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Soya Garden Skin Essence

This hydrating repairing skin essence works intensively for revitalizing of skin and against premature signs of aging.

Delivers vital moisture to skin immediately and enhances firmness upon application.

Contains Soy extracts that powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects can keep skin strong, also improving and maintaining barrier become more resistant from environmental factors, dryness and stress.

Contains an active ingredient of New Zealand Manuka honey, promotes skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage and lessens scarring.

Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin and fortifies stratum corneum to help lock moisture in for an even more lasting hydrating effect.

Blends into skin comfortably with no stickiness.

Improves the skin’s texture to encourage radiance and appear to glow from within.

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Price $72.95 30ml – £36.95 Approx MYM Beauty ( and online 

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Soya Garden Skin Essence Reviews

Product Tested By Frances-anne Lees

Frances Awarded the Soya Garden Skin Essence 4.4/5

It was very well packaged. The concept is fabulous. Anything that helps the ageing process without harmful chemicals is fab. The bottle was quite quirky and it took a few minutes to work out how to dispense the cream. I don’t actually remember seeing any instructions to be honest, but it is a hand cream so self-explanatory. After working out how to operate the bottle yes it was very easy to dispense. It absorbed beautifully and didn’t leave the skin feeling greasy at all. Although I felt my skin was moisturised I can’t say I noticed any difference in firmness after using for a while. My skin didn’t feel dry after using the lotion but I didn’t notice much difference in the dryness. The fact that no one commented on a change in my skin makes me think it didn’t really make me look younger. Maybe I’m beyond redemption after 5 kid. Once applied this left my skin feeling very soft and smooth.  I used this morning and night for 3 weeks.  1 week after using I noticed my skin wasn’t drying out so quickly. If I missed a day then I felt I really needed a moisture boost. No one else got a chance to use it as I rarely get to treat myself to skin care products so I wasn’t sharing. The aroma is very subtle and really pleasant. I really liked the smell as it was not overpowering or chemical small. I would buy other skin care items from this company. I may even let my teenage daughters try it too. It was a really good product. Not greasy, easy to apply, and smelled lovely. I’m not sure the price is good value for the results obtained but I don’t have money to spend on skin care products.  If it was cheaper I’d probably buy more. For me as I am on a budget with a large family this would be too expensive to buy on a regular basis. I’d definitely recommend this to others as it’s a fabulous product. Overall the lotion is easy to apply, smells nice and made my skin feel moisturised. The bottle wasn’t big so I only used 3 to 4 drops each application. If the price was cheaper I’d probably buy it again and would definitely let my daughters use it too. Unfortunately the price point for skin care is unaffordable for my budget. I love the concept of this lotion and wish you every success. Frances-anne Lees

Product Tested By Marion Fraser

Marion Awarded The Soya Garden Skin Essence 4.2/5

Great packaging and branding, ideal for giving yourself a little bit of pampering. Knowing that it is based on the purest natural ingredients is always great. Brilliant design but I’m not overly keen on a pipette bottle because it is hard to use with slippery hands. Instructions very simple and easy to read. The first time is easy to dispense but it’s hard to use after having slippery hands. You can tell this is a quality moisturiser as it absorbs into the skin well. It doesn’t feel tacky and sinks in well. This definitely moisturised my skin but I didn’t notice any firmness. I haven’t noticed my skin having any break outs since using this product so maybe the anti-inflammatory has helped with this. I’ve enjoyed using this in the morning to help wake my skin up. After using this I did not notice I had a more youthful complexion. Once applied this absolutely made my skin feel great.  My skin let both soft and smooth and feeling nourished. I applied this morning and night for a few weeks. After using this for a while I personally have not noticed any visible big changes in the look of my skin. After each application though it has given me smooth skin. I must admit the aroma reminded me of nappy cream, so it wasn’t the nicest aroma for me. I loved the way it sinks into the skin and makes the skin feel smooth. I would look to purchase other products in this companies collection because having natural pure ingredients is something I actively look for. The quality is top quality. The only issues I had was the smell and the pipette. I would say for the quality this is good value. I would not buy this product again just due to he pipette and smell but would look at others.  I would recommend this to my sister as she also looks for natural pure ingredient products and I’m sure others do too. The only reason this isn’t 5/5 is because of the smell and the pipette – everything else was top quality. I thoroughly enjoyed using this product morning and night. However, I would rather not use a pipette bottle and the smell was slightly off putting. It has lasted x2 times a day for about x2wks but I can feel it’s coming to an end. Slightly pricey for the amount of moisturiser you get in 1 bottle. Marion Fraser

Product Tested By Haylee May

Haylee Awarded The Soya Garden Skin Essence 3.7/5

Arrived well packaged although a little tricky to get into it. I like the concept, working with the environment etc., seems to be getting rather popular. The look of the bottle is clean and appealing however I am unsure as to the functionality of the bottle, the ‘button’ on the top kept falling out but couldn’t work out the need as to why it was separate. Very clear instructions. This was easy to dispense apart from the button/cap on the top of the lid that kept falling out, the pipette worked well. This absorbed into the skin really well. I feel like I’ve started to feel a difference however I wouldn’t use this as moisturiser alone. I have quite sensitive skin but Surprisingly this didn’t cause any flare up and feel this is to do with the ingredients. I think to truly get a good idea of how well this worked on cellular damage and skin regeneration you would need to use morning and night over a longer period of time to ensure there is a positive change in skin. This left my skin feeling soft and smooth however my skin did feel tight when this dried. I used this regularly for 4 weeks. I think I did start to see a difference in my skin condition. I thought the aroma was very clinical and could be worked upon. I liked how easy it was to apply and quick to absorb. Due to the company’s location and delivery I wouldn’t look to buy other items within this brand. I like the concept however there are many brands UK based that would meet the same requirements. Packaging good bottle design needs improvement but the serum did what it says on the book. I do feel this is rather expensive. I personally feel there are many UK bands that are better value for money and quicker delivery. Nice looking product with good standards but are not any better/different from other options out there. The overall packaging was great bearing in mind it came from NZ. The bottle design however needs some work as it was rather annoying every time I took the lid off the cap fell off and I’m unsure as to if it had a function or if it was broken. The serum was easy to apply and soaked in quickly however it left my skin feeling a little tight. Overall, I feel there are other brands out there with the same ethics that would be more cost effective. Haylee May



I’d definitely recommend this to others as it’s a fabulous product. Overall the lotion is easy to apply, smells nice and made my skin feel moisturised. The bottle wasn’t big so I only used 3 to 4 drops each application. If the price was cheaper I’d probably buy it again and would definitely let my daughters use it too.


Frances Awarded the Soya Garden Skin Essence 4.4/5

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