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Smelly Ellie Paperback

Smelly Ellie by Susan Russell

A little puppy is overjoyed when she is adopted from a shelter for unwanted dogs. But before long she is getting into all sorts of trouble.Will Smelly Ellie’s family be able to keep her or will they have to send her back?This entertaining tale of a lovable but mischievous puppy will help children to understand the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Suitable 4-10 years

Price: £6.75 Available Amazon, Blossom Spring Publishing

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Smelly Ellie Paperback Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett & Eliza – 6 & 3 years

Samantha Awarded the Smelly Ellie Book 4/5

Going from the title I was interested to find out what the story would be about. I knew that main character was if course a dog, but with such a title I was intrigued to see if it was going to be a humorous tale or not. My children are very drawn in by bright and colourful illustrations so although the front cover is very nicely illustrated, I don’t think the front cover alone grabbed them as much as other books have done. I read the book to my children at bedtime and they did like it. They did listen quietly with interest as to what would happen but I think they were hoping for a little more adventure. They did like the illustrations and studied the cottage illustration for quite a while. Although children have great imaginations I think all books aimed at children need illustrations especially when reading to young children and these did show us what the author wanted us to see. I thought maybe it was a little too long for younger children. I would probably say start the age a little higher. We only read the book twice. Although the children did like the story they haven’t been in a hurry to revisit it yet. I think they may have missed this part understanding responsibility of owning a dog if I hadn’t pointed it out to them. I think this is why it may appeal more to slight older children. They loved the end when we found out Ellie was actually a real dog and they loved the photo of her. I’m giving a 4 as I think maybe it could be tweaked a bit in places although as an adult I think it’s a very pleasant story for a child. I think the price is fair for a book of this type. I wouldn’t for my own children simply because of their own personal tastes but I could see it appealing to other children. I would recommend to those I felt it was suitable for. A pleasant story. It might not be a favourite for my children but everyone has different tastes. I feel the message it’s trying to get across is a good one and it’s lovely to learn at the end that Ellie really did get her happy ending. Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett & Eliza – 6 & 3 years

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Emily & Katie – 7 & 2 years

Claire Awarded The Smelly Ellie Book 3.5/5

I thought it looked cute and had more text than I expected. I liked the cover. My youngest liked the name and wanted to read it but my eldest thought the dog looked sad. My youngest wasn’t too bothered but my eldest got more into than she expected to. My youngest got a bit bored and it was much longer than she would usually read and wandered off half way through. My eldest liked it but got a little emotional when she thought the dog was being taken back. Neither of them were too keen on the illustrations. They didn’t like the picture of the man and then the woman; they thought they looked too angry. I was flicking back through the book because I thought the black dog looked different. It didn’t too much but I didn’t feel attached to them. For the style of book I think it was maybe a bit long. It was too long for my 2 year old but it was a fine length of my 7 year old. It is age appropriate for that age but I don’t think that age range would be interested in it. It was too young really for my 7 year old. She could read it through on her own very quickly and didn’t really like the images. We read this about once a week. I do not think it helped her understand the responsibility of having a dog. She sees that they can be very messy but she just thought the family were getting too angry and was sad for the dog. My daughter liked the cute smiling dog on the back. Nice quality book, longer than expected. Maybe average price. I think it is longer and better than it first seems but it is still quite pricey. I would not buy this as not the most popular book with my children. Nice enough book, but the pictures don’t grab attention. Claire Brain – Emily & Katie – 7 & 2 years

Product Tested By Kelly Downey – Harry 7 years

Kelly Awarded The Smelly Ellie Book 3.5/5

We was excited to read it, it looked like a nice easy read. To be honest it wasn’t the best front cover of a book so I had to entice both my children and niece and nephew to sit down as normally they give me a book and are excited to sit and listen. My 7yr old son got bored after the second page so stopped reading and I had to continue. To be honest it didn’t keep them entertained, they all got very bored and started doing other things, and they gave up by 3rd page in. Again the illustrations were not the best, they were quite bland and boring in colours, I understand it’s about a true story but I do find my children more excited with vivid more exaggerated colours. I suppose the illustrations did enhance the story as it was based on a true story however I do strongly feel children would be more inclined to stop and look if colour where more vivid and drawings where more cartoon like. I found the story far too long and would say it is more suited to an older child, perhaps 10 years plus. I feel this is definitely not suited for 4-10 years as far too lengthy for younger children and also illustrations are too realistic for younger children. We tried at least 3 times per week but my children where just not interested. I liked the fact it’s trying to raise the responsibility of owning a dog. The actual cover is of good quality however the inside pages are not they are just paper so easily ripped. For an older child, yes I believe this is a very fair price. I think it’s trying to raise a good point however it was far too long winded for a younger child. I honestly think it raises good points however I wouldn’t choose it, I think that more effort could be made in illustrations and wording could be made more fun to read for smaller children. Kelly Downey – Harry 7 years

A pleasant story. It might not be a favourite for my children but everyone has different tastes. I feel the message it’s trying to get across is a good one and it’s lovely to learn at the end that Ellie really did get her happy ending.


Samantha Awarded the Smelly Ellie Book 4/5

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