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Speekee To Learn Spanish

Speekee is without rival in its field, using the most modern, most successful language learning methodology to teach Spanish to children. Contents include 4 DVD video discs, 34-track audio CD plus 70 page guide.

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Speekee To Learn Spanish Reviews

Product Tested by: Holly Myers – Rebecca 6 Years

Product Tested By Holly Myers – Rebecca 6 Years

Holly Awarded the Speekee to Learn Spanish 4.6/5

Well presented & packaged it looked like a quality product. The contents are very good – there is plenty of variety included in the pack depending on the mood of the child. There aren’t many instructions – you need to use your initiative. My daughter used the product during the day as good fun entertainment. I think I enjoyed them more than she did! The tunes were catchy and the content very comprehensive. Rebecca loved the songs – she spent most of the time dancing and prancing round the room singing along. Rebecca grasped the concept of the phonetics included in the DVD. Rebecca learned the odd word or two each time she watched the DVD and she began to use the words in her daily vocabulary. The quality is good – it is quite an expensive pack though. I think we have both had fun singing & learning together with this product. Holly Myers – Rebecca 6 Years

Product Tested By Laura Wheatley – Emilie 3 Years

Laura Awarded the Speekee to Learn Spanish 4.5/5

First impression of this product was very good, nicely packaged and bright so it caught my daughter’s attention who wanted to watch one of the DVD’s right away.  You get quite a lot in the pack which includes several DVD’s and a CD.  I was happy with the contents, it is well packaged in plastic casing and each DVD is numbered. The instructions are very simple to follow and you get a full guide to the whole programme. I found the DVD’s were best used during the day time when my daughter was more alert; I often put the CD on for her at bedtime. I was quite surprised as my daughter doesn’t have much of an attention span, but she did actually sit & watch for a while and did start to pick up on what certain words meant.  My child enjoyed the DVD’s more than the CD as she liked to see the characters but she was happy to have the CD on & the songs are very catchy. I found it was best to keep repeating the same DVD quite a few times before moving to the next DVD, after watching the first DVD a few time my daughter picked up on ‘Hola’ and ‘Adios’ even I picked up some new words a the DVD’s went on. I wouldn’t go as far to say she is speaking a second language but when she’s watching the DVD’s she’s certainly picking up on the words. As she has just turned three I think she may benefit even more a bit later in the year. I was very happy with the quality, the episodes aren’t too long or demanding which I think is great as it keeps the children interested. It seems time has been taken on the characters and it puts lots of fun into learning. I think at £95 this is pretty good value. I would possibly say a small teddy of the Speekee character would be a nice addition to the set but all in all you get a fair amount of DVD’s plus the CD and info so it is reasonable. I would say that it is worth it especially if there is an adult to reinforce the words before they are forgotten. It really does work without putting in lots of effort and I really cannot think of many negatives. Overall, a very delightful little pack which brought much excitement to my 3 year old daughter. It contains some lovely upbeat catchy songs & loveable characters. It is enjoyable for the children and certainly seems to do what it says. Overall my daughter has enjoyed watching & listening to the Speekee products and I am sure she will carry on using it. Laura Wheatley – Emilie 3 Years

Product Tested By Gemma Franklyn – Blake 6 Years

Gemma Awarded the Speekee to Learn Spanish 4.1/5

Looks fun and brightly coloured Blake couldn’t wait to start using it. The contents were bright and it was nice that it was all in a compact box so it can easily be put away or taken somewhere. We used the DVD’s when Blake got in from school and he loved watching them. He was able to speak some of the words that were on them and I was very impressed. I think that with time and practice Blake will be able to speak a lot more but I do think that the price is a bit high, I would consider buying it however if it was a lower price. My overall experience of this product was very good; I would recommend it to my family and friends. Gemma Franklyn – Blake 6 Years

I think we have both had fun singing & learning together with this product


Holly Awarded the Speekee to Learn Spanish 4.6/5

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