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SkinVitals Eye Lift

Skinvitals Cloth Facial and Eye Treatment Masks effectively replenish lost moisture and immediately assist in relieving, preventing and treating everyday skin problems. Each mask is infused with a concentrated serum of powerful active botanicals and include the clinically proven ingredients Hydrolite 5 (a patented ingredient that effectively boosts moisture levels) and Hyaluronic Acid (to aid retention moisture), resulting in more vibrant, soft and beautiful skin.

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£2.99 Per Pack - The SkinVitals range is available now from selected Debenhams stores nationwide.

SkinVitals Eye Lift Reviews

Product Tested by: Anne Pickering - Summer Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Anne Pickering – Summer Aged 1 Year

Anne Awarded The Skin Vitals Eye Lift  3.8/5

Clinical looking but efficient.   Looks similar to other products on the market.  Tear off opening not easy to use – I used scissors.  Good, but could be more written instruction about exact positioning of the masks – i.e. how close to the eyes you can put them.  Very easy although they seemed rather large – perhaps I have a small face?!  Kept on for 15 minutes which was fine?  The masks stayed firmly in place.  Very comfortable.  You can feel them working/firming up the skin.  The eye area felt firmer but I couldn’t see a difference.  (Perhaps this might happen after further applications).  Slightly pricey in comparison with the skin vitals facial masks. I would not purchase these based on initial results, as really feel you need to try item like this a few times to obtain real benefit. A relaxing treat but don’t expect instant results! Anne Pickering – Summer Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Jeanette Coast

Jeanette Awarded The Skin Vitals Eye Lift  3.5/5

Small compact sachet.  Just tear top opening and apply.  Instructions easy to follow.  Just placed these under my eyes and left on for about 20 minutes.  Felt quite relaxing.  They stayed firmly in place, but must admit put my feet up while waiting for these to work.  The area around my eyes certainly felt refreshed, but by the next day they were back to their normal saggy look.  Would have preferred to have a couple to test as you really cannot review a product like this effectively with only one application.  Reasonable price for a quality item.  Would try out a few more times before deciding whether this is the right product for me.  Looks quality and well packaged with good information and instructions.  Jeanette Coast

Product Tested By Helena Nourse – Baby Louisa 5 Weeks

Helena Awarded The Skinvitals Eye-lift masks 4/5

The packaging that the product came in looked good; it was clear what it was for and also how to use it, very easy to understand. Packaging was also a very reasonable size for the product. I found the application of the Eye masks easy to apply and keep in place, also with a lovely fragrance. I thought that the length of time needed was fine and it wasn’t restrictive, so you don’t need to stop what you’re doing. There was also no problem with keeping it in place and it felt very comfortable and cooling to my skin. I did not find the masks 100% effective for my sore and puffy eyes, the skin definitely felt softer but the puffiness was not improved at all. The skin vitals face mask offers better value for money than other products I have tried and it also worked a lot better for me. Now that I have tested the product I would consider buying it if I had a problem with that area, if it was a full face mask then I would probably consider buying that in favor.  I would consider recommending this product to others if they had a particular problem with that area. If not, I would recommend the full face mask from this range. Helena Nourse – Baby Louisa 5 Weeks


Looks quality and well packaged with good information and instructions.


Anne Awarded The Skin Vitals Eye Lift 3.8/5

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