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Smelli Gelli Baff

Turn bath time into fun time with Smelli Gelli Baff!Gelli Baff turns water into goo and back again – it’s a bit like having jelly in your bath and now comes in 4 fab fragrances!Smelli Gelli Baff turns bath time into playtime! Simply fill your bath with 40 litres of warm water, sprinkle the goo formula over the surface of the bath and leave it for two minutes. Watch in amazement as your boring bath water magically starts to turn into a fun, thick goo and smells great. Then stir well, get in and have fun!The goo is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water. When the fun’s all done, add the dissolver sachet and the goo disappears. Smelli Gelli Baff leaves no stains or marks and is completely safe to use. And if all that wasn’t enough Smelli Gelli Baff softens and cleans your child’s (or your) skin as they play whilst smelling absolutely delicious!Smelli Gelli Baff is supplied in four fun fragrances. Bubble Gum (purple), Cola (brown), Candy Floss (Pink) and Popcorn (orange).To add to excitement Smelli Gelli Baff is picked at random. You will receive one box of Smelli Gelli Baff, this will gorgeously Goo one bath full.Pack Size:300gAge Suitability:4+ (adult supervision required)

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Smelli Gelli Baff Reviews

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Product Tested By Marianne Thomas – Sharon 6 Years

Marianne Awarded The Smelli Gelli Baff 4/5

Arrived well packaged. Bright colourful packaging and of course Thomas was keen to try out and I was not so sure. A perfect bath time item for Sharon as she can bath in thick sludge. You just get the bath ready then pour in the sachet and watch it transform into thick gooey stuff. We had the one that smelt of Candy floss. It certainly did make Sarah’s bath time very different and she enjoyed the whole thing. She just loved sloshing about in the goo. It did smell a little bit of Candy floss and pink in colour too. Tithe main thing for Sharon was she was in a gooey bath and she did have fun. It did clean OK and when you want to empty the bath just pour in the dissolver sachet and turns back to water. Did not even stain the bath which surprised me. I was not so keen on this but for children it really is a fun item to add to the bath and makes it great fun. I think this is a novelty product and will only use once, but Sharon had fun. If she could get her hands on some I have no doubt she would put it in paddling pool in the summer. A good way to make bath time different and a novelty item. This is a bit expensive for one bath but the fun she had was worth it. I would purchase again as a fun gift but would not use all the time. Sharon has told all her friends about her Smelli Gelli. Marianne Thomas – Sharon 6 Years

Product Tested By Lisa Moffit – Daniel 7 years

Lisa Awarded The Smelli Gelli Baff 4/5

Arrived and thought great lots of goo in the bath for Daniel. He could not wait to use it. We just ran a bath poured the contents in and watched it turn into thick goo. Daniel was eager to get in and had a ball. He was making up monster stories who would be eaten by the goo. It smelt strong and the colour made you think it would stain the bath (but it did not). When you have finished in the bath you add the dissolver supplied and this turns the goo back into normal water to run away easily. I had to pull Daniel out of the bath as he was having so much fun. Also cleaned pretty well too and when you looked at the goo you was not sure if it would. The packaging is bright and colourful and one packet does one bath, so for me a bit on the expensive side. It is a great fun item for children. Would purchase for maybe a birthday extra treat but would not buy all the time as more of a novelty product for the bath. Also makes a good present for other young children. Makes bath time fun and a novelty item for young children. Would purchase again and have recommended. Loved by Daniel but not mum so much. Lisa Moffit – Daniel 7 years

Product Tested By Sophia Garner – Kellie & Thomas 6 Years

Sophia Awarded The Smelli Gelli Baff 4/5

Arrived in bright colourful box and you could clearly see what product was and how to use. This is definitely an item for the children. We filled the bath with water as instructed and in went Kellie & Thomas. They thought it was fab. A bath full of goo and they just had a ball. This is definitely an item for the children and of course they loved it. They spent ages in the bath having a ball. When you have finished with the bath add the sachet to turn this back into water. Easy to use. One sachet will do one bath. They both loved it and I will purchase more in the future. This is not an item I would purchase regularly as loved by children and not so much by parents. However, it is a really fun item and something you can use to brighten up bath time during the year. They have told all their friends and of course they have been hounding parents to get them some. Quite expensive novelty product for one bath, but is entertaining and cleans well much to my surprise. A fun item to make bath time more interesting and the children loved it. Sophie Garner – Kellie & Thomas 6 Years.

A good way to make bath time different and a novelty item.


Marianne Awarded The Smelli Gelli Baff 4/5

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