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Sleep Time Pillow Mist

Aurelia Sleep Time Pillow Mist

This magical, BioOrganic Sleep Time Pillow Mist helps ensure your little one drifts off into a peaceful, snoozy sleep. The delicate infusion of flower waters combines with Rose quartz crystal water to help soothe and calm. A deeply relaxing blend of Geranium, Chamomile, Lavender and Angelica helps them unwind, creating a contented, tranquil atmosphere before bed.

Perfect for:

Spritzing on to cot bedding, sleep suit or pyjamas

Establishing a calming nightly routine

Relaxing and calming before bed

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Price: £22.00 Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 – Sleeping Aids & Gifts 

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Sleep Time Pillow Mist Reviews

Product Tested By Donna Benjamin – Isaac 6 Years

Donna Awarded The Aurelia Sleep Time Pillow Mist 4.5/5

The item was nicely packaged and looked like it was going to be nice due to the packaging. I think it’s great, the smells are natural smells that are meant to help people relax, so worth a try. Loved the design of the bottle, really lovely.  This was very easy to use, a few sprays was more than enough. The bottle is small but it goes along way. My children loved the smell of this product, even my 8 year old requested I sprayed it on his bed as it helped him have a nice sleep and sleep past 7am. My children both loved this spray and say it makes them have a nice sleep, this has become a definite bedtime routine now to which we will have to purchase some more in the future. We use this every night. From the first night the boys both said it made them sleep quicker and have a nicer sleep. It is important to us we buy natural products for our family. The quality seems great, great packaging (could send as a gift to somebody with a new baby) the smell lasts well and smells amazing. Doesn’t mark where this has been sprayed. It is a bit pricey but it is very nice and does seem to help my boys go off to sleep quicker. It doesn’t go down quick as the smell is long lasting a few sprays work. I loved the smell it was amazing. I would buy this as my boys love it and it helps them get to sleep quicker and sleep for longer.  I would recommend as this product is very nice and works. It’s a great product that smells amazing but I think people would go for a cheaper alternative maybe. Great packaging, great look, smells amazing, long lasting. A bit pricey but some people might think it is worth it. I personally would buy this again. Donna Benjamin – Isaac 6 Years

Product Tested By Emily Cochrane – Charlie 4.5 Months

Emily Awarded The Aurelia Sleep Time Pillow Mist 4.3/5

The product was beautifully packed and my first impressions were that this product was of really good quality. I was slightly sceptical with regards to it helping sleep but with a baby you’re willing to try anything for an extra hour. Very impressed with the bottle, looks like a good quality product. The colours and logo make the bottle look very classy. I was however expecting the bottle to be bigger considering the price tag. Fairly easy to use, the top of the bottle does get quite oily after a while but a wipe gets rid of any excess. The spray makes bedding smell absolutely divine. It is a really beautiful scent. With regards to it helping babies drift off to sleep I would say I think it possibly does. It definitely creates a nicer atmosphere. Our baby has always been really fussy and likes to be nursed to sleep so we sprayed it on his sleeping bag.  He seemed to like the aroma and fell asleep quickly. We used this every evening since being allocated the product. We went away for a few nights and forgot to pack the spray. It was then when we realised that Charlie was taking longer to get to sleep than usual. It may have been surroundings but we also think the spray contributed to this. No other family members used this product however when nursing my baby to sleep it definitely helped me to relax. Being cruelty free is extremely important. I would opt to use a different product if I thought anything has been hurt in the process. Absolutely love this product from beautiful packaging to the spray itself. I really feel that this is a quality product and would recommend to anyone (even if they do not have a baby).  I feel that this product is of excellent quality however I do feel that the average person would expect the bottle to be slightly bigger for the price. I would be happy to pay around £12-£15 for the product. I loved the beautiful smell! You can spray it on your babies clothing and smell it from the other side of the room. Amazing! I would not purchase on a continuous basis but definitely if I had some spare money or as a gift to someone expecting. I would recommend as I think this is a great product to buy someone as a gift who is expecting a baby. It is not something that they would have thought of when preparing for their baby and therefore makes an excellent present idea. I cannot fault this product itself at all. It is honestly beautiful. The only reason I have not given full marks is the fact that the bottle is small for the price. Or maybe I just want more of it as its smells so delicious! This is a great product. It smells beautiful and does do what it says, creates a calm environment through the use of smells. Initially on first use I wondered how many pumps to use each time as it didn’t say on the bottle and I do feel that it is too pricey considering its target audience are new parents who are already watching what they spend. I think it is more of a product to purchase as a gift. Product is great but not necessarily the best audience. I think targeting adults may be better. Emily Cochrane – Charlie 4.5 Months

Product Tested By Amy Williams – Austin 1 Month

Amy Awarded The Aurelia Sleep Time Pillow Mist 4.2/5

Packaged beautifully in a box with tissue paper. It felt like time and effort was put into the package. Wasn’t sure how a spray could aid sleeping but I like nice smelling products so was up for trying it. The bottle is blue glass with a cute looking label. It doesn’t look cheap, and I think that’s important with a product like this. Easy spray nozzle and as the bottle is small it’s easy to move and spray on to things. I believe I’ve been blessed with a baby who sleeps well. I was in hospital for 5 nights without the spray and my baby slept fine. When I got home I started using the spray and I honestly can’t say it’s changed. Austin doesn’t sleep worse if I don’t use the spray. However, I enjoy the routine of bathing him and giving him milk after I have sprayed this next to me as the smell fills the room for our wind down time. When I fasten up his sleeping bag the smell hits me again and it genuinely makes me feel relaxed. I really hope he senses it and enjoy it as much as I do! The smell 100% gives a spa smelling feeling. This seems to keep him calm as he hasn’t cried when sprayed so must be OK with the aroma.  I would use this most nights. As before, my son sleeps well so I honestly couldn’t confirm it’s the spray that makes this happen. Using organic ingredients is very important to me. I want my baby to have the best things on and around his sensitive skin. I would not use cheap and tacky products on my baby. I’m a firm believer of not settling for good when I can have the best! Packaged well, sturdy good looking bottle that fits in on my nightstand and the smell is lovely. It’s quite pricey for what it is. If money isn’t a problem for families then it’s great but it’s quite expensive if you are on a budget. Certainly when in my experience, I can’t say it does help my baby sleep. It’s just a joy to use. I loved the smell. It helped me feel relaxed and as I said before, I enjoyed the little routine I get into after bath time. The smell reminds me of unwinding. I would consider buying this. However I wouldn’t want to be buying it too frequently due to the cost so I probably wouldn’t use it every night. It would be more sporadic. I would recommend. But not to those who I know are financial strapped for cash. It’s something that in my eyes is not necessary to help my baby sleep so I couldn’t promise friends it would help them. However I would suggest trying it and if it fails, at least its nice smelling. Lovely looking bottle, lovely smell, enjoyed using it during my night-time routine. But it’s not changed my babies sleep patterns so I couldn’t give it full marks.  It’s easy to spray and soaks into fabrics fine without leaving grease/ marks on bedding or clothing. The bottle is cute and sits nicely on my nightstand without standing out like a cheap plastic bottle could. It didn’t affect my child’s skin in any way which was a concern at first when using something that will be on their bedding. The smell made mummy and daddy relax too during night time feeds and wind down. Amy Williams – Austin 1 Month












I loved the smell it was amazing. I would buy this as my boys love it and it helps them get to sleep quicker and sleep for longer.  I would recommend as this product is very nice and works. It’s a great product that smells amazing.


Donna Awarded The Aurelia Sleep Time Pillow Mist 4.5/5

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