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Sock-belts keep your baby’s socks up right and in place. The secret is in the velcro fastening and width of the belt, allowing it to hug the sock without applying pressure to your baby’s leg. It’s a brilliant and economical way of using all the socks we collect along our baby’s journey without having to worry about losing them!


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£4.95 Available to purchase Yummy Kids, Jakss, Igloo, Dorothy & Theodore, Twist or click online to find local stockist


Product Tested by: Vicky Garrett – Libbi 10 Months

Product Tested By Vicky Garrett – Libbi 10 Months

Vicky Awarded The Sock Belts 4.6/5

I liked the simplicity of the product and the range of colours to choose from. I don’t think that the packaging is very appealing to the baby market. The colours aren’t as vibrant as I would have expected for a baby product. I thought the range of colours to choose from was great, so you could purchase a few for a range of outfits. These are especially handy if you are out for the day as Libbi always pulls her socks off and we end up losing them. The best features are the Velcro, although seems a little hard; making it adjustable and as mentioned above the range of colours/designs to choose from. I really liked how the product was made. It was nice and tidy without any frayed edges; simple but very effective. It offers fantastic value for money; as it can be reused over and over again. I would definitely consider this; I have already recommended it to others. To be honest I wasn’t too sure how I would like these sock belts, but we are having such an issue with Libbi pulling hersocks off and either eating them or throwing them on the floor when we are out that I was eager to give these a go. I was so pleasantly surprised at how they have kept her socks on and actually how much of an accessory they look. The choice of colours online to choose from is great and they really can become an accessory to her outfits. The only thing that I would change is the Velcro, maybe could do with something softer and the packaging; something brighter. Overall it is a great product that I will buy again and have recommended to my mummy friends. Vicky Garrett – Libbi 10 Months


Product Tested By Frances-Anne Lees – Lochlan 6 Months

Frances-Anne Awarded The Sock Belts 3/5

This product was well presented; it reminded me of Christmas bunting we made at school. The packaging was basic and held the product well. The best feature was the range of colours available. The quality was lovely; nice soft material which was well stitched but they didn’t stay on my child’s feet. I think the price is a bit steep for what they are. The product looked good but unfortunately didn’t work as described on my child. I tried to use these belts at various times of the day with different socks to see if it made a difference but they didn’t keep my baby’s socks on at all. I loosened them and I tightened them but it didn’t make a difference. They just wouldn’t keep my baby’s socks on his feet. Might be OK for others but not for us.  Frances-Anne Lees – Lochlan 6 Months


Product Tested By Sarah Petchey – Ethan 8 Months

Sarah Awarded The Sock Belts 4/5

I thought this product was a really good idea, as my child was constantly pulling his socks off. The packaging looked very appealing, the product was nicely displayed. I would have considered buying more of these had I had them for my little girl but with a boy I didn’t feel the need to get different designs. The best feature of this product is the simplicity and ease of use. I would like to change one thing about them; although I understand why Velcro was used, my son has smaller ankles and the Velcro overlapped and he found it amusing to pull at the sock belt instead. Due to the warm weather, he hasn’t been wearing socks as much at the moment. They are easy to use, but they were too big and the stitching is already coming apart. They are nice compared to current alternatives and they will stop him losing socks, but as mentioned he was trying to pull them off instead so that would defeat the purpose. I would recommend them to others though. A very simple and easy to use product that works, but the quality could do with improving slightly.  Sarah Petchey – Ethan 8 Months





Overall it is a great product that I will buy again and have recommended to my mummy friends. 


Vicky Awarded The Sock Belts 4.6/5 

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