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Snap-n-Learn® Counting Elephants

Connect the elephants for number, colour and size sequencing fun
Ages 2-6
Explore early learning by the bucketful! Each appealing animal invites little hands to snap together and pull apart pieces, reinforcing fine motor skills. Great for animal-themed lessons and imaginative play too. Link them up from trunk to tail – sequence the elephants by number, colour or size. Each blanket is colour-coded to match the creature that comes next in numerical order. Includes five small and five large elephants. Large elephants measure 5.5cm. Includes a handy storage bucket.
Skills reinforced: Numbers 1-10, colour and size sequencing

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Snap-n-Learn® Counting Elephants Reviews

Product Tested by: Kellie Morley – Ellis 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Kellie Morley – Ellis 2 Years 6 Months

Kellie Awarded The Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants 4/5

Nice bright colours and a good size, both as individual items (just the right size for my little boys hands and motor skills) and also packed, not to massive to store when not in use. Packaging is good. Style and size of this toy is good. Toy was entertaining. I personally feel this is a toy he will get more use out of when he is older. The play value is good and does keep his attention for a while. This has helped build his and colour recognition. It has not helped him to count yet but it will in time. My son now puts these in his farm toy. The quality is very good. I would purchase this toy. I have shown this toy to a few people all of which would like to buy either this item or a similar in the same range, however not until they are slightly older. Really nice product and I like the idea that while he is too young to really recognised numbers he can sort them into colours, both the colour of the elephant themselves and also the colour of the blanket over the Elephant. The only change I would make is to the faces, my son is very into looking at faces and expressions as had they been different to each other he would have be interested in playing with for longer. Kellie Morley – Ellis 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Emma Payne – Alex 2 years 11 Months

Emma Awarded The Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants 4/5

Looks good quality and fun, nice and colourful. Came in a tub with a screw lid which is good for storing them. Elephants are a good size for this age of children to fit together, look nice and bright. Initially attractive to Alex but didn’t hold his attention all that long, once you’ve joined the elephants together in various ways they don’t do anything else so entertainment wears off. No concerns, fine from a safety point of view and would be fine for a younger child too. Limited range of what the elephants can do, novelty wore off fairly quickly and didn’t particularly encourage imaginative play. Can see that with a slightly younger child they’d be good for learning colours and numbers, and co-ordination to get the elephants to hook together. Development wise think they’d be better for an 18 month – 2 year old though rather than almost 3 year old. He could count already but again can see it helping a younger child. Nice simple design, he got what to do with the elephants straight away. Good quality, sturdy elephants think they’d be very durable. Fairly expensive for what it is, though they are good quality. For my son I think he needs something a bit more challenging with numbers. However might have bought it if he were a year or so younger. It’s a nice product if you’re looking for a basic numbers and counting toy. Good quality and educational. Liked it a lot as a product, but a bit simple at this age and stage of development to hold my son’s attention for long. Emma Payne – Alex 2 years 11 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Howell – Alexandra 2 Years 6 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants 5/5

Good sized box, clearly labelled and very colourful. My daughter loved carrying it around by the handle although it was quite difficult for her to unscrew the top. Good size for little hands and very colourful. The soft rubbery plastic has a nice feel. Alexandra found lots of uses for the elephants and they keep her entertained for around an hour at a time. The toy is very suitable for a large age group. I would agree with the recommended ages and wouldn’t be concerned about younger children playing with it too. She found lots of different games to play with them. I think this toy is very good for development. Although the intended use of teaching the child to count needs support from an adult, children can learn lots of other skills by themselves. This has helped my daughter to count and she is now realising what numbers look like although she only recognises number 2 so far! Alexandra invented lots of uses for both the elephants and the box which kept her occupied for around an hour. She would make rings of elephants, hanging them from things, matching colours, throwing them into the box. Good Quality has a nice feel. I would probably only spend this much if it was for a gift. I would certainly recommend. Anything that my daughter wants to play with for over an hour and then take to bed with her is definitely a success! Rebecca Howell – Alexandra 2 Years 6 Months

The quality is very good. I would purchase this toy


Kellie Awarded The Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants 4/5

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