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Splash About Baby Hooded Towel

Out of the water and into your arms, our ultra soft hooded towels are the perfect choice for after swim snuggles. Babies and young children feel the cold more keenly when they come out of the water. This highly absorbent, hooded towel is designed to cover baby’s head and wrap cosily around the body providing extra warmth after swimming or bath time.
Made from luxuriously soft, 300 gram pure natural cotton. Cosy hood to keep baby’s head warm, and draws water away from hair and skin. Compacts design- folds flat for fitting into swimming and changing bags
Towel size: 72 x 72cm
Suitable for birth to 2 years

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Bathtime Accessories category & Swimming Accessories Category

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Splash About Baby Hooded Towel Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Dan Hughes – Ollie 2 Years

Dan Awarded The Splash About Hooded Towel 5/5

Looked good quality when arrived. Packaged securely and you could clearly see what the item was. None necessary, although washing instructions etc. are clearly visible. Its a great little product, the hood keeps him warm instantly and helps make wrapping him up really easy. Simple and instinctive to use. Soft and cosy, Ollie likes running around with it on after a bath. He did enjoy bath time using his towel. The lion print is bright and friendly. This was a lovely soft towel, especially the beading at the edge. It dried him quickly, but equally dries out quickly after use and after washing. He enjoyed using this towel and the pattern and design made it an instant hit Easy to launder and so far so good. We normally used after his bath. Ollie turned two during the test and I would say it is just about big enough for him, but won’t last him much longer. We’re looking forward to using it with our new born soon. Excellent quality. Definitely value for money. Really liked the design, the feel of the fabric, bright friendly design should make it popular. I really liked the soft fabric and animal print. I would purchase as useful product but and I think better suited to the younger age range specified. I would certainly recommend. All round excellent product. The towel has been easy to use and a useful replacement to a normal towel. Ollie looked forward to using it and runs and gets it from his peg before a bath. Dan Hughes – Ollie 2 Years

Product Tested By Bethan Lloyd – Poppy 7 Weeks

Bethan Awarded The Splash About Hooded Towel 5/5

Lovely colour and soft touch really liked the picture on the front and was impressed by the size. Packaging was easy to open and wasn’t over the top, just enough to protect the towel in the post Care instructions were ample and towel is easy to use. Good concept, towel dries baby quickly and keeps her warm while drying off, packs up nice and small and dries quickly after use, pattern on the towel is lovely too. The towel was very easy to use and was big enough to wrap around my little one and will last for a long time. The towel kept my little one warm and dry after her baths and she looked very snug all wrapped up in it. We’ve used the towel from early on and out little one loves to be wrapped up in it at the end of her bath. We had one of our first smiles while wrapped in this towel. The towel feels lovely and soft and is very gentle in baby’s sensitive skin, even after a few washes. The towel was very absorbent and dried baby off very quickly. Baby seems very happy with us using this towel, and enjoys bath time cuddles. The towel is very easy to wash and dry and keeps good shape; the colour seems to keep well too and hasn’t faded unlike other towels we have purchased in the past for our other little one. We have only used this towel for bath time at home up to now but we have taken it away with us on a couple of overnight stays and packs in very easily. The towel is a really good size and plenty big enough for our 2yr old to use too. The towel is high quality and finished really well with no loose threads.The towel is good value for money. I really liked the design on the towel it’s really cute and different from the usual pictures for babies; my 2 year old liked to make up a story for the zebra and arc.A really nice colourful design and the towel was nice, soft and absorbent. I would consider purchasing another towel and possibly other products from this range/seller. I’d recommend this product to friends and family as a high quality towel ideal for trip to the pool and holidays. I was really pleased with the quality and appearance of this towel and found that the towel didn’t disappoint when used, the picture is lovely and cheerful and the colour bright and vibrant. Bethan Lloyd – Poppy 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Kelly Downey – Harry 5 Years and Elsie 2 Months

Kelly Awarded The Splash About Hooded Towel 5/5

Plain packaging but didn’t really need to be anything fancy as it was nice to see the design of the towel. Wasn’t any instructions, but as it’s a towel I’m not really sure it needs any, maybe just cleaning instructions would be useful. I love the hooded part and the fact it’s large enough to swoop around my little one to keep lovely and warm. It does exactly what it’s supposed to so yes very easy to use. It’s so lovely and big enough to wrap right around my little one that she stays lovely and warm after her bath. I believe she does like this towel. Presently she is too young to make a comment, but she snuggles right in to it so I’m guessing she enjoys it as she doesn’t with her other towels. So very gentle, it’s the softest towel we’ve ever used. It really is super absorbent. I wrap it right round my little one straight after her bath time and she’s practically dry by the time I’ve placed her down on changing table. She snuggles right in this towel and try’s to sleep so I’m guessing that’s very comfortable. It’s literally my favourite thing to wash! It comes out perfectly soft every time, it’s also got this white elasticised trim that makes it keep its shape even after tumble drying. As my little one is only 3 month now I only used it at bath times. The design is great but depending on the size maybe might not be big enough for a 2 year old. Absolutely gorgeous quality, it’s the best towel I’ve ever used. For sheer softness it is worth every penny. I do like the design on the towel, however maybe a more natural colour would be nice too. I just loved the softness! It’s absolutely gorgeous softness that washes up beautifully every time. I would purchase this as it’s the best quality and I want that for my children. I have been recommending. Every mum wants this quality for their child and every child deserves that comfort. Just because it’s an absolutely beautiful soft towel, soft enough it could be a blanket, its kind on my baby’s delicate skin and gets her dry quite quickly. I’ve absolutely loved this towel and I will be buying more in the future, I cannot wait till she is bigger and we can take it to the beach with us, it’s going to make them wet sandy beach days a whole lot easier and keep my baby warm and stress free. Kelly Downey – Harry 5 Years and Elsie 2 Months

I would certainly recommend. All round excellent product. The towel has been easy to use and a useful replacement to a normal towel. Ollie looked forward to using it and runs and gets it from his peg before a bath.


Dan Awarded The Splash About Hooded Towel 5/5

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