lovely natural look fake tanner,
easy to use and gives great results. One
of the best I have used. Stacey Miller

Product Tested
By Sarah Wright

Awarded The Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner for
women 4.6/5

I wasn’t too
impressed when I initially saw the product as the packaging wasn’t too
appealing. I liked that it came with a leaflet from the owners of the company
(Katy and Louise). I thought that was a nice touch. The design of the tube is ideal for this
product. Very clear and concise
instructions. This product has instructions that are both printed on the tube
and also on a leaflet that comes with it. There was no confusion at all as to
how I was to apply/remove the product. I am a regular user of self-tanner. For
special events I get a professional spray tan and for regular daily use I use a
mid-range self-tanning spray. This product gave me a result that is far
superior to my usual tanner that I purchase. I was very impressed. The guide
colour was brilliant and allowed me to see if I had missed areas. I was a bit
concerned at first as the guide colour seemed quite dark but I needn’t have
worried. I was very impressed with the colour. There was no orange tint that I
find I would usually get with self-tanners and there was also no streaking. I
had several comments asking me what tanner I had used as it looked so natural.
I agree that the tan lasts for 7 days, although by the 5th day it is
obviously much lighter that the day it was applied. I unfortunately did not like the smell of
this product at all. I agree that it doesn’t have the typical ‘fake tan’ scent
but I would almost prefer that smell than the smell of this product. Saying
that though, it wouldn’t put me off using this product again as the colour I’m
left with is worth the smell. The
quality of the actual product is great, although I would say that the quality
of the packaging is not at all up to the same standard. Even though skinny tan
is more expensive than a lot of self-tanners available on the high street, I
most definitely think that it is worth it for the superior results that are
given. I would definitely consider buying this product again. I already have recommended skinny tan to
people who have commented on how nice my tan looks. Top marks for the results given. Not so good
were the packaging and the smell. I am
very impressed with skinny tan, looking past the packaging it is a fantastic
product that I will most defiantly be purchasing. Sarah Wright

I think its good value. I would purchase this product again and definitely recommend. A great product, very easy to apply and gives a good colour.


Amanda Awarded The Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner for women 4.6/5

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