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SOOTH™ – Sensory Teething Bib

Teething is rarely much fun. No one likes to see their baby in discomfort or even pain. When we decided to make a product to help ease babies’ teething troubles we set ourselves the challenge of finding teething’s silver lining. With Sooth® we found it.Even teething offers an opportunity for your baby to develop new neurological pathways.Sooth® is an incredible sensory bib and teether all-in-one. In addition to soothing your baby’s sore gums and catching their teething dribbles, it encourages babies to enhance their sensory development, improve their co-ordination and wire their ever changing brains.

Sooth® combines three different textures to interest your baby. The bib itself is made from wonderfully soft bamboo fabric, one of nature’s miracle materials. The hexagonal teether is a suitably chewable food grade silicone. And we added embroidery to include a third texture for your little explorer to discover
Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2016 – Teethers Category 

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SOOTH™ – Sensory Teething Bib Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Sarah Green – Theo 8 Months

Sarah Awarded
The SOOTH™-Sensory Teething Bib

I was
impressed with the packaging. At first glance the product was very eye
catching. The fastenings are brilliant! The press studs are easy to use.
They aren’t fiddly at all and when baby is wriggling all over the place, they
prove to be very helpful. The material of the bib is very hard wearing
and resistant. The quality of the stitching is super, especially for when baby
is pulling away at the teether.The size fit my child perfectly. It
provided a decent coverage. It didn’t look too big or too small. I think
that the fabric of the bib is well suited. It’s very absorbent; therefore the
bib can hold a fair amount of dribble! Due to this key factor it saved a lot of
t-shirt changes. The fleece backing is a brilliant feature as it saves a
lot of clothes changes. I noticed that my wash basket wasn’t filling up so
quick with wet tops as the bib had soaked the majority of it up.Baby
loved the teether! At 8 months, everything needs to go into his mouth so I
found comfort knowing that this was one bib he could have a chew away on. Baby
also loved the fact that it was within reach for when he needed it most.This
is very easy to wash and very quick to dry. Once washed and dried the bib
maintains its size and shape, so no need to worry about it coming out different
to when you started.I do believe it is value for money. It is brilliant
quality and a super item to possess. I would happily buy another. You get
what you pay for. I will continue to use this product until baby no longer
needs it. I can’t imagine not having one!I would most definitely
recommend to others! The colours are bright and eye catching, the fabric and
materials are amazing and baby loves it! I hate using normal bibs after using
this.I have enjoyed every moment using the bib. My baby has been happily
entertained by the unique teether and bright colours. The absorbency of the
product is fabulous and the overall coverage is very generous. This most
definitely makes ordinary bibs..boring!Sarah Green – Theo 8 Months

Tested By
Sarah Knightley – Ethan 7 Months

Sarah Awarded
The SOOTH™-Sensory Teething Bib

colours, looks good quality and well made. Easy and quick to put on a crawling
baby, I like that there are two different sizes. Good quality, No visible seems
and fabric soft and absorbent. Appears well made. I found it could be a bit
loose just under the chin and sometimes the bib wandered around his neck to the
side/back. It seems very absorbent and my baby wore the bib for the whole day
long. It feels soft as well. My baby was
able to wear the bib all day and I did not have to change his clothes due to
excess dribble. I liked the fact that you can also pick what colour to have to
match clothes. Being a fleece backing he has also just worn a bib and nappy
when it has been very hot, a plastic backing would be too sticky and
uncomfortable on his skin, The teether looks great and seems very safe, secure
and practical. However my baby was oblivious to it (and other teethers!) and
would rather try and eat everything he can find round the house. Very easy to
launder. When in with my normal washing
and no stains seen. I feel that for the price, I would expect at least 2 bibs
rather than just one. Used whenever we
are having a day with lots of dribble. I would recommend as it is very
absorbent and has great colours, good quality and some babies will like the
attached teether. Practical, long lasting, stylish and absorbent teething
accessory. Sarah Knightley – Ethan 7 Months

Tested By
Lesley McNaulty – Charlie 9 Months

Awarded The SOOTH™-Sensory Teething Bib

Looked very interesting,
good quality and well packaged. The fastenings for this bib/teether are ideal
as will grow with your child. Very easy
to use and stays put. The material is very high quality and dribble
resistant. This is a high quality well-made
item. This fitted my son well and
certainly gave good coverage. I really
loved the fleece backing as certainly protected clothes and skin. The teether was ideal and well used and certainly
helped my son. Launders well. For us as
this is so versatile it is good value, but when you combine bib and teether and
taking into account you need lots and lots of bibs for some it may be
expensive. Now I have tested this I would purchase is I see one on offer. I would recommend as offers a variety of uses
and is high quality and effective as bib and teether. Good quality, versatile, great bib and
teether and does what it says on the tin?Lesley McNaulty – Charlie 9 Months

I have enjoyed every moment using the bib. My baby has been happily entertained by the unique teether and bright colours. The absorbency of the product is fabulous and the overall coverage is very generous. This most definitely makes ordinary bibs..boring!


Sarah Awarded The SOOTH™-Sensory Teething Bib 

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