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Soothe and calm the effect of bites as soon as you are bitten.Combining effective, scientifically proven ingredients, Solution for Bites™ is a fast-drying, no-mess formula in a small, handy rollerball applicator, which offers your family quick relief after being bitten.Featuring a cooling and hydrating base of Aloe vera, plus EGCG – a clinically proven, naturally active ingredient found in green tea.This powerful pocket solution tackles bites fast, working with your skin’s own recovery processes.​Fragrance, paraben and alcohol free.Ideal for insect bites such as mosquito, gnats, flies, fleas, and midges, as well as nettle stings.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Insect Repellent Category 

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Solution For Bites Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Katie Easby – Lydia and Freddie – 7 Years & 19 Months

Awarded The Solution For Bites 5/5

thought the product was well packaged and looked like a quality product. My
first thought was that the bottle was quite small however you soon realise that
a little goes a long way and because of the rollerball application you only use
as much as you need. The packaging is attractive and you can clearly see the
product.The instructions are easy to follow. There are simple
instructions on the box then a piece of paper with more in-depth instructions,
allergies etc. inside the box. The bottle has an easy to open screw top
which the reveals a simple roller ball, you can then roll the product onto the
affected area. This can easily be achieved one handed if you have crying
baby/child in other hand. It is a lovely small bottle so handy for keeping in
your handbag. The rollerball is
much easier than having a cream or lotion that would need to be applied by
hand. My baby who can be fussy about having creams applied was much happier
with the rollerball application. The
lotion absorbs very quickly and does not leave any residue or odour. We
used the solution for nettle stings and bites. When
you put the product on it has a lovely cooling sensation which immediately
helps relieve any bite or sting. It also tackles the redness caused by bites
and stings. I tried this
product on both my seven year old and my 19 month old baby, it is really gentle
for sensitive skin and neither had any signs of a reaction to the product, even
when applied to a bite on the baby’s face. Our whole family have tried
the solution. I keep it in my handbag so I can quickly grab it if anybody needs
it. The product is good quality. Very
good value for money as a little goes a long way. I like that it
is easier to apply than conventional creams and lotions and the children like
using it. I would definitely buy
again; it’s very handy to have.
I would highly recommend this
product to friends and family particularly those with young children as it’s
very gentle on their sensitive skin.Overall the product was a
success in our household and I would certainly recommend it to others. Katie
Easby – Lydia and Freddie – 7 Years & 19 Months

Tested By
Sarah Murphy – Aishah 5 Years

Awarded The Solution for Bites 4.4/5

first I was surprised at how small the bottle was but after reading the
ingredients I felt it was more quality over quantity. The product also reminded
me of Liz Earle, professional and good quality but not too clinical. The cool colour scheme tied in well
with the holistic feel the product was offering and also professional/high
standard from the brand name science of skin.Very clear and
concise. They were long enough to take interest in and user friendly in the FAQ
style. I felt it was self-explanatory how to use the product so the effort gone
in to providing guidance added to the quality of the product.This was
very easy to use. Handy size to keep at
hand and quickly apply. I liked the fast drying affect and no
fragrance.The rollerball applicator was very easy to use. It was
much cleaner and easy to apply especially for kids. The rollerball gave it an
instant cooling affect. This did absorb into the skin quickly. This is the main positive for me especially
using it on my daughter. You don’t have to worry about them rubbing it off or
waiting for it to dry to dress etc. I used this for midge/flea bite.We have a cat and whilst we treat her regularly for fleas, if she
manages to sleep on my daughters bed then she will have small bites. This
worked perfectly taking the itch out and she enjoyed the novelty of it being a
small size and rollerball she could do herself. When applied it took the itch out right away and I felt it sped
up healing too.It was ideal to use on my daughter who is 5 years old, but
the instructions do state not suitable for children under 3 years. Me and my daughter used this product. The
quality was very good. It felt safe to use and the fact it was kept fragrance
free despite all the ingredients made me feel it had been developed well by professionals. After using this I personally would not pay this much for
the product when comparing to other bite relief products. I would be thinking that it would not last
long especially as it is a product for the whole family. I really liked how
fast drying it was and gave quick relief.I would recommend purely because I know it works, I appreciate the added
vitamins and see it as an attempt to help keep the product natural. Good
quality, works well, fast drying, easy application but a little expensive for
the size. This was a good
quality product; I liked the cool colour scheme on the package and the natural
feel due to this and the added vitamins. It felt like a professional product I
could trust but I was surprised at how small it was and for this reason I
doubt I would buy it without having had the chance to test it
first purely due to its size and being marketed at family friendly. I liked the
results fast drying actually worked and fragrance free. Very handy to keep in
your bag but then so small you might lose it! Sarah Murphy – Aishah 5 Years

Tested By
Sabrina Devlin – Jenson 3 years

Awarded The Solution For Bites 5/5

I thought it was well packaged
and a nice sized bottle. The packaging was a small box and was a
nice bright white and turquoise colour which was very appealing. The
instructions were very informative and what I would have expected. There was
also a section which told you exactly how to apply the solution step by step
which was very easy to follow. It
was very simple to use and only take a few seconds to apply. The rollerball was easy to use and moves
along the skin very smoothly. The liquid absorbed into
the skin within a minute. I used this on
my son when he had rubbed against nettles and it was stinging him. Once I applied the solution on my son’s
skins it instantly started to work and helped to soothe the affected
skin. I used it on my son
who is only 3 and he reacted very well to it. I just used this on my son. The
product is good quality and I would defiantly recommend it.
I feel the product is reasonably priced for what it is. I loved the size of the bottle as it’s handy
to just throw in your bag in case you need it. I would defiantly consider buying this product,especially
with young children running around and exploring outdoors. I would recommend this to friends and family,especially
those who are outdoorsy. I think this
product is great for soothing bites and stings as it is very fast and
effective. It is also very easy to use. When using this product on my son I found it to be very effective and
fast acting. As soon as I applied it to my son’s skin he got less upset about
his nettle sting. Sabrina Devlin – Jenson 3 years

I would definitely buy again; it’s very handy to have. 
I would highly recommend this product to friends and family particularly those with young children as it’s very gentle on their sensitive skin.Overall the product was a success in our household and I would certainly recommend it to others.


Katie Awarded The Solution For Bites 5/5

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