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Soapberry WaterWipes

Introducing the newest member of our family…NEW WaterWipes with Soapberry

Clean & care without compromise.
The WaterWipes you know and love, now with the added natural cleansing power of soapberry. Perfect for growing babies.NEW WaterWipes with Soapberry combines the purity of water with the natural herbal cleansing power of Soapberry.WaterWipes with Soapberry is made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit & Soapberry extractSoapberry gently cleans and conditions sensitive skinIdeal for cleaning the hands, faces and bottoms of growing babies who are starting to explore the world around them

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Nappy Accessories

£2.00 per Pack Available or click online to find local stockist

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Soapberry WaterWipes Reviews

Product Tested By Xanthinia Singer – Edeliana 11 Months

Xanthinia Awarded The Soapberry Waterwipes 4.5/5

The waterwipes had the classic brand, but with a pop of colour to show the soapberry. I was excited to try them. I love how pure they are. The soapberry still comes across natural and good for my baby’s skin. Instructions very simple and easy to use product. These were really easy to use and brilliantly moist. The pack design was good as they didn’t pull loads out at a time,which is often a problem for wet wipes. Very effective for nappy changes: moist enough to clean her bottom but not so wet it made more of a mess. They were great for hands and face. Good texture: it managed to get off dried mess from my daughter’s face after dinner! Very strong ideal for all my needs. These are ideal to clean and condition sensitive skin. We would use these a few times each day. Great quality: solved the usual problem with getting a wipe out of the pack and ending up with 5! Good value for money but still quite costly compared to other wipes. I loved the texture and the moistness. I would purchase these as they worked really well on my baby and left her skin really soft. I would recommend as I enjoyed them and I’m certain my family will too. Good texture, moisture level, and cleanliness! The wipes were great for my daughter and I really like how natural and kind to the skin they are. Xanthinia Singer – Edeliana 11 Months

Product Tested By Lynsey Brooker – Georgia 8 Months

Lynsey Awarded The Soapberry Waterwipes 5/5

At first I could not tell the difference between these and my usual water wipes but I then noticed the addition of the soapberry. The packaging could do more to differentiate from the standard water wipes. The concept is very appealing especially as my baby is weaning and it can take numerous wipes to clean up following a meal. Good instructions but wipes are pretty self-explanatory. Very easy to use. The stiff plastic seal made it much easier to remove a wipe at a time than the standard packs. The texture of the wipes made it much easier to clean up after a dirty nappy. The texture of the wipes made it much easier to clean up after a messy meal. Thee wipes met all my needs. Since weaning my daughters skin has been quite sensitive however we had no issues with these wipes. We would use these multiple times a day. Excellent product and great value too. I liked the scent and the ease of opening/closing the packet and removing the wipes. My main reason for purchasing this product would be the ease of opening the wipes vs the standard packs.I would also recommend. I have always been a fan of Waterwipes but feel this is an improvement. The texture of the wipes ‘grip’ dirt making it easier to clean up and the design of the packet make it easier to remove wipes one handed and one at a time (compared to the standard pack). Lynsey Brooker – Georgia 8 Months

Product Tested By Clare Hoyles – Amanda 10 Months

Claire Awarded The Soapberry Waterwipes 4.7/5

Looked good quality, nice pack design and looked like they would be strong and durable. I had never heard of these wipes before so was keen to try. This is a wipe so you do not really need instructions but they are clear and easy to follow. So easy to use and for once so easy to get out of the pack, so no wastage. These are really lovely to use, moist enough to clean well and certainly strong enough to handle everything you throw at them. Ideal for nappy changes and just perfect to clean dirty faces and hands. Even used them myself. My daughter has very sensitive skin so we have to be careful which wipe we use, but these were spot on. No reaction and really kind to her skin. We used these every day. The quality is fantastic and they never ripped so strong enough to handle everything you need to use them for. They are a bit more expensive compared to our normal wipes, but I was so impressed and they worked so well for us I would say a good price. I just loved how strong and easy they were to use. I have already purchased more as very impressed. I would highly recommend to anyone with baby or toddler who has sensitive skin as these work so well. Loved these.Worked a treat for us for nappy changes and just general days out and about. Now always have a pack in change bag. Clare Hoyles – Amanda 10 Months


Xanthinia Awarded The Soapberry Waterwipes 4.5/5

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