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Skinny Tan – Ab Shader for Men

Natural tanner with muscle contouring actives Instantly bronzes and develops into a deep tan in just hours Deep natural tan looks exactly like a real tan and lasts for up to 7 days Eco-certified tanning agent does not dry-out, flake or damage skin Includes naturally-derived body contouring and firming actives Thick body butter in guide colour is easy to apply and never streaks No fishy fake chemical smell! Skinny Tan is scented like a natural tropical coconut Skin-friendly naturally-derived actives and hydration is suitable for sensitive skin Guaranteed to make you look naturally browner and with better definition or your money back!


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£26.99 for 150ml tube Available Amazon,, selected salons and pharmacies and online

Skinny Tan – Ab Shader for Men Reviews

Product Tested by: Julien Pratt

Tested By Julien Pratt

Julien Awarded The Skinny Tan AB Shader for Men 4.7/5

Looked good
quality. Came in easy to use tube. Packaging
does seem a bit dated. Easy to follow instructions. I use fake tan a lot and comparing this to my
usual brand I did find this was high quality and gave good natural results.
Liked the guide for the bronzer colour and good idea and nice touch. I normally put this on at night and allowed
it to bronze while sleeping. The results
were good, not too dark and gave a good natural looking colour. Nicer result than my usual brand. Smell is not brilliant, but all tanners smell
the same, not appealing. Quality is very
good and gives good results. Compared too many tanners on the market this is a
reasonable price. I would purchase this
again as I like to look my best all year round and have a bit of a tan. Have already recommended. A high quality
tanner that is easy to apply and gives natural results. Julien Pratt

Tested By Marcus Smith

Awarded The Skinny Tan AB Shader for
Men 4.5/5

My initial
impression of the product was quite favourable.
I thought the packaging could be improved to become more eye catching as
the current colours are a bit muted. Instructions easy to follow. I have used fake tanner before. This one is
easily comparable as it has the same two-step process. I think the guide bronzer is a useful and
accurate indication of the finished result.
I liked the colour after it had developed and we would describe it as a
natural colour change. As with other similar products, the smell is not overly
appealing. The quality of the product is competitive compared to other products
of this type that I have used. I would purchase
this again. This product is easy to
apply and gives an excellent result when compared to other more expensive
tanning treatments. Marcus Smith

Tested By Damien Clements

Awarded The Skinny Tan AB Shader for Men 4.5/5

Arrived well
packaged and supplied with body scrub, tanner and mitts to apply. Packaging is
practical but could do with some brightening up to make it stand out. Instructions
very clear and precise. I always use
fake tan as like to look my best at all times.
This one is by far one of the best I have used. The pre-tan primer has a divine smell and
preps your skin. The actual AB shader as
most tanners does not have such an appealing aroma. Guide bronzer is useful. The colour develops
gradually and you can top up when you feel it necessary. This does give you a fairly natural tan and
many of my colleagues did not realise I had been topping up my tan with the new
Skinny Tan. This is very easy to apply
and the mitt supplied ensures no streaking.
It does last a few days and gradually washes off but does the job
intended and I can look tanned and healthy all year round. Price is comparable to other products on the
market. I will be purchasing again and
have of course recommended. Good
quality, easy to apply and gives great results. Damien Clements



A high quality tanner that is easy to apply and gives natural results.


Julien Awarded The Skinny Tan AB Shader for Men 4.7/5

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