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Skinny Tan Wonder Serum

The ultimate Tanning treatment in a fast acting, easily absorbed hydrating silk serum that helps you look younger!

Welcome to the next level in tanning and anti-aging in one!  Wonder Serum is the first silky serum tanner for Face and Body that works as a leave on full-body anti-aging treatment sinking in skin-kind anti-aging actives for glowing, tanned younger looking skin instantly and with results that last up to 10 days!

Perfect for first time tanners and hardcore tan fans alike soft and silky  Wonder Serum Its so easy because silky serum application applies fast and dries in just 2 minutes so you can be straight out the door with a perfect iridescent glowing tan that helps cover blemishes, hides the appearance of cellulite, evens out skin tone and develops over 8 hours to give you a rich natural streak-free colour that is indistinguishable from a real tan.

Plus its made with 95% naturally derived ingredients and is certified cruelty-free and suitable for Vegans.

Price: £29.99 Available Boots, Superdrug and online

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Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Friend

Samantha Awarded the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum 5/5

My initial impression was that it was a good sized bottle with an eye catching design. The concept is great with the tan having anti-ageing and hydrating skincare ingredients in it. Nice bottle with the rose gold design. The instructions were really easy to understand and made using the product much easier. The product was really easy to use. The Skinny Tan was really nice to apply and felt really smooth to put on. It absorbed into my skin really well and left it feeling lovely and hydrated. I used the Skinny Tan on my body only. I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin yet but maybe after a few more uses, there will be some difference. I found the tan gave me an even skin colour and did hide blemishes. It did dry nice and quickly which is perfect when you’re in a rush. The tan gave a really nice even glow to my skin and wasn’t too dark. I felt it needed topping up after about a week but it would depend on how you like your tan. The cruelty free factor is really important and the fact it’s suitable for vegans is great and that this is clearly stated on the bottle. The smell was lovely, didn’t have a horrible fake tan smell. I was really pleased with the results, one of the best fake tans I’ve used. I’ve used the product twice so far but have been really impressed with the outcome. Really high quality product. I definitely think it is worth the money. You don’t need to use a lot for good coverage. The smell was definitely one of my favourite things about the product but also the ease of applying it. I would consider buying this product as I found it to be one of the best self-tans I’ve used. I would recommend this to family and friends. I’ve really enjoyed using this self-tan especially with the weather being a bit grey and miserable! It’s nice to apply, smells great and didn’t go streaky like other self-tans. Samantha Friend

Product Tested By Margarete Madsen

Margarete Awarded the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum 5/5

I was impressed when this arrived.  Really loved the shape and design on the bottle stood out and loved the mitt that came with it. Really great idea to have a self-tanning product with anti-ageing aspect and helps hydrate skin. Just what I need.  The bottle design is great, very pleasing to the eye, easy to hold and loved the pump action dispenser. Instructions are clear and precise and easy to follow. This was so easy to use just dispense onto the mitt and massage into your skin.  Could not have been easier. This really was easy to use and once massaged into my skin would absorb really quickly.  I was impressed. I used this on my face and body. Regarding anti-ageing on my face I would say difficult to say as I have a very rigid facial routine and use anti-ageing creams so I would like to hope this enhanced my anti-ageing facial routine. I would say I used this on my legs the most as they are always the last to get a good tan and they are looking great and feeling so soft and smooth.  So on my legs very effective. I would say this did give me an even tan and no streaking which was brilliant. I would apply first thing in the morning and then by the time I was ready to get dressed and go this had tried.  Worked well, no fuss, no staining on clothes superb. This did give a lovely even tan, the best tanning product I have used for ages.  If you wanted to enhance tan and make darker just used more cream. Personally I would say once applied it lasted about 7 days and would need to top up. Personally I do like products that are natural and of course cruelty free.  Not really fussed about them being suitable for vegans. The aroma is really lovely.  Other tanning products I have used in the past had that horrible chemical smell and felt sticky on your skin.  This had everything and was just perfect.  I was over the moon with the final results, a lovely natural looking tan and did not look orange.  I have used this quite a few times now and it is the go too product when I need a tan top up. Quality is excellent, the best I have every used.  Value is great as you do not have to use a lot so this will last me all summer long and beyond.  A little goes a long way.  So worth every penny. I loved the ease of use, the aroma and the great tanning mitt which made it so easy to apply. When this runs out I will be buying more.  I have already recommended to friends and family. I have loved using this, lovely smell, leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth and the best tanning product I have used in years.  Margarete Madsen

Product Tested By Louise Marks

Louise Awarded The Skinny Tan Wonder Serum 3.2/5   

I was initially impressed by the product. Wonder serum as a concept sounds like a fantastic idea. Fake tan and an anti-aging product all in one. The bottle design is white with a metallic bronze colour used for the description and illustrations. The metallic effect gives the product an appearance of luxury, although I feel it does ages the product. Looking more like something that has been on the market for a few years, rather than something new. There is a geometric design that does not relate to the products intended use. This is the main area that needs improvement. As someone who has not experimented much with fake tan, I would have preferred a more comprehensive instruction guide.  Luckily, many years ago, I had the old St Tropez salon treatment done where you had to sleep in the tan and wash off in the morning. This product is pretty much the same. However, I thought that the brief set of instructions was quite misleading. It gives you the impression you can simply apply, wait till dry, get dressed and go out.  Clearly that is not the case.  Someone trying this for the 1st time could be under the impression you can apply and go out, facing the bitter disappointment of reality when it is too late! The product was easy to use. I had imagined that the pump dispenser would be troublesome but it was fine.  A mitt was supplied and this along with the pump dispenser made the application quite easy.  It was hard to judge just how much of the product to apply. This question is quite difficult to answer. There is a residue that is deposited on the skin which makes it hard to say whether the product absorbed well into the skin. I used the product on my whole body. Whilst the product is designed to provide anti-ageing properties, I cannot say that this was noticeably obvious on my skin from one fake tan application. Like most fake tans, this product was good at covering blemishes and hiding cellulite.  As I said in one of my comments above, this product is definitely not one where you can apply and go out. There is simply too much darkness to the product left as a residue on the skin. You would look odd and ruin clothes if you did so. Once the product was washed off after leaving it on for several hours, I found the tan to look even and natural. In some places the tan lasted in excess of 10 days, however it did wear off unevenly.  It is nice to hear that the product contains natural ingredients, is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. I am not a vegan but I do have a preference towards natural and cruelty free products. The initial fragrance was vanilla which I was quite fond of. As time went on, I could smell the biscuity like aroma that fake tan tends to give off. I appreciated the final results. As with any fake tan, the skin preparation beforehand is integral to the overall result. I cannot stress that enough! I used this product twice.  I liked the product and thought that it was good quality.  As someone who rarely uses fake tan, it is hard to say whether it is good value for money. With several applications in one bottle it would be a much cheaper alternative to a salon application. I liked the outcome of the product the most. This is because prepping the skin and applying the tan is something that cannot be rushed and is a time consuming activity. The payoff comes when you get to see the final result many hours later. I probably would not buy this product because at nearly £30 it is quite expensive and I am not normally interested in such products. As someone who is very pale naturally, I probably could have done with a slightly lighter colour result.  I would probably recommend this product to friends and family who were interested in buying some fake tan for a home application. I liked the product, it was a little dark for me personally and I thought the instructions were quite misleading.  For those that are interested in maintaining a fake tan at home, this is probably an ideal product. Please take a look at the instructions. I cannot believe it is possible to apply this product and go out as normal. Louise Marks




You don’t need to use a lot for good coverage. The smell was definitely one of my favourite things about the product but also the ease of applying it. I would consider buying this product as I found it to be one of the best self-tans I’ve used. I would recommend this to family and friends. I’ve really enjoyed using this self-tan. It’s nice to apply, smells great and didn’t go streaky like other self-tans.


Samantha Awarded the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum 5/5

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