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Snack Trap

A unique cup and lid design that allows little hands in and out to get to their snacks but keeps snacks from spilling out when cup is turned over. Use at home, in the car and when out and about where!


  • Fewer Spills
  • Keeps snacks in
  • Keeps other objects out
  • Less wasted snacks
  • Easy–to–hold handles
  • Colourful designs

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Snack Trap Reviews

Product Tested by: Amanda Leckie – Kaede 2 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Leckie – Kaede 2 Years

Amanda Awarded the Snack Trap 4/5

The product is light and easy to use. Anyone would be able to pick up the product and use it. The packaging is a little dull and drab. Would not be the first choice if sitting on a shop shelf because it’s not particularly eye-catching. The quality is substantial but- there are products out there that I feel are better made. I found the flaps on the lid quite tough and perhaps a little sore on the little ones hands. I think it made her feel like she was a ‘big girl’ being able to hold her cup and eat her snacks by herself from using the snack trap. No spillage was experienced when using this product in the car. Child didn’t really take much notice of the design if perfectly honest… it was plain so didn’t really hold their attention long- she was more interested in the food inside. It does exactly what it sets out to do – prevent mess. Although not the nicest looking of products it does work. Amanda Leckie – Kaede 2 Years 

Product Tested By Holly Seeming – Angelica 2 Years

Holly Awarded the Snack Trap 4/5

I thought the Snack Trap looked OK at first; I wasn’t overly impressed with the bland product packaging. It wouldn’t have caught my eye in store but it does give you all the info you need to know about the product which is good. Upon using the Snack Trap, I think the quality is good enough for the price even if it’s a little dull looking. Angelica picked up how to use it really quickly and it does actually work, she enjoyed being able to eat her snacks by herself and we had no spills from the cup too. I think its great value for what it is, but I wouldn’t purchase this one if I saw another one with a nicer design, purely because Angelica is very fussy. But the product does work and it’s good value, what more could you ask for? Holly Seeming – Angelica 2 Years

Product Tested By Catherine Muir – Olive 22 Months

Catherine Awarded the Snack Trap 3/5

I thought the product looked cheap and I was unconvinced that it would actually do what it was supposed to. The packaging looked and felt cheap, thin cardboard with no plastic – although this makes it good for recycling!  The colours were quite muted and I do not think that this product would stand out on the shelves of a shop.  The fact that everything seems to be written in three languages is off putting as you have to read it all to make sure you get all the required information relating to the product. There were no instructions as such, just a warning regarding usage and washing details.  There however were clear and concise.  I think the quality of this product is poor.  The picture on the front has already faded and chipped and the logo on the reverse has done the same, so it now reads “ack trap”!  The space between the lid flaps is too large for many smaller snacks and consequently the snacks will spill anyway when tipped up/dropped etc.  The lid is easily pulled off by adults and children alike. The first time I offered it to Olive she announced that it was  a “baby cup” and proceeded to put her whole hand in to pull out her snack which resulted in said snack flying all over the room.  The next few times she had learnt to just put a couple of fingers in to retrieve her snack, resulting in less spillage!  However she can easily take the whole lid off as well and on many occasions would just do this. Using a Snack Trapp has actually given Olive LESS independence, she uses regular bowls fine and rarely spills things anyway.  I think she also found being unable to see what she was eating before actually having it in her hand unsettling as she is not used to this, especially if the snack involves mixed dried fruits/seeds etc. The cup was very easy to hold, we had no problems with the handles at all. We used it in the car and out in the pushchair.  In so far as Olive happily used it and managed to eat her snack easily then I would say it was a success.  Good for bumpy pushchair rides. Olive liked the giraffe on the front of the cup but only mentioned it the first time she used it.  From then on I wouldn’t say she thought it was particularly special.  She never asked to use the “giraffe cup” specifically and never seemed particularly excited when she was given it. I would say this product offers value for money in so far that if you used it from the time your child was 6 months or so for snacks, you would still be using it at aged 2 plus but by then as just a lid free cup.  The disappointing thing about this product is the colour fading, which happened really quickly. I would not recommend this product but I would recommend something similar for travel and out and about purposes. The product does what it says it does to some extent, but the quality is poor.  The lid could benefit from being screwed on to stop children pulling it off so easily.  The base of the cup could also be wider to make it more stable. Catherine Muir – Olive 22 Months


it made her feel like she was a ‘big girl’ being able to hold her cup and eat her snacks by herself from


Amanda Awarded the Snack Trap 4/5

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