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Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket

The beauty of the Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket, like all good ideas, is that it is incredibly simple. It was originally conceived and designed for parents and carers to reduce the amount of bending and stooping to pick up, lay down or move their babies. The reduced strain on the body, when using the Snugglebundl baby blanket , means that mums who need to recover from post birth difficulties will find this product very helpful. Indeed any parent or carer who wants to take the strain out of their back will benefit from using the unique Snugglebundl lift and lay baby blanket. Grandparents and elderly carers especially love it for its ease of use and safety.The Snugglebundl baby blanket works in a similar way to a hammock, pulling up around the baby to support the head, neck and spine and the padded hood carefully protects the baby’s crown. The extra strength support handles mean that you can safely and securely lift up or place down your baby with just one hand! No more need to support the back of the neck whilst lifting or laying- which means your baby stays asleep! The Snugglebundl baby blanket will fit into car seats, prams, pushchairs, cots, cribs and carrycots. It provides a readily available warm and soft surface to lay your baby down anywhere. And, if your baby wants a nap, it can then be used to wrap around, like a papoose with a little tie on the side to prevent it from being kicked open. If they are asleep and you need to move them you will find that picking up is so easy and the snugness, warmth and comfort of the Snugglebundl baby blanket means they stay asleep when moving them from one place to another. This is what makes it so unique from any other product on the market and why it could well be one of the best and most useful baby products you will ever own. As one mum put it, "When you have been kept awake all night, then keeping your baby asleep when lifting or laying them is priceless!"

Winner of Bizziebaby Silver award 2011/12 and Winner of Bizziebaby Silver Award 2012/13

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Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket Reviews

Product Tested by: Flora Spencer – Elliot 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Flora Spencer – Elliot 3 Weeks

Flora Awarded The Snugglebundl 4.9/5

I loved the concept of this product. Picking my new-born out of the bassinet in hospital was so easy; I didn’t even need to get out of bed. I would love to see more patterns of the blanket. The size is perfect for lifting a new-born, fits nicely into the car seat and keeps my little one the right temperature. It’s made of great quality fabric, looks hardwearing and washes well too.  My little one looks very comfy wrapped in it and didn’t get any irritation from being in it. It washes well with no ironing needed.  The blanket makes moving baby around simple, safe and easy. This is where this product exceeds expectations. I struggled getting my first baby in and out the hospital bassinet and car seat. The Snugglebundl makes life much easier and has protected my back. Although I wouldn’t have thought to invest £39.99 in a Snugglebundl, having used one I feel it represents excellent value for money. I  will continue to use the Snugglebundle, mostly for the car seat and I’ll pass it on to a friend who is pregnant to use in hospital too. I would recommend this to friends especially to use in the first couple of weeks after giving birth. I would love to see more patterns available. The Snugglebundl makes life easier at a time that you need to makelife as easy as possible. Flora Spencer – Elliot 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Lucy Lowe – Zak 3 Weeks

Lucy Awarded The Snugglebundl 4.6/5


It’s a very pretty designed product, which has been designed to help with an everyday problem, moving a sleeping baby. The product seems to be a luxury rather than essential product.  It’s a good solution to a problem. Being a second time mum I am better at handling my baby but first time mums can be scared about how to pick up and carry their baby and this product allows safe baby handling. I think the design is right;  I couldn’t offer any suggestions for improvement.  The size, shape and thickness is just right, keeps baby warm and snug but any thicker and it wouldn’t be as easy to use in car seats and trolleys etc.  The fabric is of good quality and my baby seemed comfortable. He had no irritation from being in this.  It is easy to clean in the washing machine however due to the thickness of the handles; it took a longtime for them to dry.  This worked well with moving around the house.  I have a 5 point harness car seat and the blanket could not fit in with baby as too bulky. Works better in a 3 point harness but could maybe benefit from a hole to feed the car seat clasp in to? I don’t have any mobility problems and I had a normal delivery but I can see how helpful this could be with people struggling to recover from caesareans, as it reduces the amount of movement and strength you need to lift baby.  It’s a good quality blanket however it is quite expensive,would be a good present especially second time mums who often have most baby equipment already. I will continue to use this Snugglebundl. I would recommend it to others however I would get them to borrow my blanket first as it’s too expensive to buy if you then don’t use it. The Snugglebundl is a luxury product that keeps your baby safe and securer whilst carrying and moving him/her.  Lucy Lowe – Zak 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Katy Spoors – Arthur 5 Weeks

Katy Awarded The Snugglebundl 4.2/5


I thought this was a clever idea and I couldn’t wait to tryit out.  I really like the head support for new-borns, it served its purpose well. The size, shape and thickness were perfect; nice and cosy.  Unfortunately after one wash the fabric has become discoloured and bobbled.  It looks really scruffy now.  May not be an issue with darker fabrics. I did follow the washing structions too.  My baby did look comfortable when in it. He didn’t get any irritation from being in it either. I found this easy enough to use and move my baby about.  I can see how some people would benefit by using this with back or mobility problems. However I do think this is really expensive for what it is.  I tend to wear my baby in a wrap or a sling most of the time and will continue to do so. I would recommend this if someone was having difficulty moving their baby about due to heaviness, mobility problems or baby’s wakefulness etc. KatySpoors – Arthur 5 Weeks

 The Snugglebundl makes life easier at a time that you need to makelife as easy as possible.   


Flora Awarded The Snugglebundl 4.9/5   

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