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Snail Stacker from Munchkin

The Munchkin Snail Stacker is an ideal way of amusing your child during bath time. The fun Snail character floats upright in the water and features three stack and sort rings with an interactive toy inside. The flower component also doubles up as squirter.Snail floats upright in water3 stack and sort rings with interactive toy insideFlower doubles as a squirter

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Snail Stacker from Munchkin Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharon Mason – Sophie 12 Months

Product Tested By Sharon Mason – Sophie 12 Months

Sharon Awarded The Munchkin snail stacker 4.7/5

My daughter was attracted to this toy straight away.  I thought it was brightly coloured and looked like a fun toy for her to play with.  The packaging was simple and you could see your product clearly.  The size and style of this was lovely.  This toy kept my daughter entertained while int he bath.  She dislikes the bath normally so this toy really helped in distracting her.  I had no concerns at all with her playing with it.  The quality is excellent and looked completely safe.  It definitely stimulated her imagination and kept her attention.  It is great for hand-eye co-ordination and colour recognition.  It was simple enough for her to play with without losing interest plus she is learning along the way.  It is great that this product is made from recycled materials.  It offers excellent value for money and I would consider buying it now.  I have even decided on buying one for my friends little boy as I know he would love it too.  I have already recommended it to my other friends and family.  It is a great little toy that has helped in our bath-timeroutines. Sharon Mason – Sophie 12 Months

Product Tested By Ruby Jarrett – Amelia 9 Months

Ruby Awarded The Munchkin snail stacker 4.2/5

This looked like a fun product with the different coloursand interesting for little ones to play with in the bath with the different parts.  Packaging was ok and I had to use scissors to take the product out.  I think it is a good design and idea but the snail base is big for my baby and it floats into her face if it’s not held but the rings she loves!  This is the only thing that keeps my baby entertained whilst in the bath without crying and she keeps hold of a ring getting out so is happy until dressed.  The toy is good for all ages of little ones but I found the water flower isn’t ideal and my baby squirts herself in the face and frightens herself.  I can give this bath toy to my baby in or out of the bath and she is happy playing with it and will choose it over other toys because of the colours and noise it makes when banged.  This is the only toy that keeps my baby in the bath as she doesn’t like water much unless she baths with her daddy. She has learnt what each part of the toy does and plays with it appropriately.  Because of the different parts of the toy my baby is entertained when it is given as a whole but she only plays for a short time when given one part of it.  The quality is fantastic; it is a solid toy, I am not worried when my baby chews it that a part will fall off.  I am mainly concerned that the toy is safe and will be played with rather than the materials it is made from.  I wouldn’t pay so much for a bath toy but may ask for it as a gift.  I have already recommended it to others.  My daughter plays with this toy in and out of the bath and is generally happy playing with it.  She has learnt what each part does and plays with it appropriately. The only negatives with this product is that in a reasonable sized bath of water the snail is at face height and frightens her if it gets too close causing her to panic and the snail is too big for her to pick up when out of the bath so she pushes and throws it around.  Ruby Jarrett –Amelia 9 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Kemp – Thomas 18 Months

Melanie Awarded The Munchkin snail stacker 4.3/5

I did not feel initially this product was age appropriate. The packaging was basic, but good as it allowed you to actually see the product rather than a picture of it.  It had really great vibrant colours which caught Thomas’ attention but thought this product could have been slightly larger in size.  My son has thoroughly enjoyed playing with this toy, stacking it and squirting water from the flower.  My only concern was the weight of the base, which I can appreciate, is required to be this way in order to keep the product balanced.  When we received the product my son was quite a bit older than the advertised age of 6 months plus and tended to throw it about a bit but now my son plays with this toy without fail every bath time.  He appears to enjoy stacking the plastic rings and moving the snail around the bath.  It is attention grabbing.  This product is great for cognitive skills and his hand eye co-ordination.  It has assisted in colour recognition and he is able to identify the order in which plastic rings are stacked by the colour and size.  I feel it is quite a simple and basic toy. I t is really well-made and durable.  Unlike other bath toys we did not find that water was being collected within the product and then having difficult removing it.  Now that I have had the opportunity to trial this toy I would say yes it does offer value for money.  If I had not have tested it first I would not necessarily purchase this if I saw it in a shop.  The only way I would pay for this product at RRP would be from a recommendation from friends or family.  Now I would consider buying this and recommending it to others.  It is a great product, fun and eye catching which was thoughtfully made.  Melanie Kemp – Thomas 18 Months

 It is a great little toy that has helped in our bath-time routines.


Sharon Awarded The Munchkin snail stacker 4.7/5


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