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Splash About Baby Wrap

BabyWrap keeps babies warm in the water and prevents the shock factor of water to changing room chills. It gives solidity to the body making parents surer of their grip, protects barrier cream for those who require it and is a total sun block. Our unique design opens completely flat for ease of dressing and adjustment so that you can enjoy a no-fuss changing room experience. Made from 3 mm soft and supple neoprene (the material used for wetsuits) with a tough layer of nylon either side. The BabyWraps are fully bound and fasten together with generous sections of very strong but flexible hook and loop. This allows you to ensure the BabyWrap fits your child perfectly, as well as allowing for some growing-room flexibility. Select from our bright colours with our cheeky

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Splash About Baby Wrap Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Price – Thomas Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Julie Price – Thomas Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Julie Awarded The Splash About Baby Wrap 5/5

Nice bright colour, made of a thick material and looked as though would be warm. The Splash About website is easy to navigate and the company offers everything anyone could ever need to take their little ones swimming. For the very young there are “happy nappys” to prevent leaks and the baby wrap to keep them warm in the water. My son was happier in the water in the baby wrap and it felt secure with strong Velcro fastenings. Older children would feel safe in the float suits which are a brilliant way of combining a swimsuit with a buoyancy aid. All the suits are available in a range of bright colours and patterns and they also sell UV suits which will be a must if this summer is as hot as they predict! I also love their range of towels to warm up babies and children after they leave the pool as my little ones tend to feel the cold very quickly. I will certainly be making a few purchases for this summer. Even though some items may seem pricey only one would be needed for quite some time so they look like a good investment. Overall this is a one stop site for anything to do with swimming and the sun! Fitted well and strong Velcro made the wrap very secure. Thomas seemed warmer in the water and therefore happier as he does like to be snug! The wrap does not have a built in swim nappy but we used it with a normal swim nappy which worked fine. The wrap didn’t take long to dry due to the material and it being quite lightweight. The product seemed very well made and robust with strong secure fastening. Although it is quite expensive only one would be needed for quite a long time so it does work out good value. I recommend this product and I myself would buy this product. The wrap is colourful and secure and certainly seemed to keep Thomas warmer in the water.Julie Price – Thomas Aged 1 Year 2 Months


Product Tested By Luci Oxenbridge – Hannah Aged 2 Years

Luci Awarded The Splash About Baby Wrap 4/5

The packaging was good, with the product being supplied in a waterproof bag to keep it in. The product itself looked well made and very easy to fit. The Velcro attachments meant that the height could easily be adjusted from the top (shoulder) straps and the bottom (under the nappy). The Sun Protection Factor of this item is officially SPF 50+ (neoprene is a complete sun block) which means I would be happy to use this in the garden or on the beach on a sunny day as well as in an outdoor swimming pool. I have used the “Happy Nappy” made by Splash About before for 6 swimming lessons my daughter had a year ago, which is very good. I was looking forward to testing out this product. Alas, my daughter did not agree. I laid her down and did the Velcro strips up – this was very easy to do. Unfortunately, straightaway she was asking for it to be taken off again. My best guess is that she is a little too tall and right at the top end of the age range for this product, so it was a bit too snug. It was unfortunate my daghter was not able to test this item fully, but I Personally feel that the product is a good one; however it is more suitable for babies and younger toddlers. I did check out their webstie and found the UV combi product which I feel would be worth looking at purchasing for my daughter. The website is clean in design, reasonably responsive with good images. It is easy to select the products with the colouring required. Although the product categories make perfect sense if you know the products, I found it hard to work out what categories I would be interested in. has a great range of products catering from newborns to 6 plus, all aimed around products for swimming in and where appropriate to be protected from the sun. Although we were not able to test this product properly, it is good quality and easy to use and I feel their website offers a wide range of great swim and UV products for babies and growing children. I personally like the look of the new UV Combi.  Luci Oxenbridge – Hannah Aged 2 Years


Product Tested By Gemma Marwood – Elissa Aged 1 Years

Gemma Marwood Awarded the Splash About Baby  Wrap 5/5

Great product made from lovely materials and great feel quality. Easy to put onto my child. The company’s website was simple to use. The instruction of the product was fully satisfactory and the product fit my baby well. It seemed fairly comfortable to wear and she seemed to make my child feel more confident in the water. The product definitely kept my child warm in the water and the swim wrap dried very quickly within the hour. It offers very good value for money because it works well and is available at a reasonable price. I would consider buying this product now that I have tested it because it works great. We now take Elissa swimming regularly because she is a lot more confident now and wants to stay in the water for longer.  Gemma Marwood – Elissa Aged 1.

The wrap is colourful and secure and certainly seemed to keep Thomas warmer in the water.


Julie Awarded The Splash About Baby Wrap Top Marks 5/5

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