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Fabulous thumbless mittens for tots 6-36 months

Great colours to brighten up any grey day!

The fine Italian merino wool rich yarn
means that no matter what colour you choose,
your little ones will have snug and warm hands
and be able to play outdoors even when it’s cold.

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Snuguns Reviews

Product Tested by: Helen Adams - Cami 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Helen Adams – Cami 2.5 Years

Helen Awarded the Snuguns 4/5

To be honest I did not think much of these a first but that soon changed! Clear packaging allowed you to see what the product looked like and it was clear and concise. There was not too much packaging which is always a good thing for the environmentally friendly. I thought the mittens were a good size plenty of room for my daughters hands to move around in she was able to grip things with no trouble. I did feel that the sleeve part of the glove was a little long it came up past her elbows they could do with different sizes for different ages. My daughter certainly seemed to find them warm and comfortable although when taken off they left quite an impression like the mittens hold was a little too tight. The length of the mitten also gives you confidence that their forearms are warm to as well as their hands. My child really enjoyed wearing them especially in the heavy snow, and the little rubber grips on either side of the gloves helped her make and grip snowballs and when we were desperate to keep her feet warm we used them on her feet as they were that roomy and they were really effective. The mittens are really thick and hard wearing they keep a lot of water out and the little rubber grippers on them are really effective and very hard wearing too. This is not a product I would usually purchase but I do think they are very effective. I really liked them and my daughter really liked them to and the fact they were really hard to pull off as they were so long. I have recommended them to others since using them! I like the product, it is not something I would have chosen to buy but I would definitely consider it now. They are strong sturdy good quality material and very warm, every parents dream they are so long in the arm that the child will struggle to pull them off. The rubber grippers on either side of the gloves helps assist the child while not having their full hands to use all in all a very good product. Helen Adams – Cami 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Rachel Smith – Hope 22 Months

Rachel Awarded the Snuguns 4/5

The packaging was attractive and eye-catching. The gloves themselves are very fun and quirky and they fit hope perfectly. They looked very comfortable on her, especially because they come up to her elbows too. She enjoys wearing them and plays with them by putting them on and off. Seem well made and experienced no issues what so ever! Expensive for a pair of gloves but I still highly recommend them as they are more than just gloves. So good I brought another pair even though they are a little on the expensive side. Rachel Smith – Hope 22 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Hugh 15 Months

Kirsty Awarded the Snuguns 3.8/5

I was interested to try these because I have never seen them before – wasn’t overly excited about the packaging though because the design looked rather basic. The gloves were rather large for my son and he managed to get them off quite easily. They were very soft and looked warm enough but it was a struggle to keep them on. I think mainly because he sucks his fingers when he is in his pram so he couldn’t get to them which frustrated him but I do think it allows you not to worry whether their hands are cold especially in this really cold weather! I thought quality wise they were of a high standard and I would say that they are priced correctly. I wouldn’t have bought these for my son as he does suck his fingers so they are not ideal for him but I do think they are a great idea overall! Kirsty Fulton – Hugh 15 Months

They are strong sturdy good quality material and very warm, every parents dream


Helen Awarded the Snuguns 4/5

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