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Skybaby Travel Mattress

 Suitable from 0+ years.Blue sky thinking for families!  SkyBaby is a travel mattress which makes air travel with a baby easier for parents and more comfortable for babies.With most airlines, children under 2 years of age generally don’t get their own seat, so SkyBaby is useful in helping them to be more comfortable on your knee. It is designed to work with the aeroplane’s infant loop belt, and allows your baby to lie across your knee in a natural sleeping position, so that you can be sure that your baby is safe, secure, and happy during the flight.Being lightweight and compact (weighs 0.3kg), it fits nicely into your hand luggage. Or you can use the clip provided to attach it to your nappy bag.You will have the peace of mind that you can travel during baby’s normal sleeping times because SkyBaby gives you a little bed on the go – even with interconnecting flights, simply carry your SkyBaby off the aircraft. There aren’t too many ways of providing baby with a travel bed whilst flying, and here are some of the reasons why SkyBaby has the edge:
A product designed by parents for parents, SkyBaby can be used over and over again so it’s great for frequent flyers. It can be used on inter-connecting flights and whilst waiting around in airports. SkyBaby doesn’t restrict where families can sit on an aeroplane, as is the case with some of the cots which can be rented on board.As you buy it just for your baby and it’s fully washable, you avoid any worries about hygiene.  SkyBaby can work as a pillow and a cushion for the back.  Product dimensions: 560mm (L) x 290mm (W) with wings closed around baby.  560mm x 740mm (wings open, wings are flexible).
Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2014/15


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£29.99 Available to purchase online, Jo Jo Maman Bebe or click onto for list of stockists

Skybaby Travel Mattress Reviews

Product Tested by: Sally Eves-Dan – Alexander 7 Months


Tested By
Sally Eves-Dan – Alexander 7 Months

Awarded The Sky Baby Travel Mattress

made, and a good idea. The instructional video that was on the website answered
all questions concerning how to use the mattress. It was a professional video
that gave a positive view of the product. It was simple to fix and did not take
long even when baby was wriggling. Remarkable simple, the bag is roomy enough
that the mattress is not squashed and goes in easily. It does go into the hand luggage
easily and is soft enough that it can be squashed in if necessary. I love the
clip, this means that when you are struggling with the baby and the bags, you
do not have to then search for the mattress in the hand luggage. It also sped
up packing away when you departed with baby. At my little boys age it is a good
fit. I can see that it could still be used when he is a little older also it
would just mean that his legs would not be in the mattress. It is comfortable
and he was able to get to sleep easily in it. I wonder about a pad to go
between the baby and the seat belt, especially for younger babies. I would be
concerned that the strap is not tight enough around the baby to make him
secure. I think this would depend on the size of the child. I am going to try
it on a train as I feel that it would also be useful for this. Very practical
the clip makes it very versatile and it weighs very little. The outside could
be wiped with a cloth or baby wipe and it can be washed at 40 degrees in a
washing machine. It is a good quality fabric that does the job that it was
designed for. It is good value for money if you are going to use it more than
once or you are concerned about traveling with your baby. You would find that
depending on the size of the baby they would grow out of it. It is a good idea,
but I feel that they should make a larger size for larger babies or older
children. I would purchase this
product. I would also recommend if I
knew they were going to travel a lot. A great idea well made, easy to use and
ideal for travelling with baby. Sally
Eves-Dan – Alexander 7 Months

Tested By
Lizzy Pratt – Natalie 6 Months

Awarded The Sky Baby Travel Mattress

Looked compact, well-made and easy to use. Instructions very clear and simple to follow
and you can also check the video online too.
It was easy enough to fix to seatbelt and Natalie was calm. Although if she was in a wriggly mood would
have been a little fiddly but easy enough to do. This is so simple to fold away and comes with
own case. You can easily put this in
hand luggage no problem at all. This has a clip so means you can clip to nappy
bag or other travel bag and handy to access when you need it. The size was ideal, nice and comfortable for
my daughter. This is very versatile too
and we have used on flights, in buggy and also when travelling up to family by
train. Ideal travel item to keep baby
snug. My daughter looked comfortable and was calm so must have been cosy for
her. Using this on a flight was easy and
my daughter was awake when we landed so was all folded away ready to use on
return trip. This is a great travel item
and can be used on many modes of transport.
Easy to keep clean as can wipe down with wipes or just pop in the
washing machine on cool wash. Came up
fine. Will last for a little while
longer but would like to see this available in older sizes too. The fabric quality is very good and certainly
value for money as versatile item. I
would purchase and I would recommend for parents who travel a bit. A really good idea, a great travel mattress
for baby and ours has been well used. Lizzy Pratt – Natalie
6 Months

Tested By
Toni Stacey – Frankie 9 Months

Awarded The Sky Baby Travel Mattress

good idea. Good instructions easy to follow.
Not the easiest thing to fix to seatbelt with a wriggling baby. Very easy to
fold away. Easy to travel with this and
fits easily into hand luggage. It was a
bit bulky to clip to nappy bag but easy to hand from pushchair. Good size and baby was comfortable and
warm. This is a versatile item, easy to
carry around and ideal for flights, train and boat journeys. Good travel item to have for baby. This is easy to wipe down and keep clean and
I am sure easy enough to pop in washing machine. Fabric quality is good and my baby seemed
comfortable. If you are travelling
regularly yes value for money. I would
certainly recommend to families who travel a lot. Good quality and great travel item for
baby. Toni Stacey – Frankie 9 Months





 I would purchase this product. I would also recommend if I knew they were going to travel a lot. A great idea well made, easy to use and ideal for travelling with baby.                                                                                                                                                                    


Sally Awarded The Sky Baby Travel Mattress 4.6/5

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