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Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil

Our snoozy, BioOrganic Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil gently soothes and nurtures delicate skins and settles little ones in the bath. The lightweight medley of beautiful, nurturing oils and delicate flower essences make this delightful oil perfect for baby massage and to help induce a good night’s sleep.

Pure, hydrating Coconut, nourishing Sweet almond, magical Starflower and nurturing Jojoba oils are infused with soothing Calendula and Camellia. A sleep-enhancing blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Linden blossom help to settle, calm and unwind little ones before bed.

Perfect for: Soothing the skin in the bath -Baby massage, bringing you and your little one closer -Relaxing and calming before bed

Discover enchanting, BioOrganic, luxury skincare to nurture and support your little one’s wellbeing and help them sleep soundly. Designed for babies and young children, Little Aurelia blends gentle yet effective botanical ingredients with soothing essential oils to calm and settle at bath time and before bed.

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Price: £28.00 for the set available to purchase online

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Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Jordan Louise Classen – Oscar 6 Months

Jordan Awarded The Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil 5/5

Classy expensive and luxury.  Gorgeous design elegant a good fit to the bathroom.  Instructions easy to follow and a range of uses explained. Drip top bottle so you don’t use too much but effortless no dramatic shaking. This did soak into the skin well and not too quick that you can’t do a proper massage first – no need to wipe off though.  My child likes to defy all odds so although it didn’t aid him in going to sleep (nothing does) it did massively relax him and make his company very enjoyable.  I did use this as bath oil and it was amazing his skin was so soft the bath smelt amazing and he really enjoyed himself. This was definitely lovely relaxing oil for my son. This did help him relax so I would say yes helped him sleep better.   This oil left his skin feeling so soft and smooth.  You only need to use a few drops at a time.  I used this oil once a week. I used as a massage oil and bath oil equally.  I loved the aroma. The quality of this is excellent. Definitely good value for money. The scent was so strong and you could feel the value for money with every drop. I would definitely buy this as it has become a valued part of our routine. I already have recommended because its natural smells great easy to use and amazing value for money.  Very, very happy with this product it looks great on the shelf and smells better in the bath or on the baby it’s safe to use on delicate skin which is great that I can trust it 100% thank you! Jordan Louise Classen – Oscar 6 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Roberts – Jessica 19 Months

Gemma Awarded The Aurelia Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil 4.2/5

It was well packaged and the box has an attractive design. It came with a leaflet showing the other products available in the range which is useful. The bottle is a nice size and well-designed with a built-in dropper to help ensure that you don’t accidentally pour out too much of the oil. The label on the bottle also has instructions on which means you don’t have to worry about holding onto the box if you don’t want to.  Instructions on how to use the product both as bath oil and as massage oil are included but it doesn’t mention how much of the product you should use or how often it’s recommended to be used so I feel it would have benefitted from this extra information. The bottle does direct you to the website which has a tutorial on baby massage which is good but a few more details on the box would have been helpful. As mentioned, the design of the bottle means that it’s easy to dispense the oil both into the bath and into your hand without making a mess or getting too much at a time.  The oil soaked into the skin nicely. I felt that it took long enough to soak in that it gave time for me to massage my daughter a bit but not too long so that you had to wait for it to soak in. I think that as massage oil it would be better for younger babies. This would have been lovely when my daughter was small and we used massage as a calming, soothing and bonding activity but at the age she is now, she doesn’t have much patience for lying still and relaxing!  I used this as bath oil too and the fragrances are lovely. My daughter suffers from eczema so having a nourishing addition to the bath did help to maintain the moisture in her skin.  I don’t think my daughter found it particularly relaxing, but as I mentioned above, for younger babies I think it would be ideal and using it to aid baby massage would definitely help with relaxation. I didn’t notice any improvement in my daughter’s sleep while using this oil. We do use eczema creams as well but on the evenings that we used this instead, I did feel that her skin felt lovely and soft and smooth. This covered reasonably well when used as a massage oil but I’m not sure how far the bottle would go if used regularly for an extended baby massage session. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t have the patience for a longer massage so it’s not very easy to say exactly! We used this two or three times a week, once in the bath and once or twice as massage oil. The instructions don’t mention how often it can/should be used so I didn’t want to overuse it.  Used almost an equal amount but slightly more as massage oil before bed. I thought that it had a pleasant aroma, strong enough that it was easy to smell but not too overpowering. This is a lovely product and great quality. The bottle seems strong and is well designed and the oil itself worked well for both intended purposes. The oil does carry quite a hefty price tag but if you were only using it occasionally then it should last a while and therefore justify the price more. It is obviously a luxury, organic product so you would expect a higher price as a result. I liked that it was organic and therefore felt confident using it on my daughter’s skin which is sensitive due to her eczema. I personally wouldn’t buy this product now as I don’t feel my daughter would get enough benefits from it to justify the price tag. However, I would definitely have considered buying it when she was a smaller baby to use when we did massage with her. I think this is lovely oil for use with babies and for baby massage. So I would recommend it to friends with smaller babies. This oil has a lovely fragrance and its dual purpose is great too. Knowing that the ingredients are organic gives you confidence when putting it on a baby’s delicate skin. The quality is high and I think it’s a great product for using with younger babies. I enjoyed trialling this oil, I felt that it benefitted my daughter’s skin and although we didn’t notice an improvement in sleep, having the different fragrances would have been a nice sensory experience for her anyway. This would be ideal to use alongside baby massage sessions when babies are younger and especially nice for pre-bedtime, calming massages. If you have an older baby or toddler that will lie still long enough to be massaged then it would also be great but I have not been blessed with one of those! Gemma Roberts – Jessica 19 Months

Product Tested By Emily Lake – Bonnie 4 Months

Emily Awarded The Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil 4/5

It was nicely packaged with clear instructions on the side. It looked as if it would be good quality. Pretty label with nice design work. The writing was clear and easy to navigate. The bottle itself worked fine and the massage oil didn’t come out too slow or too fast so the design from a functionality point of view was good.  However when you open the lid of the packaging the bottle comes in there is a note ‘for mummy’. I don’t think it should read in this way as there are plenty of fathers who would massage and bath their own children and so it would be better changed to ‘for parents’ or something along those lines, rather than be exclusive to females. Instructions very clear and easy to read, although it didn’t mention how much to use at one time. I just used my common sense but it would have been nice to know if there is a recommended amount as with a new baby you like to know you’re applying the right amount. As expected and not hard to apply or use. It didn’t soak into the skin fully, it seemed to leave more of a waxy look on top as expected but it made her skin feel great. There was less of a fragrance than expected when added to bath water. Perhaps I didn’t add enough (hence the need for quantity on the bottle). To a degree, although I don’t think it made much of a difference in her actual sleep. It was more the motion of massage which seemed to calm her, aided by the use of the oil. The scent when massaging was stronger so I would use it more on dry skin rather than diluted in the bath. It certainly helped with relaxation when being used as massage oil. It was pleasant to use. It was more dilute in the bath so was nice enough but I wouldn’t say effective in terms of relaxation or sleep. Just an added smell for her skin. It did smell nice but less strong than when used for massage (as expected). It definitely was lovely relaxing oil for my daughter. I wouldn’t say it helped her sleep any more. Perhaps it was an aide, but it wasn’t just the massage oil that would help her sleep. It was relaxing for her at the time we used it. This did leave her skin feeling lovely and soft and smooth. I did use a few drops for each area I was massaging but I didn’t feel like it was more or less than other massage oils I’ve used. We used this every 3 days. Used equally as bath oil and massage oil. The smell of the oil was lovely and delicate.  Overall a nice product but I didn’t notice a difference in her sleep. I think it is overpriced for what it is, but it is decent oil so I wouldn’t expect it to be as cheap as some. I loved the feel of my baby’s skin following massage. It wasn’t too oily and didn’t leave her feeling sticky. I personally would not buy this due to price as I feel I can get similar products for slightly cheaper. I would recommend as a decent all round massage oil. My baby had no reactions to it and it made her skin feel soft and moisturised. Lovely product in terms of massage oil. Lost a star because of the price and because it didn’t help her sleep. Emily Lake – Bonnie 4 Months





I loved the aroma. The quality of this is excellent. Definitely good value for money. The scent was so strong and you could feel the value for money with every drop. I would definitely buy this as it has become a valued part of our routine. I already have recommended because its natural smells great easy to use and amazing value for money.  Very, very happy with this product it looks great on the shelf and smells better in the bath or on the baby it’s safe to use on delicate skin which is great that I can trust it 100% thank you!


Jordan Awarded The Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil 5/5

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