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Splash About Changing Mat

These non-slip changing mats are made from naturally antibacterial neoprene. The perfect addition to your swim kit.
Splash About Changing Mats are the best accessory for your baby’s swim kit.
Made from soft, non-slip, 3mm thick neoprene, these mats will protect babies from cold changing room floors or uncomfortable benches and will not feel cold when you first lay your baby down.
The neoprene retains heat so your baby will feel warmer during changing whilst its natural antibacterial properties protect against bugs and dirt on the changing station or floor.
Our changing mats are quick drying and easy to care for; simply wipe them down once used, roll up and secure with the tabs.
Made from naturally antibacterial 3mm neoprene that protects babies from cold and dirty changing room floors
Non-slip base keeps the mat secure on changing tables or by the poolside
Retains heat so babies feel warm whilst being changed. No cold feeling on first laying your baby down
Easy to care for and quick drying. Simply wipe down and roll up compactly to throw into your swim bag.

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Splash About Changing Mat Reviews

Product Tested By Chris Knoll – Baby 1 Year

Chris Awarded The Splash About Changing Mat 4.5/5

Great quality, very compact. Colour and size are good, although it does mark more due to lightness in colour. Concept is great, love the fact it rolls up into your bag. Super easy to use and simple design. Comfortable but could be a little thicker for extra comfort. This mat was very effective keeping out baby comfortable and warm when needed to complete nappy change. Very effective in giving protection as has natural antibacterial properties. Very easy to care for, even with a wee accident, this was very easy to clean afterwards. So easy to clean and store away. This is very compact and fits in the bag easily. We used this every week. Mostly used at the side of the swimming pool. Great for us as used it weekly for swimming lessons and would be ideal to take out and about and use on the beach. I feel colour could be a little darker to stop any marks. We liked the compact size and ease of use. Overall quality good, but feel could be a little thicker. Very good value. We would buy this due to ease of care and use. Would recommend for the same reason. This is a very good change mat, just our personal preference would like a darker colour and this showed up marks easily. Very good overall experience, will continue to use and likely buy a newer one when our child outgrows this one. Chris Knoll – Baby 1 Year

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh – Zara 14 Months

Farwah Awarded The Splash About Changing Mat 4.8/5

Amazing! I fell in love with the lovely Pistachio colour. It looked great quality too. Love the colour which is gender neutral. The size is just perfect for babies and even toddlers. The neoprene definitely adds so much more to the mat. As the swim areas as well as toilets are usually wet, this mat offered safety as well as comfort to my wriggling baby. The mat is super easy to use. Simply open the tabs and off you go. It easily folds down small too. NO issues. Zara always finds it uncomfortable when changed in new places but she was comfortable enough to not cause a huge scene but rather get changed quickly. She felt safe. Due to the thickness of the mat and the material used, we had less shivers, definitely less tears and fuss when getting changed. The antibacterial feature is definitely encouraging for babies with low immunity. It’s not something I face with Zara so unable to comment but definitely a positive one to add! Super easy to use, easy to fold and a single wipe down was enough to keep it clean ready for next use. As mentioned above, a wipe down is enough to clean it. It cleans really well! Due to the size and nature of the fold, it is very convenient to carry in congested places and changing rooms. We have used it on our weekly swimming sessions. Used at our local indoor swimming pool. This is so versatile I would use it everywhere. Love the colour which is a lovely unisex colour. The size is perfect too for babies. I love the way it easily folds up small and the heat aspect of it. Definitely a must have for pools! A great quality splash mat. The thickness is extraordinary and it is ideal for babies swimming lessons. This is very good value. I would definitely purchase it as we often go swimming and I feel this would add more security in handling my baby. I would recommend as great quality mat. Perfect for when out and about. Cute unisex lovely print! I like the fact that it is not very bold and bright to the eyes. A great quality swim mat. Perfect for swim, pool and even when off to the mall. Baby feels secure. I loved every bit of this splash mat. It makes handling baby so much easier! Definitely recommend it all to parents with wriggly babies! Farwah Farrukh – Zara 14 Months

Product Tested By Eden Straw – Ruby 6 Months

Eden Awarded The Splash About Change Mat 4.7/5

Liked the look of this change mat when arrived and really liked the colour. Liked it benefited from non-slip backing and anti-bacterial soft foam surface. This is so easy to use, just open and lay flat. I did not have any complaints from Ruby when using this to change her. I felt this change mat was comfortable for my daughter and kept her warm when changing by the pool. This is so easy to clean, just wipe and roll up and ready to go or next nappy change. This is super easy to roll up and pop in change bag, so can be transported anywhere. I would mainly use this when we too Ruby for swimming lessons. However, it is versatile enough to keep in change bag and take out with you. This rolls up really easily so ideal for swimming lessons, would be handy on the beach and great to take with you on holiday. I really liked the colour, size ideal and easy to fold away. This is good quality and will last a while. Certainly good value. I would buy this again as works well for us. I would recommend as great to take to the local pool. Great change mat to give parents peace of mind when taking baby swimming. Found this comfortable for my baby, very easy to use and very easy to transport. Eden Straw – Ruby 6 Months

This is a very good change mat, just our personal preference would like a darker colour and this showed up marks easily. Very good overall experience, will continue to use and likely buy a newer one when our child outgrows this one.


Chris Awarded The Splash About Changing Mat 4.5/5

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