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Just like being in mummy’s arms.
The horseshoe cushion allows children to find their balance when they begin to sit up. Babies feel secure when surrounded by the cushion. They can see their surroundings from various viewpoints and their position leads to a sense of body awareness. Free to move, they can therefore handle all sorts of objects.
Technical data
Dimensions : Ext.: : D: 37 cm – W: 42 cm – th: 11 cm.Int. : D: 14 cm – W: 18 cm.Made from : 65 % POLYESTER, 35 % COTTON, fabric filled with POLYESTER fibres.Color : Choice of colours : RED/ORANGE – BLUE/LIGHT BLUE – DARK GREEN/LIGHT GREEN

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Product Tested by: Julie Jacques – Ellis 9 Months

Product Tested By Julie Jacques – Ellis 9 Months

Julie Awarded The Wesco Small Horseshoe Cushion 4.2/5

I thought this product was good quality, nice and firm but very flexible. It has a washable cover; a must for sicky babies! The fabric is very practical. It is very easy to clean and machine washable too.  I did find it slightly too small for my bigger than average 9 month old, however he is happy to lie down with his head on it to drink his bottle or settling for nap. My baby does like using the cushion.  It is very good quality, good material and stylish design. If it was brought for a younger child, they would probably get a lot more wear out of it, therefore would be worth the money.  I would buy this for a new born as a gift; this would be perfect as a nursing pillow. I would recommend it to family and friends. It is a good quality, sturdy product, practical and has many uses.  Can be used as a nursing pillow, sit me up, used for nap time and tummy time.  My son took to the pillow; he was intrigued by the colours. I didn’t use it as a sit me up because he is already sitting up, however it would be a good travel sit me up pillow if I go to a friends with wooden floors to prevent falls/bangs. His head and shoulder fit nice and snug when I lay him down on it for drinking his milk. The pillow helped settle himas it created the snugness of mummy’s arms. Julie Jacques – Ellis 9 Months


Product Tested By Amber Marshall – Silas 7 Months

Amber Awarded The Wesco Small Horseshoe Cushion 4.8/5

This product seemed of very good quality; sturdy and the colours were bright and vibrant. I was initially concerned that the cover was not removable, until I read the care label and realised that the entire cushion is machine washable! The fabric is sheer, good quality; looks durable. It seems easy to wipe clean but has the benefit of also being machine washable too. Thes ize was just about big enough, I did have to ease it open a little before putting it around/behind him, but we do use washable nappies, so his bottom is on the large side. The snug fit did at least mean the cushion didn’t slip away from him, unlike other cushions I’ve used.  I also used the cushion for tummy time.  My baby seems happy using the cushion. It broke his fall well on a couple of occasions.  I was impressed with the quality of the product.  I plan to have more children and think this should see out a few of them!  As a product, it offers pretty good value for money. It is good quality, durable, washable, and attractive. The only downside is that it is for a fairly limited period of a baby’s development, and isn’t adaptable for use for anything else.  It is also fairly bulky to store.  It is too small to be used as a breastfeeding cushion, for example. If it could be made more adaptable, the product would have a longer lifespan. If I was looking for a horseshoe cushion, I would think it would be a very good one to buy, if I didn’t need an inflatable one or something similar to save on space.  It’s definitely much safer than using ordinary cushions which can slip away or get knocked away. I would recommend it to family and friends who are considering buying a horseshoe cushion.  It is a useful product, kept my baby safely propped up until he learned to escape forwards from it in a bid to crawl! Amber Marshall – Silas 7 Months


Product Tested By Gemma Slaughter – Violet 6 Months

Gemma Awarded The Wesco Small Horseshoe Cushion 4.6/5

I thought that this product felt soft yet sturdy, perhaps not snug enough to hold a child in sitting position if they weren’t very sturdy. The material looked easy to clean too, shiny material, not easy to stain. This would be ok for a larger child that is closer to sitting by themselves. My child is very dainty and falls easily so it needed to be slightly snugger; will be better when she gets a bit bigger. I did use it for other things; this is good for tummy time and propping up when laying baby on back.  My baby does like using this cushion; it’s very comfortable. If she falls when sitting it’s something very comfortable for her to fall on. The quality is very good and offers excellent value for money. The price is very reasonable.  I think all round it is designed very well for its purpose. Personally I do not think that I would actually purchase one, simply because my baby is too dainty and falls out of the horseshoe easily but I do not think this is a fault with the product. I would recommend it to others; if their child is on the verge of sitting alone I would definitely recommend this horseshoe cushion. A veryuseful aid when your child is close to sitting, tummy time and propping up, overall a very handy little cushion. Gemma Slaughter – Violet 6 Months


 The pillow helped settle himas it created the snugness of mummy’s arms.


Julie Awarded The Wesco Small Horseshoe Cushion 4.4/5 

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