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SkinVitals Q-Lift Cloth Facial Treatment Mask,

The SkinVitals L-Soothe Cloth Facial Treatment Mask, £2.99 is the closest thing you’ll get to a salon facial. It brings relief to skin that’s irritated, thirsty and uncomfortable. Brimming with a blend of soothing and repairing extracts, this highly relaxing formula leaves skin feeling hydrated, supple and replenished. Regenerating and soothing Lavender Extract and anti-irritant, free radical fighting Green Tea provide essential relief while calming and conditioning, Cabbage Rose Extract combined with soothing Oat Extract lend a helping hand too.

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£2.99 for One - The SkinVitals range is available now from selected Debenhams stores nationwide.

SkinVitals Q-Lift Cloth Facial Treatment Mask, Reviews

Product Tested by: Jeanette Coast

Product Tested By Jeanette Coast

Jeanette Awarded The Skin vitals Facial Treatment Mask 3.5/5

Product arrived and first thought only 1!  Nicely packaged, sealed well and looked good quality.  Did not really need instructions as very self explanatory.  Easy to put on, but you do feel a bit odd initially with this cloth mask over your face.  Stayed in place reasonably well (if you did not move around too much).  So took the opportunity to sit back with feet up.   Mask did feel cold and clammy.  Kept this on for about half an hour.  Must admit I was surprised when took this off as skin certainly felt refreshed and smoother.  Cannot really tell how well this would work as only one application which is not enough to fully test the effectiveness of this product.  Would like to see these available in packs of 4, so you could use 1 each week.  From first use feels like it would be effective, but as stated just one application is not enough to judge this product properly.  Good value for money.  Would like to see more information on website as could only find Skin Vitals Australia and was not easy to navigate.  Could be a fantastic product, but lost marks as only had 1 to trial.  Jeanette Coast

Product Tested By Anne Pickering – Summer Aged 1 Year

Anne Awarded The Skin vitals Facial Treatment Mask 4/5

Looks clinical but efficient.  Had to use scissors to open packaging – tear perforation didn’t open sachet fully.  Instructions very clear and easy to understand. Slightly tricky to unfold due to the size of the mask but once opened, easy to fit into place.  Length of time to keep mask on face was normal for this sort of product.  Easily stayed in place.  I also found this mask very comfortable to wear. Face felt firmer and looked healthier after application. Definitely offers value for money– especially in comparison with the eye-lift masks which has the same r.r.p.  I would consider buying this item as it is an easy and quick face mask to use.   Pleasantly surprised with the results, even after one use.  Anne Pickering – Summer Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Helena Nourse – Baby Louisa 5 Weeks

Helena Nourse Awarded the Skinvitals Facial Masks 4/5

The packaging was attractive and professional. Product was in a reasonable sized package and the instructions were clear and easy to find. The instructions to the Facial Masks were simple to find and follow from the packaging. It was also in clear language and reasonable size fonts. The application of the facial masks was fine to get out of the packaging, apply to the face and they also fit comfortably. The length of time needed to wear the facial masks was very good because it gives you a chance to relax! But towards the end of the duration time the mask started to pull away from my nose and chin so I had to keep patting it back into place. Had the time needed to keep the facial mask on been longer, I would’ve found this uncomfortable. But because the time required wasn’t too long, it was bearable. The facial masks were very comfortable to wear until they started to pull away. It generally felt good on my skin and it didn’t pull or sting, the smell was also lovely. During pregnancy I had problems with my cheeks and after just one application of the Masks the redness had reduced and the skin was very soft, so I definitely noticed a difference in my skin from using this product. The price is very similar to other similar products. Given the improvement seen after just one use it is great value. Now that I have tested this product I would consider buying it as it works well, and I would also recommend it to others. Helena Nourse – Baby Louisa 5 weeks

Good value for money. 


Jeanette Awarded The Skin vitals Facial Treatment Mask 3.5/5

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