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GRIPPA SOCKS -Non-slip grip socks
Adjust to support the shape of each foot
One size fits from 6 months to 4 years.GRIPPA Socks that are the best non-slip grip socks for growing feetGREAT SUPPORT
GREAT FITStay on: Fold support band down to ankle
Keep warm: Finest cotton loop pile holds in warm air & provides great cushioning
Good grip: Silicone mesh sole give great grip and movementAvailable in Pink and Blue
£8.99 + P&P 

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Product Tested by: Caroline Howarth – Alex 2 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Howarth – Alex 2 Years

Caroline Awarded The Snuguns Grippa Socks 4/5

These looked like good quality slipper socks, in a nice blue colour.  The packaging was quite large for a pair of socks, but as it was in clear plastic I was able to see the socks before I removed them from the packaging. The material was excellent; good thick socks with ‘grippy’ plastic on the sole.  My little boy has quite large feet, and if they continue to grow at the rate they are now I’m not sure these would fit him when he is 4 years old. He was comfortable wearing them; there were no complaints about the socks being too tight, they even stayed on his feet!  The socks did have a few loose threads after the first wear though.  I think they are quite expensive for a pair of socks, particularly as I’m not sure they would last the 4 years as suggested.  I would recommend these to family and friends.  These would be great for a child who is just learning to walk and struggles to keep normal socks on.  They are also good at stopping slips on wooden floors. The socks worked really well in preventing slips, and staying on my son’s feet but I just think they are quite expensive. Caroline Howarth – Alex 2 Years


Product Tested By Becca Lees – Joshua 2 Years

Becca Awarded The Snuguns Grippa Socks 3.9/5

I thought these were fairly unique, nothing similar seen before.  The packaging was fairly simple, with clothing I generally like to be able to feel what I’m buying but as it was totally enclosed, would mean opening in shop. The material was snuggly and of good quality, however very thick,d efinitely not for summer.  The design seems good and I think they would fit him until around 4 years old as stated.  He was very happy to wear them and they provided a good grip.  They were very secure and a snug fit on him.  I thought the material was of a good quality, I could see them lasting a long time.  As long as they could last all 4 years, they would be a good investment buy.  The only improvements I could suggest is have design made in a slightly thinner material. These would be great if a thinner material were available and more colours and patterns too. Although the socks were a bit thick for summer, I would consider buying them for use in cooler months.  I would recommend them to others; even if only for their uniqueness.  This product is a unique concept and a good buy that will last a long time, however not suitable for all seasons.  Becca Lees –Joshua 2 Years


Product Tested By Adeline Kretz – Hannah 25 Months

Adeline Awarded The Snuguns Grippa Socks 4.5/5

My initial impression of this product was thick sturdy socks, very good quality.  Packaging is good, socks come in a clear plastic case rather than just a small bag as you may expect for socks.  When opening the product, it is immediately obvious that material is of very good quality,  strong and slightly stretchy.  I have washed these socks several times and they still look new.  They fit well on my 2 year old daughter and can extend more, I am not sure if they would not be too tight in 2 years time though.  My daughter was comfortable in them; they fit well against the feet and ankles but are not too tight either.  They fitted her perfectly.  Quality is excellent; the fabric used is very solid, stretchy, with soles which prevent slipping.  I would not pay this much for socks, however we use this product as slippers and as such the price is reasonable.  Likewise for a baby who started walking at an early age I would be willing to spend that price as I would be confident they offer the right support and would use them indoor as alternative to shoes.  I would like to see these in different colours.  I would consider buying these again as I would use them as slippers in the house as my daughter will not wear her slippers but will happily put these socks on.  If I had a young child who had just started walkingI would purchase them as well as I would be confident that they offer better support for their ankles than shoes.  I would especially recommend these socks when your child starts walking and you do not want to put shoes on them all the time. T hey fit perfectly, support the ankles very well, and the soles offer a good grip. This is a very good quality product, sounds expensive when advertised as socks, however price is reasonable when you realise they can be used as slippers or as alternative to shoes when a baby starts walking.  I would recommend this product for young babies starting to walk, and would still use it for my 2 year old daughter as slippers or in slippery play areas where shoes are not allowed. However I doubt I would still use them when she is 4 as by then I would not feel that as much support for her feet would be required. Adeline Kretz – Hannah 25 Months

The socks worked really well in preventing slips, and staying on my son’s feet.     


Caroline Awarded The Snuguns Grippa Socks 4/5     

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