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Soya Garden foaming wash

Soya Garden Foaming wash 150ml. A foaming cleanser with exquisite serum texture, gently removes impurity and preserves natural moisture.

Quickly transforms into a soft, lightweight, delicate foam that clings to skin comfortably. Improves dull surface impurities, promotes skin metabolism and has visible translucency and gloss. Formulated by gentle cleansing ingredients, protects essential moisture and encourages a soft, supple and dewy surface texture. Contains soy extracts effectively reducing the irritation of the skin. Contains an active ingredient of New Zealand Manuka honey to fight against skin sensitive and soothe its pressure. Removes excess sebum and minimize pores,creates a smooth, refreshing complexion.

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Price: $59.95 – £30.36 Approx MYM Beauty ( and online 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2022 Skin care & Bathing Categories 

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Soya Garden foaming wash Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Gooding

Claire Awarded The Soya Garden Foaming Wash 4.2/5

The item was packaged well I particularly liked the paper it was wrapped in. I liked the key ingredients used. It appeared to be a good concept of using natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and preserve natural moisture. The bottle design is very simple, could do with product information on the bottle as well as the box, for future reference after the box has been disposed of. Instructions really easy to follow. It was easy to dispense but quite runny, I also felt it dispensed more than what was needed. I did find this was effective and worked as it should. Skin was left clean after use, it appeared to wash away all impurities. I have combination skin and it worked well. No oily patches after using. I didn’t notice any difference between using this and my usual face wash, so hard to tell as it felt the same as always. I used this daily. I did not notice any extra improvement in my skin condition as worked as well as my normal brand. The product smelt nice, and suited the concept of the product. I really liked that is kept my skin feeling clean and healthy. I would look at other products in the range, but would only purchase at the right price. This is a good quality product, it was kind on my skin, uses natural ingredients and was packaged well. I have been using it for a month and hasn’t run out! I think the product is good, but in my opinion not worth £30. If the product was a lot cheaper I would consider buying it. I personally would no recommend as even though it’s a lovely product I don’t feel if is good value for money. This is a great product but too expensive. The product represents what the company advertise on their website. It’s a lovely light face wash that leaves the skin feeling clean. I have enjoyed using the product and will continue to use it until it has all gone. I just don’t feel it does anymore for my skin than my regular face wash that costs a third of the price. Claire Gooding

Product Tested By Gemma Dartnell

Gemma Awarded The Soya Garden Foaming Wash 4.5/5

Loved how this was delivered and loved the little samples, soya garden bag and the product.  Was very impressed and made me feel special. I liked that it was natural ingredients as I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I use on my skin.  The bottle design is sleek and simple, but for me as long as the product works that is what really matters to me. Instructions clear and precise. I liked the pump action top as made it easy for me o dispense the right amount required each time I used it. His was lovely and gentle and cleaned well. I really did feel my skin felt softer and retained moisture, as sometimes it looks so dry, but not while using this.  I have very sensitive skin and this was ideal for me, kept my skin feeling lovely and soft and cleaned well. Compared to my normal foaming wash I did notice my skin was looking and feeling better so worked well for me. I used this every day. I would say after a week of using this I did notice an improvement in my skin condition. The aroma was nice. I liked how well it cleaned my skin and left it feeling so much softer. Now I have found this works for my skin I would definitely look at other products in the range. The quality is good and a little goes a long way.  I do think this is a little expensive, but when you take into account the quality and how well it worked for me I would purchase in the future. I noticed the product is based in New Zealand and would like to see this range available on some beauty websites in the UK as then you would not be waiting a while for delivery. I will purchase this again in the future, but it will be as a special treat as I did love this product. Once I find a product that works for me and my sensitive skin then it will be something I will buy again in the future.  I have already recommended to friends who have very sensitive skin like me. Not full marks from me just because time it would take to arrive.  I loved this product and was ideal for me and my skin feels fabulous. Gemma Dartnell

Product Tested By Emilee Wartin

Emilea Awarded The Soya Garden Foaming Wash 4.5/5

Nice packaging, just a very basic simple design.  Looked classy and expensive. I think this was a good idea as has natural ingredients and Manuka honey which I am a real fan of. Good bottle design as love pump action top as makes it easy to dispense. Very easy to follow instructions. It was easy to apply and was nice and foamy. I felt refreshed and cleansed after using this. I would say this did make me feel it cleansed deeper thank my normal shower wash.  My skin felt cleaned and revived. I do not have sensitive skin but a very oily skin and this really did give my skin a good deep clean. Loved the way it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth.  I have been using my go to shower wash for years and thought I would never want to change, but for me this worked a treat. I used this daily. I would say after using for a week I did notice improvement in my skin condition as definitely felt softer and smoother. The aroma was soft and subtle. I loved how it really made my skin feel it had a deep clean. I had not heard of this company before, but I like their ethics and ingredients and would look to try out some of the other skin care range. This is really good quality. I do spend a lot on my skincare as you get what you pay for, so I would say this is good value. I will order this and see just how long it takes to arrive as comes from overseas.  If it arrives quickly then it will be on my Skincare shopping list for the future. It would be great if some UK beauty online stores could also stock this as feel it is a good brand and easier access is available online in the UK. Like me if you pay the price for a really good skincare product then yes I would recommend. A lovely natural foaming wash that really did give my skin a deep cleanse and skin felt great. Emilee Wartin


This is a great product but too expensive. The product represents what the company advertise on their website. It’s a lovely light face wash that leaves the skin feeling clean. I have enjoyed using the product and will continue to use it until it has all gone.


Claire Awarded The Soya Garden Foaming Wash 4.2/5

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