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SnoozeShade For Travel Cots – Classic

SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is the breathable portable blackout blind for travel cots that makes sharing a room with a baby simpler. Universal – portable blackout blind cover fits all popular travel cots; also fits standard cots that take a 120cm x 60cm mattress. Clever blackout panels allow parents to alter light levels and give easy access to baby.

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SnoozeShade For Travel Cots – Classic Reviews

Product Tested by: Carly Sankey – Jake 22 Months

Product Tested By Carly Sankey – Jake 22 Months

Carly Awarded The Snooze Shade For Travel Cots – Classic 4.9/5

The elasticstraps had a ‘yellowing’ look to them which made it look like it wasn’t new. Oncloser inspection the product was a very clever design, a bit tricky to figureout at first, but once I got my head around what bit was meant to go where itwas very easy.The elasticated strapsappeared as if they were yellowing slightly, which gave it an aged feel.However, the rest of the material felt like good quality, was lovely and softand didn’t seem like it would ‘pull’ too easily.Fitted perfectly over travel cot and stayedin place well.I feel my son was a bittoo old for this product and it would suit a younger child better (as he justtried to escape from it), as a child-minder I was able to use this product on ayounger child which it worked perfectly for at nap time.Child slept much better as the room he sleepsin is quite light due to thin curtains.Infact was much easier to check on baby (I’m not sure if this is because itmuffles the sound a bit or because he was in a deeper sleep because of thedarkness).I have not had the need toclean this yet, but I feel with a wipe it would clean ok.I feel the price is a bit high, but I thinkany mum would tell you a good night’s sleep is priceless, so I think it willstill sell well.I would considerpurchasing if on special offer.I thinkthis is an absolutely genius idea.Verypleased with the product.A potentiallife saver for mums with young babies and a must if travelling away from home! Iwish we had this when my son was younger! Carly Sankey – Jake 22 Months

Product Tested By Mariad Grimley – Connor 20 Months

Mariad Awraded The SnoozeShade For Travel Cots – Classic 4.4/5

Bulkier and heavier than I thought it would be, but well packaged – looks and feels like a quality product. Feels heavy and durable– clearly made of a quality material, and well packaged. Fitted on the travel cot fine and stayed in place, until it needed to be removed. Mychild seemed to think it was some sort of game if we put it on while he was still awake, and would only tolerate the snoozeshade if it was placed over the cot AFTER he had gone to sleep. Definitely having a dark breathable cover helped him sleep longer and more comfortably and was not all sweaty when he woke up. Was very easy to check on my son without disturbing him due to the design. Can be washed along with other clothing items, so perfect. I know it is a quality product but I think the price may put some people off. I would consider purchasing this item and I would recommend. An idea that I had not really considered until offered the item for testing, it turned out to be really good – a quality product that really does what it says on the packaging – keeping the child cool and dark leading to better sleep quality and for a longer time. Durable and breathable – perfect for taking on holiday as could be draped over a pram as well. Mariad Grimble – Connor 20 Months


Product Tested By Jen Trzeciak – Katya 20 Months

Jen Awarded The SnoozeShade For Travel Cots – Classic 3.5/5

It was smaller and lighter than I expected, and easily transportable. The idea seemed good; however, I cannot imagine fully closing all of the zips with a child in the cot as you would not be able to see them easily. When I put it on the cot however, it felt a bit sinister, shrouding the cot in heavy black material. The material was soft and breathable and the stitching was robust. I tried it on my normal cot, it was a bit of a stretch to try and get it to fit properly, particularly if I wanted the zips open. My daughter normally goes to sleep without any problems and is happy to lie in her cot; the issue is early morning waking due to the sun.  As soon as I tried to put her into the cot with the snoozeshade she started screaming, wouldn’t lie down and would not sleep. Perhaps a younger baby wouldn’t mind so much and it may work better if they were introduced to it before they could stand up in the cot. Katya refused to go tosleep until we took the snoozeshade off the cot. As she didn’t actually sleep with the snoozshade on I gave this mark based on how I think it would be. The zip on top opens easily and quietly, however, there is a lot of material to roll up, and if you dropped it, could easily disturb the baby. The end flaps are easy to open and peek through. Easy enough to bung in the washing machine. My personal opinion is this is not really good value for money. A stick on blind would block out the light on holidays if necessary. It’s marketed as being useful if you had the family sleeping in the same room on a trip, but it’s an expensive solution for something that’s not going to happen that often for a lot of people. Idea isn’t too bad, but for us it was not the right product for our family and our daughter. Jen Trzeciak – Katya 20 Months



Verypleased with the product.A potentiallife saver for mums with young babies and a must if travelling away from home! Iwish we had this when my son was younger!         


Carly Awarded The Snooze Shade For Travel Cots – Classic 4.9/5 

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