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Snuza Hero MD Baby Breathing Monitor

Snuza® HeroMD baby monitor is a wearable device which attaches to your baby’s diaper and monitors your baby’s breathing. The HeroMD detects the slightest of breaths and will alert you if breathing is weak or less than eight breaths per minute. If the Snuza® HeroMD detects no breathing for 15 seconds it will vibrate in an effort to rouse your baby to resume breathing.  

Snuza Hero MD is a wearable clip-on baby monitor that safely and conveniently monitors your baby’s breathing movement while sleeping to provide an early intervention opportunity in the event of any interruption in baby’s breathing. Hero MD clips onto your baby’s nappy for total portability and requires no cords, wires, sensor pads, or external power source.  Snuza Hero MD detects even the slightest abdominal movement and will alert you if your baby’s breathing rate Falls to less than 8 breaths per minute (this warning can be disabled), or if no breathing is detected. It will first vibrate gently after 15 seconds in an attempt to rouse baby, and if no breathing is detected for a period of 20 seconds it will alert you with an audible alarm.  

Important info

A voice for babies when they need it most – get more sleep and stress far less with the Snuza HeroMD portable baby breathing monitor. Gone are the days of under-mattress sensor pads. The Snuza HeroMD mobile baby breathing monitor is wearable and cordless – giving you peace of mind. The HeroMD has various settings, functions and is manufactured according to strict standards and made from durable material that is safe for use on your baby.

Battery type: – 3.0v Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2), (user-replaceable)
Noise level – 85dBm at 10cm
Material – Medical grade polycarbonate FDA approved thermoplastic elastomer & liquid silicone rubber
Certified – CE (TV Rheinland), RoHS, FCC, ISO9001:2008
EAN-12 898346002617

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Price £89.99 Available Boots, Amazon, Currys, Pram World, Uber Kids, Kiddies Kingdom, Very, Littlewoods or click online to find local stockist

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Snuza Hero MD Baby Breathing Monitor Reviews

Product Tested By Steph Andonovic – Luke 4 Months

Steph Awarded The Snuza Hero MD Baby Breathing Monitor 5/5

When this arrived I thought it was lovely compact design and didn’t take up much space when getting ready to use. Great idea for parents to give that extra piece of mind. Especially brilliant for when baby starts sleeping longer periods so parents don’t need to disturb them to check breathing. Instructions easy to follow and used understandable language. I think it was probably more user issue than the device, but making sure I got it in the right place was tricky a couple of times but on the whole, really easy! No issues using the device once I’d got it in the right place. It seemed comfy for my son and he didn’t appear to notice it. Thankfully we only experienced the alarm once, however we were able to hear it from a decent distance away from baby so it was definitely effective. The Snuza roused Luke once during a longer night stretch as he had adjusted his position slightly, but it gave us peace of mind this would work really well if he wasn’t breathing. No issues changing the settings, especially for when we changed his bed type and he had more room to move. I love having the travel case as I travel to see family and it makes me feel better that the Snuza Hero will be protected along the way! We used it every night and for most naps (some naps were out and about so didn’t have access to it!). Used mainly overnight in his crib, as it was when we would be least aware of his breathing if we were asleep. I loved that it gave us much more peace of mind that if we were sleeping or doing housework etc. we would know if something wasn’t right with his breathing. I would 100% say yes great value. Especially for first time parents as I know from experience you worry about so much and check on their breathing multiple times a day/night! It seems really well built and would withstand months and months of use without showing wear and tear. Using this made me feel much more relaxed and I felt like I could sleep better knowing the Snuza would let me know if his breathing dropped. I loved that it can attach straight to his nappy without needing any extra straps etc. means it could be used anywhere without needing to find special clothes. The main issue I had was getting it in the right place and not disturb baby when he’d fallen asleep. If I put it on beforehand sometimes it would shift when he was feeding etc. I would buy this for the peace of mind and ease of use, I think it’s a great product! I would recommend and have done so to my friend who has just had her baby! She is a first time parent so think it would make her feel so much more relaxed. No issues at all with the product other than it shifting slightly during feeds etc. We love the Snuza as it’s so easy to use and makes us feel much more at ease. I think it’s something a lot of parents would love to have as knowing your baby is safe while sleeping is one of the most important things when you have a baby. Steph Andonovic – Luke 4 Months

Product Tested By Harriet Ashcroft – Olive 7 Months

Harriet Awarded The Snuza Hero MD Baby Breathing Monitor 4/5

This arrived and looked compact and well packaged. Although there is no evidence to support breathing monitors being protective against SIDS, I know that they do provide some parents with peace of mind. I like the fact that this monitor is small, portable and won’t set you back hundreds of pounds, making it much more accessible to parents. Instructions easy to follow. Only a quick start guide was included but this did contain pictures. Full instruction manual is available online which gave a lot more info. It took a little bit of getting used to but easy once you have the hang of it. The fact that this is portable and doesn’t need other equipment, Wi-Fi etc sets it apart from other devices. It took a few go’s to reset when we had put it on wrong but apart from that it was easy to use. The alarm only went off for us when not properly attached or knocked however it would certainly be loud enough to wake us. Again the feature to vibrate only went off when not correctly fitted however it seemed to work well. The device makes a ticking noise when baby breathes – the volume of this can be easily adjusted or turned off. It wasn’t unpleasant when on and didn’t affect ours or baby’s sleep. There is also a green light which flashes with every breath so you can be reassured that baby is breathing even with the sound turned off. One of the key features of this device is its portability so the storage case allows you to take it with you without worrying about damage. We used this device a few times to test however didn’t feel the need to continue using it long term now that baby is older, more mobile and frequently contact naps. Used at home during the night as baby contact naps during the day. I liked that this is small, portable, well designed and easy to use. Excellent value for money compared with similar devices. Great quality for the price point. Initially I was concerned about false alarms waking baby however this rarely happened and when it did it was because I had not attached the device correctly. I enjoyed the portability of this item. I found it fiddly to set up until you get the hang of it. Alarm sounds when changing nappy but this can be avoided if attached to your own clothing during changes. I would not buy this now as my son is older. I would recommend as I think it’s a good product for parents who particularly worry about their child during naps and at night time, as long as they are also following lullaby trust guidelines for safe sleep. This product offers excellent value for money for those parents wishing to purchase a breathing monitor for peace of mind. I was sceptical at first and concerned about false alarms however I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product and how easy it was to use. Harriet Ashcroft – Olive 7 Months

Product Tested By Andrea Kemp – George 3 Months

Andrea Awarded The Snuza Hero MD Baby Breathing Monitor 4.4/5

When the monitor first arrived, I thought it was well presented in a nice box and I loved that it had the lullaby trust on the front as it is a well know company keeping babies safe. I was a little dubious at first as the product is very small and it made me think what will this actually do and how does it work but the concept is actually amazing. The instructions are exceptionally brief and could use a bit better wording on certain set up points. The first time I tried to set it up I just ended up with the breathing alarm going off at me but quickly worked out that I needed to test it on a flat surface first before putting it onto my baby, once I used it the first time it was then easy from that point. The monitor clips very easily onto baby’s nappy using just a clip to put it in place. I like the fact it is easy to clip on. The alarm is certainly loud when it is activated and works very effectively as you can respond to baby very quickly meaning if there was something wrong you could act fast. The vibration it gives to baby is just enough to rouse baby but not frighten or agitate them, My baby has a very bad startle reflex and he was absolutely fine when the vibration came on but certainly knew it was there. We didn’t really need to adjust any settings on this product. I really liked the storage case it came in as the monitor itself is so small and I would not want it getting lost amongst everything else in luggage bags and things if you were going away. I also like the hygiene aspect of the case as when it’s not in use you can store it rather than just lying it on a bedside table/ on the side somewhere. We use this monitor frequently and it has given peace of mind due to the fact my little boy has had such a run of stuffy noses and possible allergies, Watching the little green light flicker is such a relief. We mainly used the monitor at home at bedtime due to the fact he doesn’t nap very long during the day and is always with me. I loved the fact you could see the little green flickering light and could easily count how many breaths they are taking but also that reassurance at night time when you are asleep knowing the alarm will sound if he stopped breathing alerting me to any problems is such a great feeling especially as he sleeps through most nights. I also think it’s great that you can take it anywhere with you if you were going on holiday etc. I think this breathing monitor is good value for money as can you really put a price on keeping your baby as safe as you can and having a small gadget detect and alert you if you baby stops breathing/ breathing not detected could mean quick response and actions. The quality of the monitor is generally very good other than the clip part. I found the clip made indents in my baby’s tummy which although didn’t seem to bother him it must have been slightly uncomfortable. The monitor gives you reassurance especially after using it a few times and knowing it seems to be reliable. All you want is for your baby to be safe and I’m sure most parents have certain fears about when baby is asleep and this alleviates some of that. I liked the fact it is a very compact monitor that is capable of being a life saver. I didn’t like the indents it left on baby’s tummy after use and also when you start the monitor up you have to lay it on a flat surface to get it to work properly and sometimes it was a pain getting it to switch to green. I would buy this product as although there are a few minor details that are not 100% the monitor still does it primary job and that’s the main thing. I would recommend this product to family and friends and explain to them how lovely this little monitor is and how effective it works. This is a great product it could just do with a couple of adjustments with the clip so it doesn’t dig in and maybe the first start up where you have to lie it on a flat surface but it doesn’t always work first time could be looked at. This small but compact little monitor is actually a great buy for parents with young baby’s It gives you peace of mind knowing that when baby is asleep if something goes wrong the alarm with sound. The light indicators are great and you can even see these under baby’s vest etc. The first start up can be a bit fiddly but once the monitor is on and ready to go it is so easy to use, you literally just clip it over baby’s nappy so it is resting on their tummy and the monitor will do its job from then on. I found the clip left little indents on my little boys’ tummy but this didn’t seem to annoy him and he is quite a chunky monkey. The monitor comes in a handy travel case meaning you can take it anywhere with you. I would definitely recommend this for the reassurance it gives you. Andrea Kemp – George 3 Months




I think it’s a great product! I would recommend and have done so to my friend who has just had her baby! She is a first time parent so think it would make her feel so much more relaxed. No issues at all with the product other than it shifting slightly during feeds etc. We love the Snuza as it’s so easy to use and makes us feel much more at ease. I think it’s something a lot of parents would love to have as knowing your baby is safe while sleeping is one of the most important things when you have a baby.


Steph Awarded The Snuza Hero MD Baby Breathing Monitor 5/5

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